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Stop Filming in the Gym, You Weirdos

I don’t like the gym. I don’t like how gyms sound and I don’t like how they look – both the aggressively grey, “masculine” gyms that have words like “PUMP” on the walls, and the ones marketed at glam PR girls, which seem to assume people are dying to work out in spaces reminiscent of […]

MAESTRO: Maria Kavogianni shared a “magical hour” from the filming

The “Maestro” series by Christoforos Papakaliatis already made history on Greek television as it became the first to find a place on the iconic Netflix streaming platform. Among the reasons that make it so popular are, undoubtedly, the performance of Maria Kavogianni, but also the enchanting landscapes of Paxos, where the filming of the second… […]

3 Tourists Stabbed After Filming a Hamburger Cart

Three American tourists were stabbed while visiting a popular neighborhood in Puerto Rico after a man asked them to stop filming at a street-side hamburger cart.  The attack happened at around 4 a.m. in La Perla when Carlos Sánchez, 39, from South Carolina began recording a hamburger stand with his phone and was asked by […]

Filming for Apple TV’s ‘Lady in the Lake’ Halted after Crews Threatened with Extortion and Shooting in Baltimore

Filming for Apple TV’s “Lady in the Lake,” starring Natalie Portman, was shut down on Friday after thugs threatened members of the production crew with extortion and violence unless they paid a protection fee.

Victoria Police try to BAN media from filming their violent conduct

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 [embedded content] No comments: Post a Comment Blog Archive ▼  2021 (265) ▼  September (51) PRIME MINISTER STARMER? THE NEXT BLAIR? 369 YouTube Bans Anti-Covid Vaccine Videos Fauci | Trailer | National Geographic USA: Orthodox Jews protest against State of Israel… Utrecht locals rally in support of restaurant SCOTTISH PENSIONER STARVES […]

Daniel Craig Pays a Visit to Greek Consulate Ahead of Filming in Greece

Daniel Craig pictured with the Greek Consul General Konstantinos Koutras. Credit: Twitter/@GreeceinNewYork Actor Daniel Craig visited the Greek Consulate in New York City on Thursday to obtain a visa ahead of filming in Greece next month. The British actor’s visit was deemed necessary after the recent Brexit regulations. Craig stars in “Knives Out 2,” together […]

Australians protest against filming of Netflix series over fears it will ruin town’s reputation

Residents and business owners in the New South Wales town of Byron Bay have protested over the proposed filming of Netflix series “Bryon Baes” in the town, with fears it may wreck the town’s reputation. A cancel symbol was formed by around 100 surfers who paddled out to sea on Tuesday in an attempt to […]

After filming arrest of five boys, B’Tselem field researcher says Israeli Shin Bet ‘threatened’ him

Earlier this month Palestinians in the occupied West Bank’s South Hebron Hills made headlines, after a video was published of Israeli soldiers arresting five young Palestinian children, all between the ages of 8 and 13. The video, which showed a large group of armed soldiers detaining the frightened young boys, was filmed by a field […]

UK Woman Arrested For Filming Inside Empty Hospital

A UN official tasked with monitoring extrajudicial killings warns that examples of lockdown flouters being targeted by excessive force and cruelty are “multiplying” across the globe. “The number of allegations of police killings and their excessive use of force that I have received and have been reading are deeply concerning,” said Agnes Calamard. “Graphic accounts […]

French government’s u-turn: Controversial bill curbing filming of police dropped, new version to be written

The speaker of French President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling party has said the government is dropping part of the controversial bill curbing the right to film on-duty police, which drew huge public anger. The government leader said that the bill will be re-drafted. Christophe Castaner, president of La Republique en Marche in the National Assembly, told […]

Riots Break Out in France as Millions Riot over ‘Ban on Filming Police Brutality’ Law

Home » Europe, Protests » Riots Break Out in France as Millions Riot over ‘Ban on Filming Police Brutality’ Law     Violent clashes and arson have erupted in Paris amid mass protests against police brutality and a draft law that would ban filming officers “in certain circumstances,” after a video emerged of cops beating […]

Nothing to hide? israel considers ban on filming IDF soldiers, 5yr jail terms for offenders

The controversial legislation states that anyone who “filmed, photographed, and/or recorded soldiers in the course of their duties, with the intention of undermining the spirit of IDF soldiers and residents of Israel, shall be liable to five years imprisonment,” according to reports in Hebrew-language media earlier in May. Fist-size gunshot wounds, pulverized bones, inadmissible use […]

Escobar’s brother urges Netflix to hire hitmen, says Colombia not safe for filming

A former accountant for the cut-throat Medellin drug cartel, Roberto de Jesus Escobar Gaviria is in dispute with Netflix about the portrayal of his brother’s life in the series ‘Narcos.’ ‘Narcos’ location scout found riddled with bullets in Mexico On July 1, 2016, the brother of notorious drug kingpin reportedly sent a letter to the […]

Palestinian journalist Shamsiyya is arrested after filming harassment at a checkpoint in occupied Hebron

Update: Israeli forces today arrested Imad Abu Shamsiyya, the brave photographer who documented the killing of an incapacitated Palestinian in Hebron last year, leading to global outrage. Shamsiyya’s latest offense was filming the harassment of a young man at a checkpoint, and participating in a “pray-in” at a nearby village to protest the occupation. The […]

