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YCP – Natural Food Versus the Industrial Diet

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Ivermectin Versus the Medical Mafia

India Health Care Workers Study shows that Ivermectin is 83% effective against Covid Ivermectin And COVID-19 Prevention: 83% Decrease In Infections With Ivermectin Prophylaxis? – Bing video Patients win legal battles against the Medical Mafia of Covid.  Ralph Lorigo forces reluctant hospitals to treat patients who demand Ivermectin. [embedded content] Stay tuned to EFR, where […]

GDP versus lasting growth

In what feels like a throwback to another era, banks and big business are once again talking about ‘growth’, and economic development. Both of which amount to the same thing to the men and women of money—profit. After over a year of utter turmoil, death, illness, heartache, social and economic lockdowns, some nations—the wealthy nations […]

Queen versus Knave: The Battle for the Soul of the United Kingdom

The death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, after a long and fulfilling life as consort to Queen Elizabeth II, provoked the usual debates about whether the British monarchy should continue, and what it actually does. Then just when everyone was getting involved in these debates they were given a sharp reminder of why the […]

All We Have Now Is The People Versus The Pipelines

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. April 19, 2021 The northern portion of the Keystone XL Pipeline is stopped for now, but there is another pipeline, Enbridge’s Line 3, that will also carry tar sands from Canada under construction. Resistance to the pipeline is widespread and escalating with direct actions to shut down construction and […]

East Meets West: Little Red Riding Hood Versus Japan’s Okuri-Inu

Throughout history the dark of the night has always brought fear. The quiet forests, roads or paths were a place where imagination would run wild as to what goes bump in the night. In the West, Little Red Riding Hood was the story created to warn travelers about what could be prowling in these desolate […]

Ernst Zündel Versus the JDL (1984)

Ernst Zundel was harassed and attacked for doing his important work exposing the holocaust, with the JDL terrorist organization leading the way. There was even a letter bomb sent to his house. WorldTruth link Share now! Source 00

Politics Behind The Jewish-Roman War: Vespasian Versus Izates Manu

A few years ago, the world of biblical archaeology was treated to a spectacular mosaic find from the ancient  Huqoq synagogue , an archaeological site just north of Tiberias.  The image-exclusive was published by  National Geographic , and it depicts a complex scene with a king and his army meeting with a group of people […]

RH – Fred Leuchter Versus the Jewish Establishment

EURO FOLK RADIO RH – Fred Leuchter Versus the Jewish Establishment Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Pastor Eli James interviews Fred Leuchter about the harassment and persecution he has experienced for his scientific evidence showing that the holocaust story is nothing but a tissue […]

The Charge of Anti-Semitism versus Israeli Behavior

Lawrence Davidson is a retired professor of history from West Chester University in West Chester PA. His academic research focused on the history of American foreign relations with the Middle East. He taught courses in Middle East history, the history of science and modern European intellectual history. March 9, 2021   Posted by Lawrence DavidsonIsrael The Charge of […]

Capital Versus Biosphere: An Eco-social Agenda Fit for the Times

The coronavirus pandemic has been a reminder of humanity’s inherent interconnection with the natural world. At the same time, the crisis threatens to further deprioritise climate action when it is needed most urgently. Joan Herrera i Torres, former leader of the Catalan Green party, proposes an eco-social agenda for post-Covid Europe based on three key […]

Mythological Sea Serpents And Lake Monsters Versus Scientific Sharks And Surviving Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs roaming the Amazon, plesiosaurs hunting in glacial lakes, half-octopus, half-shark creatures that drag ships down to the seabed and a giant anaconda, are but a few of the monsters recorded in the mythologies and written histories of North, South and Central America. Though most of these creatures can be explained away as ‘archetypes of […]

It’s Facebook versus India’s Farmers

The tug-of-war between Indian farmers and government over new laws facilitating corporate takeover of the country’s agriculture is getting uglier by the hour and likely to get quite bloody too. And when the blood does flow, it will not only be the hands of Indian corporates that will be drenched in red but also those […]

Rhetoric versus deeds

Browse > Home / News / Rhetoric versus deeds January 29, 2021 by Michael Kuttner Read on for article Those of us who have been “around the block” quite a few times know that words and speeches can have potent and deadly side effects. Michael Kuttner Usually associated with aspiring and frequently incumbent politicians, overblown […]

VOCI – Equality of Opportunity Versus Equality of Outcome

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RH – The US Militia Versus the Globalists, Interview with Doc Waterman

