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Lysippos, Sculptor Hairdresser Of Alexander The Great

Lysippos was known as one of the three best Classical Greek sculptors of the fourth century BC. He, along with sculptors Scopas of Paros and Praxiteles of Athens, were instrumental in ushering in the Hellenistic period’s artistic revolution. Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Alexander Dugin’s “Chaos Magick”

Alexander Dugin has been all over the Western “nationalist” scene, but why would a neo-Bolshevik be hailed as hero in the West?  Source

Digital Map of Alexander the Great’s Empire

The aim is to map out Alexander the Great’s Empire: the extent of his empire, the main cities he visited, the battles that he fought and the new cities that he founded. Any input or contributions are greatly appreciated. Years of internal wars weakened the once powerful Greek city-states of Sparta, Athens, Thebes, and Corinth.… […]

Is Russia’s ‘Coolest Christian’ – Alexander Zaldastanov – Actually Cool?

( Alexander Zaldastanov — aka, “The Surgeon” — the leader of the Night Wolves, Russia’s largest motorcycle club — is a “right wing” political activist, Orthodox Christian — and considered by many to be Russia’s “coolest Christian” — but is he actually cool? What defines “cool” in today’s culture? Recently I watched a talk show […]

What Kevin Alexander Gray taught me

In July 2015, when two Black Lives Matter activists challenged liberal candidates running for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, the late Kevin Alexander Gray told me in an interview, “all candidates ought to have an agenda that deals with the issues that the Black community are grappling with right now, to include police violence, to […]

Historians Now Believe Second-Ever Phone Call Was To Ask Alexander Graham Bell About His Car’s Warranty

BOSTON, MA — This week, historians from the Graham Society announced that they can now confirm the authenticity of recently-discovered documentation revealing the contents of the inventor’s second-ever completed phone call: an inbound robocall asking him about his car’s extended warranty. “What is the meaning of this abomination? What infernal forces have infiltrated my prototype??” […]

The Murder of Alexander Litvinenko (Documentary w Subtitles)

Excellent documentary on the cowardly 2006 assassination of KGB defector and Russian truthteller Alexander Litvinenko.  Source

9/11 is When Russia’s Decline Stopped, End of Unipolarity – Crypto-jew Alexander Dugin

This video was very hard to find, had to do some serious digging to find it. This confirms that not only was the Israeli Mossad and its American collaborators behind the 9/11 false-flag, but that Soviet Russia assisted in the plot. Russia also had a lot to gain from the attacks and the Zio-constructed “War […]

Far-Right ‘Stop the Steal’ Activist Ali Alexander Is Back on Twitter

Ali Alexander—the far-right leader of the so-called “Stop the Steal” campaign—had his Twitter account restored Monday. Alexander’s account had been banned just days after the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. A spokesperson for Twitter told Newsweek that his account was permanently suspended for violating rules on banning evasion. But under Elon Musk’s leadership, Twitter has restored […]

‘Stop The Steal’ Activist Ali Alexander Says He’s a Time Traveler, ‘The Father of Dragons,’ and ‘A Lot Like Jesus’

As 2022 came to an end, the House select committee shut down its investigation into the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, that violently sought to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. In addition to recommending that criminal charges be filed against former President Donald Trump […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Jesus, Socrates, and Ali Alexander

Laura Loomer announces that she has “joined the SuperPAC American Liberty Fund (ALF) as their Creative Director.” David Barton falsely claims that “every single right in the Due Process clauses came directly out of the Bible”: “They quoted the Bible in the Constitution. … They were Bible scholars.” Nick Fuentes suspects that the Biden administration […]

Gilgeous-Alexander’s 33 Help OKC Top Short-Handed Clippers

OKLAHOMA CITY—Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored 33 points and the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the short-handed Los Angeles Clippers 108–94 on Tuesday night, Oct. 25, for their first win of the season. Gilgeous-Alexander played after sitting out Sunday’s game against Minnesota with a bruised left hip. Against the Clippers, he made 11 of 22 field goals and […]

‘We’ve Got to Make Them Hurt’: Ali Alexander Says Republicans Must Be Willing to ‘Jail Democrats’

Far-right activist and so-called “Stop the Steal” leader Ali Alexander appeared Tuesday on a program hosted by far-right streamer Anthime “Tim” Gionet, where he declared that conservatives have to be willing to do whatever it takes to gain political control and then start putting Democrats in jail. Alexander, who recently openly advocated for Christian fascism […]

‘Stop the Steal’ Founder Ali Alexander Has Epic Meltdown in Which He Promises Christian Fascism

Far-right activist and so-called “Stop the Steal” founder Ali Alexander went on a manic rant during his podcast Monday in which openly advocated for Christian fascism and “a violent Christian crusade” against his perceived political opponents. Buoyed by reports that Elon Musk will purchase Twitter and that Kanye West was photographed wearing a “White Lives […]

Alexander Nevsky – Medieval King Turned Russian Propaganda Tool

Nestled deep within an obscure crevice of Russian history, the tale of Prince Alexander Nevsky and his battle against Western crusaders at first appears as a highly interesting if half-forgotten turn of events, tracing the resilience and mettle of a lesser-known Slavic kingdom located on the fringes of Europe and Asia. Yet this story, at […]

Former NSA Chief Keith Alexander Accused of Pump-and-Dump Investment Scheme

Alexander, a current board member for Amazon who previously served as the head of U.S. Cyber Command and as director of the National Security Agency under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, allegedly misled investors through a pump-and-dump scheme that enriched him with at least $5 million. In a securities lawsuit filed in April, investors […]

Daughter of Putin ally Alexander Dugin killed in car bomb in Moscow


Daughter of Alexander Dugin killed. Assassinated by car bomb meant for her father. The “West” will do anything to destroy Russia.