‘Technical Issues’ Prevented Body Cams From Filming Long Beach Police Shooting

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Video: Pocatello Police Investigating Video of Man Filming FBI Building After Arrest

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Journalist Charged With Stalking For Filming Dakota Access Pipeline

Protesters of the Dakota Access pipeline leave their main protest camp near Cannon Ball, N.D. Feb. 28, 2017. (Tom Stromme/The Bismarck Tribune) Published in partnership with Shadowproof. An indigenous journalist known for his work covering the Standing Rock camps and other Native American-led resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) faces a trial on July […]

Congressman Clay Higgins Condemned for Filming Video Inside Auschwitz “Gas Chamber”

Lee RogersDaily Stormer July 5, 2017 Even if you film a video promoting the official Jewish lie of the Holohoax, you still risk the chance of being condemned by Jews. That’s because nothing is ever good enough for them. Congressman Clay Higgins filmed a video inside one of the fake Auschwitz gas […]

"The happiest people on Earth": RT crew shares experiences filming new documentary in N. Korea

     In a behind-the-scenes interview about RT’s new documentary on North Korea, director Natalya Kadyrova describes the challenges of filming in the world’s most restrictive nation, including trying to tell if the family they filmed were real, or actors pretending to be husband and wife. Even getting routine footage in public places was fraught with […]

Republicans Attack 1st Amendment: Media Barred From Filming, Interviewing Senators

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show Republicans in the Senate have announced a crackdown on the media’s ability to access senators on Capitol Hill. Journalist Alexander Bolton writes: “Reporters were told they would no longer be allowed to film or record audio of interviews in the Senate side hallways […]

[WATCH NOW] Plain Clothes Cop Pointing Gun At Person Filming Him

Video shot over the weekend on Staten Island shows a plainclothes police officer pointing a gun at someone recording him with a smartphone. The video, reportedly posted to Facebook by Maleek Simmons, shows the person filming asking, “Why you pointing your gun at me?” as the officer yells, “Get […]

Watch: Man Arrested for Filming Police after Off Duty Female Deputy Kills Shoplifter

Khalfani Akata Bey was visiting his local Wal-Mart, when he arrived, he discovered an incident where a man suspected of shoplifting had been shot and killed by an off-duty Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy. Khalfani was arrested for filming the aftermath of the incident but was later released when he […]

Senator Catches Soros Spy Secretly Filming Event – Issues DIRE Warning

Republican State Senator Scott Wagner has issued a dire warning to George Soros, after the billionaire was caught spying on him at one of his events last week.  The Pennsylvania Senator was speaking at a private event when he noticed a spy hiding in the back of the room filming him. When attendees informed him the person […]

Al-Jazeera Caught Filming Fake Aftermath Of Attack In Syria

An Al-Jazeera production team were caught filming staged videos depicting the aftermath of shelling and airstrikes in Syria last week.  According to Russian news agency Tass, locals reported seeing camera operators shooing ficticious scenes in the supposed aftermath of an attack. “According to some sources among local civilians and from opposition units, special ‘video teams’ […]

Man Pulls Gun On Sketchy Cop – What If the Tables Were Turned?

is a writer living in Iowa City. Besides helping to expose the growing police state, he also writes fiction and does a bunch of other creative stuff, which you can find at his website-Advanced Ape To learn more about Joshua, click here to view his profile. If you enjoy my work please consider donating to […]

Video of Dylan Noble Murder by Fresno PD Illustrates Why YOU Should Always Film The Police

Last night, a video of the shooting of Dylan Noble by the Fresno police surfaced. This video, which apparently was recorded by a witness to the shooting, shows the final two shots of four total fired at Noble. Noble can be seen on the video, which was released by the Fresno Bee, lying on the […]

Multiple Collier County (FL) Sheriff’s Deputies Beat And Tazer Man During Arrest

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Andrew Sheets of Charlotte County, Fl. CopWatch, via the Submissions Page. The post includes a video of a man named Robert Harris being arrested. The first video consists of what appears to be two separate dashcam videos. Harris is initially not in view of […]


Elitists seek to eviscerate online anonymity, chill free speech. On June 9th-12th this malicious Bilderberg group, will be hosting their 64th annual meeting since their formation in 1954. There will be a total of 130 participants from 20 different countries coming together in the Taschenbergpalais Hotel in Dresden, Germany to discuss policies and their secretive […]

Secret Provision Would Expand FBI’s Warrantless Access To Online Records

A secret provision snuck into the Senate’s annual intelligence authorization bill would expand the FBI’s ability to acquire Americans’ online records without a warrant or judicial oversight. The legislation, which has not yet been released to the public, cleared the Senate Intelligence Panel on Tuesday by a 14-1 vote. Two Senators familiar with the bill say it […]

Ademo v. City of Parma in Traffic Court; It’s ALL About the MONEY!!!

Last April I blogged about being ticketed extorted by the Parma Police for failure to use a turn signal. It was a really stupid ticket because the lane I was accused of changing into without signaling was, up until the moment I got into it, closed. Therefore, and as I stated in court, there wasn’t anyone […]

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