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Helicopters evacuating staff from U.S. embassy as Taliban enter Kabul 

The U.S. has begun evacuating diplomats and staff from its embassy in Kabul as Taliban stormed the Afghan capital early Sunday, according to Business Insider.  “We have a small batch of people leaving now as we speak. A majority of the staff are ready to leave,” a U.S. official told Reuters. “The embassy continues to function.” […]

Taliban Filmed Flying Captured Biden Military Helicopters Over Afghanistan

The Biden administration were left humiliated on Saturday night after multiple vidoes posted to social media showed Taliban terrorists flying captured U.S. military helicopters over Afghanistan. According to an analyst at the D.C.-based Middle East Institute (MEI), “After capturing several helicopters in Kandahar, a Taliban trained pilot reportedly flew an Mi-17 chopper earlier today, right around […]

Taliban Seen Flying Captured Military Helicopters Over Afghanistan

Taliban have operationalized at least two helicopters captured in Herat. Taliban airforce up and running. Don’t know for how long with American aircrafts flying around. #afghanistan — Asfandyar Bhittani (@BhittaniKhannnn) August 14, 2021 Over much of the past two weeks the Taliban have been capturing bases in an around provincial capitals and major cities, […]

Russian Military Helicopters Help Extinguish a Fire in Jableh Countryside

Posted on July 13, 2021 by martyrashrakat ARABI SOURI JULY 12, 2021 Russian helicopters from the Russian forces in the Hmeimim military base helped extinguish a fire in the Jableh countryside, in the Syrian coastal Lattakia province. The fire, most probably from the excessive summer heat, burned 8 donums (approximately 2 acres) of a wooded area […]

Helicopters called in to massive blaze at Moscow fireworks depot

Russian firefighters were battling a massive blaze at a fireworks warehouse in central Moscow on Saturday. The sound of fireworks exploding rang through the air while a plume of smoke rose skywards from the site on the Luzhnetskaya embankment of the Moskva river. At least two helicopters were being used to empty buckets of water […]

Israeli jets & helicopters strike Gaza Strip in reprisal for rocket attack

Explosions lit up the night sky over Gaza as Israeli fighter jets and attack helicopters bombed several locations inside the Palestinian enclave. Tel Aviv said the strike was a reprisal for a rocket fired into Israel earlier. Reports of the bombing came shortly after 1am local time on Friday, with eyewitnesses sharing videos purportedly showing explosions […]

Russian Attack Helicopters Purge ISIS Cells In Central Syria

[embedded content] South Front January 29, 2021 The Syrian Army and its allies continue active efforts to hunt down and neutralize ISIS cells in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert. In a recent series of raids, government forces eliminated at least 8 ISIS members that were involved in recent attacks on civilian and military columns moving between […]

Helicopters Over DC Protesters Broke Regulations

Above photo: A helicopter circles low as demonstrators kneel to protest the death of George Floyd, Monday, June 1, 2020, near the White House in Washington. Evan Vucci/AP. The D.C. National Guard and Pentagon IG are fighting over who to blame for the dangerous incident that symbolized Trump’s militarized response. NOTE: This article comes from […]

Oregon’s Best Firefighting Helicopters Are In Afghanistan, Can’t Help With Wildfires

By John Vibes As unprecedented fires sweep across the West Coast of the United States, Oregon’s best firefighting helicopters are unavailable because they have been deployed to the war in Afghanistan. The Oregon National Guard is currently using four UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to search for survivors and to drop water on some of the […]

The NZ government’s new rules are that NO stream or waterway needs to be avoided by helicopters dropping 1080 poison

A repost reminding you of the waterways & risks to health via 1080 Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch BUFFER ZONES ROUND LAKES, RIVERS AND STREAMS NO LONGER A REQUIREMENT AT 1080 POISON DROPS By Carol Sawyer Someone has just asked me if having GPS in a helicopter means 1080 poison baits do not need to be […]

Photos: Six medical helicopters were unveiled in Karaj

ISNA |Samad Kordi: Six medical helicopters were unveiled in Karaj, Alborz Province, west of Tehran on Saturday. It is the first time that such helicopters are being used as air ambulances in Iran.    Source Article from 00

Five dead after two French military helicopters crash

The deaths have been confirmed by local authorities and a security source, reports Reuters, with no immediate details on the cause of the crash. The crash took place near Lake Carces about 50km (32 miles) from Saint Tropez.  The aircraft involved in the crash are from the School of Light Aviation Army (EALAT) Cannet des […]

Afghan Air Force receives first batch of UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters

nsnbc : The first batch of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters for the Afghan Air Force arrived in the country’s southern Kandahar province on […]

Military Drones Will Soon Replace Police Helicopters In Neighborhoods Near You

According to the defense contractor that developed the Predator and Reaper drones for the United States military’s operations in the Middle East, drones will have begun to replace piloted law enforcement helicopters by the year 2025. On Monday, it was reported that the contractor, General Atomics (GA), is pressing hard for the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to change its regulations on […]

Duterte deploys commandos, attack helicopters to retake Marawi from ISIS-linked fighters (VIDEO)

“We’re confronting maybe 30 to 40 remaining from the local terrorist group,” said Jo-Ar Herrera, spokesman for the military’s First Infantry Regiment, as cited by Reuters. “The military is conducting precise, surgical operations to flush them out… The situation is very fluid and movements are dynamic because we wanted to out-step and outmaneuver them.” Ground […]

