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Cop Charged With Murder Of Motorist Who “Posed No Threat”

An Atlanta police officer now faces a murder charge after investigators determined a motorist “posed no threat” to him during a fatal June 22 shooting. A warrant issued on Friday charged officer James R. Burns with felony murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and violation of his oath of office in the death of […]

Video Shows Cops Publicly Execute Unarmed Teen Boy as He Lies on the Ground

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Fresno, CA — Disturbing body cam footage was made public this week showing Fresno police execute unarmed Dylan Noble. The only thing this 19-year-old boy did wrong was get stopped by cops who have been trained to kill. The video shows cops […]

Islamic State Paid To Carry Out Attacks In Islamic Republic Of Iran

Tehran Islamic State/ISIS militants linked to the Sunni sect of Islam were paid 600,000 euros to carry out a bombing campaign in over 50 locations in Tehran and other major cities in predominantly Shi’ite Iran, according to an Islamic Republic TV documentary. Reuters reports: Officials in predominantly Shi’ite Iran have said in recent weeks that […]

Ancient documents show sunspots, auroras and other solar activity before Galileo

     Until Galileo kick-started modern astronomy in the early 1600s, the record of the sun’s activities was basically blank—or so scientists thought. To shed light on our star’s history, researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have begun to comb through ancient texts. So far they have found dozens of apparent references to sunspots, auroras and […]

Private Security Attack Men Filming Houston Federal Court; Claim to be Federal Agents

The following videos were posted on the YouTube channel for “News Now Houston” and consist of a series of videos depicting an incident that occurred in March of this year. The first and second videos are duplicate videos that were taken with different cameras. Also included is a third video with an update to the […]

Denver Police Sued by Man Coerced Into Murder Confession at Age of Fourteen

When he was just fourteen years old Lawrence Lorenzo Montoya, was arrested on suspicion of having committed a murder. Initially, he continually insisted that he was innocent and other evidence also indicated that was the case. In spite of that, Denver detectives concealed the evidence that would exonerate him and eventually bullied and coerced him […]

Update: High Ranking NYPD Officials Arrested Amid Corruption And Bribery Probe

Deputy Chief Michael Harrington and  Deputy Inspector James Grant of the NYPD were among four people arrested today and charged with “conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud” for accepting bribes as part of a city-wide bribery investigation. NYPD Sergeant David Villanueva, of the gun license bureau, was also arrested on charges of conspiring to […]

Man Locked in Closet By Cops For Four Days Without Food Awarded $22M

A Maple Heights, Ohio man that was punched by an East Cleveland police officer during a traffic stop and then locked in a closet for four days without food, water or a toilet, was awarded $22 million by a jury late last month. Arnold Black said in a lawsuit that he was tailed by Det. […]

Political Prisoner Rev. Edward Pinkney Fears For His Life

Print Friendly Above Photo: From The Black political class is constantly congratulating itself on ancient voting rights victories in the South, yet Rev. Edward Pinkney is serving his second stretch in prison for fighting against Black disenfranchisement in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Pinkney was convicted twice by all-white juries on the flimsiest evidence, and now believes […]

Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times

In a surprising discovery, the Palm Beach Post first reported that according to state records, Orlando shooter Omar Mateen – who as we reported earlier was licensed as a security guard and also holds a firearms license – was employed by the US subsidiary of G4S plc, a British multinational security services company, […]

The Monster Behind Ontario’s Child Sexualization Program

  June 11, 2016 Ever the meticulous researcher, Levin kept a Word document cataloguing 1,750 individuals–his contacts on M, plus the people he’d met on other sites and through his prolific use of instant messaging. He noted their usernames, ages and locations, their sexual desires, their children’s ages, and what they liked to do with […]

Update: Lightning strikes kill 8 across Bangladesh

     Lightning strikes kill eight people and injures eight others in Cox’s Bazar, Bagerhat, Patuakhali, Jhalakati and Noakhali on Saturday. In Cox’s Bazar, two people were killed in Teknaf and Ukhia upazilas. Kamal Hossain was killed in Technaf while Siraj-ud-Doullah died in Ukhia. Police and family members of the victims said Kamal Hossain was struck […]

Stoking Divide — Cops Adopt Own Version of U.S. Flag — By the Police State, For the Police State

Originally published at The Free Thought Project Sacramento, CA – A video taken by protesters is raising some serious questions after it captured police officers wearing a modified version of the American flag on their official gear. The modified version of the flag being worn by officers entails one thin blue line, which police often […]

11 Year Old CopBlocker Saves Unsuspecting Motorists From Extortion Tickets (VIDEO)

“Mikey” is an 11 year old who lives in small rural New Hampshire town that has just ONE cop. While the local cop doesn’t post up to harass his neighbors – as much – the out of town cops stop by from time to time in search of a little revenue for the state. Even though he’s […]

Armed to the teeth: US plans to turn Vietnam into bulwark against China

     Washington has recently lifted its arms embargo on Vietnam, encouraging Hanoi to add advanced American weapons to its shopping list, raising the question: what is really behind the Obama administration’s move? With the US lethal arms embargo being lifted, Vietnam is likely to jump at the opportunity to stockpile new weapons, Robert Farley, a […]

