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Health Outcomes of Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Children

22 sept 2023 Dr. Brian Hooker is the chief scientific officer at Children’s Health Defense. In this presentation, he talked about the book he co-authored with Robert F. Kennedy Jr, “Vax-Unvax — let the science speak.”The book is available for purchase at _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time […]

Ancient Romans Used Chickens to Predict Battle Outcomes

Few tales capture the peculiarities of ancient Roman beliefs as much as that of the sacred chickens. These were not ordinary birds but revered animals, consulted as avian oracles before significant military actions.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

The logical outcomes of anti-Zionism

By Ryan AugustineJuly 2, 2023 Anno Domini The pro-Zionist and anti-Zionist movements have become bellwethers in the current geopolitics. In fact, there are more U.N. resolutions regarding Israel and Palestine than there are for any other country or conflict. It is a strange thing, too, that such a small piece of land has become such […]

‘Measure Outcomes, Not Hours Worked’ to Increase Employee Productivity: Analyst

A recent survey found that 1 in 7 Americans admit they only work for about 3 to 4 hours on average each day when working remotely. Nearly 3 out of 4 remote workers are scrolling through social media during their workday, while more than a third are shopping. NTD speaks to Ira Wolfe, recognized as […]

Positive outcomes of the Arab Summit in Jeddah

The new world order, based on equality of all its participants and initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, is increasingly making its way in international relations. The results of the Arab summit, which just ended in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, are a vivid example of this. This year’s Summit came amid signs that the oil-rich kingdom […]

“Catastrophic Outcomes”: Davos Elite Worried About Global Volatility, Cost-Of-Living Crisis

What happens when plebs can’t afford bread, and the circuses aren’t that entertaining? Nothing good. Which is why the cost-of-living crisis is the #1 problem, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report – an annual poll of 1,200 government, business and civil society professionals. According to the poll, there will be little respite from […]

This utterly fake investigation is being conducted strictly for show with no real accountability outcomes!

READ HERE: Arizona AG Launches Investigation Into Maricopa County ‘Election Irregularities’   Source

The Top 3 Outcomes As the Elites Try To Reset the International Monetary System

It’s self-evident the fiat currency system centered on the US dollar is self-destructing at an alarming rate. After more than 50 years, it’s long past the end of its shelf-life, like a carton of spoiled milk. Even the elites running the system can see that and are openly talking about what they’d like to see […]

Outcomes in Ukraine and Russian Resilience Can be Served Up as the Perfect Scapegoat

There is always a conflict between high principle and pragmatism. Embracing both is probably a wise strategy. But whether you can actually have anything both ways, or whether the outcome would mean anything if you did, remains to be seen. American policymakers, during their many attempts to isolate and antagonise Russia, should have been asking, […]

Losing Weight Drastically Reduces Risk of Severe COVID-19 Outcomes, Study Shows

29-Dec-2021 The Cleveland Clinic found in a new study published Wednesday (Dec. 29) that Americans can reduce their risk from COVID-19 by losing a few pounds. For those with obesity, weight loss was associated with a 60% reduction in severe outcomes. “Obesity weakens the immune system, creates a chronic inflammatory state, and increases risk for […]

The Effects of Vitamin D and COVID-Related Outcomes

The Effects of Vitamin D and COVID-Related Outcomes Most of us lack the vital benefits of vitamin D because it’s absorbed in our skin through sunlight.. nowadays we wear clothes and live indoors! Just taking a cheap vitamin D supplement gives your immune system a big boost and wards off Covid 19 and many other illnesses. […]

On the “Cornwall Consensus” as One of the Outcomes of Biden’s European Tour

US President Joe Biden’s week-long tour of Europe in the first half of June this year was a rather remarkable event. Mainly because of the number of different events held in a short period of time with his (and the accompanying team’s) participation. The sequence of these events was as follows: talks with British Prime […]

Derek Chauvin trial: What are the possible outcomes?

Closing arguments in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd finished on Monday and the jury was sequestered from the outside world to carry out their verdict deliberations. The 45-year-old former police officer is accused of restraining Mr Floyd for up to nine and a half minutes during an arrest and […]

2 years of India’s #MeToo movement and its outcomes:  Realities of Power or Patriarchy  

The court’s verdict in favour of Priya Ramani who was acquitted of defamation in #MeToo case must be acknowledged as a strong salutatory effect rather than a victory for India’s #MeToo movement as victim had to stand up in court as an accused. The outcomes of the India’s #MeToo movement after more than two years […]

Dying Alone: Technocrats Drive Heartless, Anti-Human Outcomes

It’s a horrifying thought, not being able to see your loved one before they pass away. The sad truth of 2020 is that’s what’s happening all over the United States. A recent study finds a dramatic shift in where Americans are spending their final moments. Patients with COVID-19 this year are 12 times more likely […]

Cost of Healthcare in the U.S. vs. Outcomes

Cost of Healthcare in the U.S. vs. Outcomes March 15th, 2018 Your what hurts? Via: JAMA: In 2016, the US spent 17.8% of its gross domestic product on health care, and spending in the other countries ranged from 9.6% (Australia) to 12.4% (Switzerland). … […]

Google Is Using 46 Billion Data Points to Predict the Medical Outcomes of Hospital Patients

Some of Google’s top AI researchers are trying to predict your medical outcome as soon as you’re admitted to the hospital. A new research paper, published Jan. 24 with 34 co-authors and not peer-reviewed, claims better accuracy than existing software at predicting outcomes like whether a patient will die in the hospital, […]

Valuable outcomes of Iran-Syria-Russia coop. with Resistance emerging

Ali Shamkhani made the remarks in a meeting with Russia’s special envoy on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, on Tuesday in Tehran, adding “terrorism crosses borders like a dangerous virus and it is not possible to be used as an instrument by only a selected number of countries. Therefore, combating terrorism must take place by adopting coordinated […]

Tel Aviv blind to outcomes of playing with fire in Syria

MNA– Palestine Intifada Conference Secretary General Hossein Amir-Abdollahian condemned Zionist regime’s military attack to Syria. Amir-Abdollahian, who is also the Iranian Parliament’s General Director for International Affairs, underlined that Tel Aviv does not understand the consequences of playing with fire in Syria. He added that Israel’s false claim over its combat with Hezbollah in Syria […]

How the US’ homeless population is changing: it’s older and sicker

Margot Kushel (TC) : On any given night in the United States, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, over half a million people are without a home. That number may have decreased nationwide in the past few years, but California remains on the forefront of the problem, accounting for 20 percent of the […]

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