Divers, drones & helicopters: Massive FSB drills begin in Crimea (VIDEO)

The drills began on Wednesday, with the first exercise focusing on testing the tactical skills of FSB operatives at sea. The exercise staged an infiltration of an offshore oil rig by a group of ‘terrorists,’ who took 150 workers hostage. A team of FSB divers was dispatched to the rig. They covertly approached it and […]

Mounted police & helicopters: Massive op evicts makeshift migrant camp in Milan (VIDEO)

Around 60 migrants were evicted from the area surrounding Milano Centrale railway station at Piazza Duca d’Aosta in central Milan on Tuesday. The station was closed during the operation. The migrants were rounded up by the overwhelming police force, thoroughly searched, and then taken away in police buses for identity checks. The video shows the […]

Turkey Accuses US of Being Behind Failed Military Coup, Demands Extradition of Cleric Gulen


Consciousness and Unified Physics are the Keys to Our Future

Organic, Conscious Café Reduces Food Waste and Feeds the Hungry WakingTimes | July 17, 2016 | 0 Comments Source Article from 00

More lunacy: Pokémon Go players scale perimeter, sit next to tiger enclosure

     Two Pokémon Go players in their 20s were arrested after breaking into a Toledo, Ohio zoo in the middle of the night while playing the augmented reality video game. Robin Bartholomy, 25, and Adrian Crawford, 26, were found sitting next to a tiger enclosure by police after they jumped a fence at about 2.30 […]

Ancient documents show sunspots, auroras and other solar activity before Galileo

     Until Galileo kick-started modern astronomy in the early 1600s, the record of the sun’s activities was basically blank—or so scientists thought. To shed light on our star’s history, researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have begun to comb through ancient texts. So far they have found dozens of apparent references to sunspots, auroras and […]

Orlando ISIS Shooter Closely Connected to US Government: Ex-CIA Contractor

Omar Mateen, the suspect in the Orlando nightclub shooting, was very closely connected to the US government, which is committing crimes on American soil using their own operatives, according to Steven D Kelley, a former NSA/CIA contractor. by Al Alam Mateen, armed with assault weapons, stormed the Pulse Club on Sunday, killing 49 people and […]

Hezbollah Calls on Some Lebanese Banks to Stop ‘Conspiracy’ & ‘Slyness’: Report

Local Editor Hezbollah urged some banks to refrain from ‘conspiracy’ and ‘slyness’, calling upon the owners of Banks and Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh to draw back from carrying out the US agenda, well-informed sources told Al-Akhbar newspaper on Saturday. Some Hezbollah officials say that facing the US banking ‘mandate’ is in no way […]

Indoneseia Tries to Mediate in South China Sea Dispute

nsnbc : Following Indonesia’s assertion of its neutrality with regard to the South China Sea in March, its Naval Chief of Staff Admiral Ade Supandi commented on the territorial disputes in the South China Sea at the 15th Western Pacific Naval Symposium (WPNS) on Wednesday. Admiral Supandi noted that Indonesia has plans to discuss efforts […]

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow unaware of U.S. Plan B for Syria

Moscow is unaware of plans by Washington to arm Syria’s moderate opposition if the current truce fails, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said. “We know nothing about any ‘Plan B’, no one has discussed it with us, we are working on the strengthening of the ceasefire regime,” he told reporters on April 13, […]

Three Russian airports share first place in European airport rankings

     Three Russian airports share first place in the best European airport rankings by Airport Service Quality (ASQ), ahead of London’s Heathrow, Vienna and Zurich. The award winners are Moscow’s Sheremetyevo, St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo and Sochi Airport in Adler. Sheremetyevo Airport was recognized by ASQ as the best in Europe in 2012-2014. It’s the first […]

Legendary “White City” Found In The Jungles Of Honduras

The legendary ‘White City’ where a god is rumored to have fathered half-human, half-monkey children in generations past could have been discovered in the jungles of Honduras.  Archaeologists have begun excavations at a mysterious site on Honduras’ Caribbean coast deep inside the jungle where for centuries conquerors and explorers have searched for treasures and the legend of […]

9 quick facts about Russian Su-24 jet downed by Turkish Air Force

LIVE UPDATES: Russian warplane shot down at Syria-Turkey border 1. The Russian jet went down at 9:30am local time on Tuesday “Today at 9:30 the Russian aircraft, which performed combat counterterrorist missions was shot down by an aircraft of the Turkish Air Force,” Russia’s Ministry of Defense wrote on its official Facebook page. The ministry […]

Bill Would Give Legal Protection to Firms that Share Data with Government

Bill Would Give Legal Protection to Firms that Share Data with Government October 27th, 2015 Via: Washington Post: The Senate on Tuesday passed a cybersecurity bill that would give companies legal immunity for sharing data with the federal government, over the protests of some […]

US to Discuss Syria with Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that he would meet Jordanian, Russian, Saudi Arabian and Turkish representatives in the coming days to discuss the situation in Syria. Kerry’s shuttle diplomacy comes as Russian airstrikes, coordinated with the Syrian government have sent scores of ISIL, Jabhat Al-Nusrah and other insurgents flee […]

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