Putin: Poland & Romania In The ‘Crosshairs’ Over US Defense Shield

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Romania and Poland could be caught in the ‘crosshairs’ of Russian rockets for hosting the U.S. missile shield that Moscow considers a threat. Putin said that his country has “no choice” but to target Romania, which had recently opened a NATO missile defense base, and Poland, which plans […]

Middle School Student Charged With Larceny Over 65-Cent Milk

A Virginia middle school student was asserted for larceny and suspended earlier this month after allegedly stealing a 65-cent carton of milk from his school’s cafeteria. According to reports, Ryan Turk was humiliated on May 10 at Graham Park Middle School in Triangle when he went back to the lunch line in order to get his […]

Jews say, Anti-Zionism is Pro-Jewish

  May 2, 2016 Zionism is an instrument of the Rothschild plan for satanic world government. It has already invaded  the West and threatens the East. Millions of Jews have died for this demented plot. A few, True Torah Jews, recognize the danger of Cabala (Freemasonry, Zionism) and try to warn their fellow Jews.  They put […]

“Justice” For The Wealthy, Law Enforcement For The Poor

This post was written by James C. Wilson and originally published at the Center For a Stateless Society (C4SS) under the title “America’s Divided Justice System.” Posts and other content can be submitted to the CopBlock Network via the Submission Page. (Note: This has been posted in its original form and no edits to the […]

To the Police, You Are The Enemy

There are a couple reasons why the United States military is not used to police its own citizens. Some of them are constitutional (Posse Comitatus) but most are practical. The combat arms branches of the military are designed to close in and destroy the enemy by any and all means available. If you deploy combat personnel […]

Federal Loophole Renders Florida’s Asset Forfeiture Reforms Potentially Meaningless

Sen. Jeffrey Brandes (R) sponsored Senate Bill 1044 (SB1044). As introduced, the legislation would have require criminal prosecution and conviction of the property owner before finalizing asset forfeiture. The new law doesn’t go that far. After getting amendments in the committee hearing process, it only requires an arrest before seizing most assets. […]

Video Shows South Carolina Cops Perform Roadside Cavity Search

Dash-cam footage has emerged depicting South Carolina police officers performing a roadside cavity search on a man during a traffic stop. According to the Washington Post, Elijah Pontoon and Lakeye Hicks were pulled over in Aiken, South Carolina on October 2, 2014 in a newly purchased vehicle with temporary tags. Aiken Department of Public Safety Officer Chris Medlin is […]

Ademo, Leader of CopBlock, Arrested; Banned for Life!

While traveling to Parma, OH Ademo Freeman (aka; Adam Mueller), co-founder of, was arrested by State Police for possession of narcotics – methamphetamine. Before we go into details of the arrest, as we know them now, we want to say that we clearly support one’s right to put whatever substances a person wants into […]

Cop Blast Podcast Episode 5

Cop Blast Podcast is recorded in front of a live virtual audience. The YouTube Channel is located here. Your hosts are Matthew Taylor (Carbon County Cop Block), Rick Gonzalez (Allentown Cop Block), and myself, Scott Marshall (Oath Accountability Project). Rick could not be with us this week. On Monday, we discussed a few new stories […]

Cold blooded killers: Turkey accused of shooting unarmed refugees along Syrian border

     Those guilty of shooting refugees on the Turkish-Syrian border should face swift justice if supporting evidence is found, Moscow said, following recent allegations against Turkey. The EU also warned it will be raising the matter with Ankara. “We have been seeing reports in the media regarding the matter, which we will treat with the […]

Erdogan Threatens Belgium: “We’ll Send More Terrorists Your Way”

Turkish President Erdogan has bragged about sending one of the terrorist bombers to Belgium, blaming authorities in Europe for failing to realise he was dangerous.  Bakraoui was arrested in Turkey in 2015 and upon realising that he was a terrorist, rather than jail him as Erdogan does with journalists and personal detractors, the Turkish leader chose […]

Stamford Connecticut Police Open GoFundMe Campaign to Buy a Bearcat

In Stamford they’re a little jealous of the other Connecticut cities that have the latest fancy new military vehicles. According to the Stamford Police Foundation their city is the fourth largest in Connecticut and all three of the larger cities each have two BearCats. However, for some reason Stamford hasn’t been able to acquire even […]

Mississippi State Trooper Issues “Ghost Ticket” and Shrugs Off Complaint

Yesterday evening I received a phone call from the wife while on my way home from Keesler AFB where I have worked for many years. In between pants to catch her breath she exhaustively informed me that two of my dogs had just gotten in a fight amongst themselves. It would seem that they became […]

Fed Up with Inaction, Peruvian Tribe Takes Hostages Following Amazon Oil Spills

After learning that they would be excluded from an official state of emergency declared in the wake of two catastrophic oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon, members of the Wampis community of Mayuriaga stopped a helicopter from taking off late Sunday evening and held 8 officials hostage to force the government to respond to their desperate […]

Wrong Place, Wrong Time Leads to Felony Charges; Did the Police Know This???

The following story was put on my radar via the “Submission Tab.” Yet, after investigating the story more I decided to add my own thoughts to this post as well. Joseph Greco was happy to find work, but never thought that his first day on the job would end with him being booked into […]

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