Aleksandr Dugin, a chief promoter of Russia’s war in Ukraine, is sometimes called ‘Putin’s philosopher.’ By Austin Ramzy Aug. 21, 2022Updated 8:34 a.m. ET Aleksandr Dugin, 60, is a Russian political thinker sometimes called “Putin’s philosopher” who has been a leading advocate for conquest of Ukraine. Originally an anti-communist dissident, Mr. Dugin in recent years has focused […]

Dr. Paul Alexander: COVID-19 vaccines may prolong pandemic, threaten survival of the human race

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Dr. Paul Alexander thinks the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) injections can prolong the pandemic and even exterminate the human race.”If our immune response is subverted and damaged by these COVID injections as they have been with repeat boosting, then we are in danger that this pandemic will continue for 100 years with … […]

The Problem With Labelling Alexander, The Macedonian King With A Mercurial Character

‘It is a naive belief that the distant past can be recovered from written texts, but even the written evidence for Alexander is scarce and often peculiar,’ says Robin Lane Fox in Alexander the Great (2004). Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Long-missing Alexander Hamilton letter put on public display

BOSTON — A letter written by Alexander Hamilton in 1780 and believed stolen decades ago from the Massachusetts state archives is going back on display — though not exactly in the room where it happened. The founding father’s letter will be the featured piece at the Commonwealth Museum’s annual July Fourth exhibit, Secretary of the […]

Wars of the Diadochi: Alexander the Great’s Generals Fight For Spoils

As Alexander the Great slipped away on his deathbed on June 10-11th 323 BC, the iconoclastic emperor, whose remarkable achievements would be imitated by countless impersonators throughout history Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia History Important Events Read Later 

Jewish-styled Alexander Legends Found on Silver Bowl from Tibet

A new paper published in the Bulletin of the Asia Institute argues that an ancient silver bowl found in Lhasa 50 years ago displays in Greek-style reliefs scenes from a Jewish version of the Alexander legends.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Upset He Got Caught, Ali Alexander Denies Video of Him Encouraging ‘Rebellion’

Trump loyalists were storming up the U.S. Capitol steps, fighting with police, when the far-right leader of the Stop the Steal campaign, Ali Alexander, left the Capitol steps for the terrace of One America News Network’s building on Constitution Ave. Overlooking the Capitol, Alexander pointed to the Trump loyalists streaming across the Capitol grounds, past […]

Ali Alexander Asks Jan. 6 Select Committee to Suspend Reality

Analysis The former president’s chief of staff Mark Meadows may have reneged on his promise to cooperate with the Jan. 6 committee, but Ali Alexander, the leader of the so-called Stop the Steal movement, has followed through, spending eight hours in a closed-door hearing Thursday. In a draft of his opening statement, which was leaked […]

The Last Will and Testament of Alexander the Great: Its Appearance, Disappearance And Legacy

“…the uncomfortable fact remains that the Alexander Romance provides us, on occasion, with apparently genuine materials found nowhere else, while our better-authenticated sources, per contra, are all too often riddled with bias, propaganda, rhetorical special pleading or patent falsification and suppression of evidence. ’  Peter Green, Alexander of Macedon When Alexander III of Macedon took […]

Fact or Fiction? The Obscure Origins of the Greek Alexander Romance

The Greek Alexander Romance , often referred to as a ‘pseudo-Callisthenes’ production, is in one form or another one of the most influential and widely read books of all time; it has birthed a whole literary genre on Alexander the Great and his campaigns across the Persian Empire. But where and when did it first […]

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko knows the score

October 27th, 2021 _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, maybe this could help you:HERE If you like our work please consider to donate : Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Alexander Schallenberg replaces Kurz as Austria’s new chancellor

Alexander Schallenberg has been sworn in as Austria’s new chancellor following the resignation of Sebastian Kurz amid claims of corruption. The former foreign minister was formally appointed by Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna on Monday. Schallenberg, 52, has been Austria’s foreign minister since 2019, but he is a […]

The Graeco-Bactrian Kingdom: Alexander The Great’s Easternmost Legacy

Alexander the Great was one of the finest and most successful military leaders the world has ever seen. In the 4th century BC he carved out one of the largest empires in history, stretching from Greece to India. Alexander’s military campaigns changed the face of the world, and after his death he left a legacy […]

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