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Trading at record high, Israel’s shekel continues to gain value versus the dollar

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00

GTR – Sheldon Emry on the Old Jerusalem Versus the New Jerusalem

GTR – Sheldon Emry on the Old Jerusalem Versus the New JerusalemGENESIS TO REVELATION Pilot show for our new live series, “Genesis to Revelation,” airing Saturday mornings at 8 ET. Share this: 00

Déjà Vu in France: Hypocrisy of the French State. “Freedom of Speech” versus Islamophobia

“Freedom of speech should never ever glorify the freedom to insult, to mock, to humiliate another person or community or civilisation” By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar Global Research, November 02, 2020 As events unfold in France centring around Islamophobia, there is a feeling of déjà vu. We have witnessed a few times before this sequence of events.  […]

Venezuela: Democracy Versus Blockade

Venezuela: Democracy Versus Blockade Above photo: Bill Hackwell. On December 6 there will be elections in Venezuela to elect all the deputies to the National Assembly (NA), an event of extraordinary political transcendence. But before going into that subject I will mention the elections that will be held in several Latin American countries in the coming […]

Military Wants Robot Dogs For Base Security And To Test Live Dog Fight Of Human Versus AI

By Aaron Kesel You know those “cute” and “lovable” chunks of metal being called robot dogs? The military is now going to be using them for base security because the police and Ford weren’t enough. Last week the U.S. Air Force hosted the second demonstration of its new Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS.) During that […]

Gingrich: ‘Big Mistake’ for Biden to Run with DNC Speech Theme of ‘Dark Versus Light’

Sunday on New York WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his DNC speech accepting the party’s nomination. Gingrich admitted to host John Catsimatidis that Biden gave “the best speech of his career,” but he criticized the “heavy” tone of the speech. […]


Study at California State University’s College of Agriculture showed grass-fed beef beef is significantly more healthy than corporate factory feed lots. Grass-fed Beef provides more good fats, better protein, higher potential for vitamin A and E and cancer-fighting antioxidants compared to grain-fed beef. But most important grass-fed does not contain most of the poisons and […]

County Sheriffs Versus Antifa and BLM (Black Lies Mafia)

World War 3 has begun.  The first salvo was the orchestrated rioting and terrorism over the George Floyd homicide.  Our first video is of a Florida County Sheriff defending his community against rioters. [embedded content] As the Kosher press sympathizes with the terrorists, Black man calls out the hypocrisy of the Left and the Black […]

Law versus (((Muh Logos)))

The law is what is best for the community. Originally the community was racially-homogeneous. Naturally, the law is what is best for the racial community. This provides a law of common interests, and common sense, that wins public confidence, allegiance, and state credibility. Politics husbands the race by upholding the law. The law informs politics […]

Four Writers Versus the White Race

By Eric Thomson (1999) Many self-styled racists promote certain authors, not for their value to Aryans, but because certain enemies of Our Race, mainly Christians, do not like them. Analyzed from a racial standpoint: IS IT GOOD FOR WHITES? there is much that is objectionable in their works. I address this article to four writers […]

Untold Tales: Cherokee Versus the Palestinians

Sencha MacRae of Untold Tales talks about how Palestinians have compared their situation to that of the Amerindians, although there is not too much in common. Source Article from 00

Cornell West versus Ta-Nehisi Coates

Cornell West versus Ta-Nehisi Coates – Why Obama is not like Malcolm X By Dark PolitricksSecular Talk Ta-Nehisi Coates is the neoliberal face of the black freedom struggle, says Cornell West, progressive black elder of the liberal movement. He doesn’t see Obama as any kind of shinning light for the black community, whereas Ta-Nehisi Coates […]

America’s Electoral Choices: Liberal Fascism versus Conservative Fascism

America’s Electoral Choices: Liberal Fascism versus Conservative Fascism By Eric Eric Zuesse In U.S. elections between the two political Parties for federal offices Congress, and the Presidency the choice thats offered to the voters is almost invariably between two fascists; so, the meaning of fascism is first crucial to understand, in order to understand […]

Hungary’s “Wall” Versus the U.S. “Wall”: What’s The Difference?

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich Currently in the European Union, there’s a huge “war of words,” including an action plan being implemented against what’s called the “Soros Plan” [4].  Soros like in George Soros [1, 2] who helped round up fellow Jews in his native Hungary during the Hitler/Nazi occupation and purges. The […]

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