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Despite ‘Delta’ Alarmism, US COVID Deaths Are at Lowest Level Since March 2020, Harvard and Stanford Professors Explain

Far more people were dying from COVID-19 months ago as we were winding down restrictions than are dying today as some call to reinstate them. by Brad Polumbo Image Credit: Our World In Data If you judged the US’s current COVID-19 situation only by the headlines, you’d come away thinking that we’re spiraling back into […]

Lake Mead Falls to Lowest Water Level Since Hoover Dam’s Construction in 1930s

Via: USA Today: Lake Mead has declined to its lowest level since the reservoir was filled in the 1930s following the construction of Hoover Dam, marking a new milestone for the water-starved Colorado River in a downward spiral that shows no sign of letting up. The reservoir near Las Vegas holds water for cities, farms and […]

Italy Scores the Lowest number of Births in 2020 since its Entire History

    [embedded content] ISTAT said Friday that Italy’s resident population was down by almost 384,000 on December 31, 2020 with respect to the start of last year. The national statistics agency said the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic had amplified the declining trend the Italian population has experienced since 2015. The drop means that […]

Israel sees lowest COVID-19 numbers since September

Browse > Home / News / Israel sees lowest COVID-19 numbers since September March 19, 2021 by Baruch Yedid – TPS Read on for article The decline of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Israel appeared to continue over the week, with infection data showing continued improvement. Packed bar in the city of Givatayim as Israel reopens its […]

U.S. Sees Lowest Flu Season On Record – “It’s Beautiful – Masks Really Work!”

Amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, flu has almost completely disappeared in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Despite all those apocalyptic warnings from Dr. Anthony Fauci about COVID-19 and influenza joining forces to create a mega viral pandemic, it seems this flu season has been the lowest one on […]

US ‘Mysteriously’ Sees Lowest Flu Season On Record During COVID Pandemic | ZeroHedge

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ADL Data Shows 2020 Had Lowest Number Of Domestic Extremist-Related Killings In Over A Decade

Renegade Editor’s Note: Many of these killings could be attributed to staged psychological operations. By Chris Menahan Though the Anti-Defamation League together with Democrats and the media have been busy hyperventilating over so-called “white supremacy” and demanding new domestic terrorism legislation, the ADL’s own data shows 2020 had the lowest number of “domestic extremist-related killings” […]

Jewish communities in Texas battle lowest temperatures in century

WASHINGTON – As Texas is experiencing the lowest temperatures in 100 years, local communities’ volunteers are reaching out to make sure that seniors are safe and to distribute hot meals for those in need. Mariam Feist, CEO and President of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, told The Jerusalem Post that people were without power […]

Europe’s air passenger numbers ‘at lowest level since 1995’ last year

Air passenger numbers in Europe have fallen to their lowest levels in 25 years during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new report has found. The study by the European airport trade association (ACI Europe), found that passenger traffic at airports fell by 70.4% in 2020. The loss of 1.72 billion passengers last year meant levels were […]

Serious COVID patients lowest in a month, as vaccine effect appears to show

The widespread vaccination campaign was finally showing initial signs of curbing the coronavirus outbreak on Wednesday, with the test positivity rate going down and the number of serious patients reaching its lowest point in a month. Figures published by the Health Ministry showed that 6,602 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed on Tuesday, with 7.8 percent […]

Poll: Donald Trump Ends Presidency with Lowest Approval Rating

President Donald Trump will leave office with the lowest approval rating of his presidency, according to a Pew Research poll. The poll conducted from January 8-12 shows Trump currently has a 29 percent approval rating. The Pew poll differs sharply from a Rasmussen poll released Friday showing the president still holds an approval rating of […]

The six lowest points of Trump’s corrupt, racist, impeached, ignorant, incompetent clusterfuck of a presidency

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Migrant entries into the European Union drop to lowest levels since 2013

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754 new virus cases tallied Wednesday – the lowest figure in 3 days

The number of new coronavirus cases diagnosed in Israel dipped to its lowest in three days on Wednesday, while positive test rates continued their slight downward trend since the beginning of the week. There were 754 new virus cases diagnosed in 24 hours, according to Health Ministry figures released Thursday morning. That followed 841 cases […]

As lockdown eased, Israel sees 395 new virus cases in day, lowest rate in months

Fewer than 400 new coronavirus cases were confirmed Saturday in the country, the lowest figure in months, as Israel’s second COVID-19 wave appeared to wind down after a month of nationwide lockdown. Health Ministry data published Sunday morning showed 395 cases were diagnosed the previous day, just three weeks after the daily figure stood at […]

Lowest Common Denominator Society — The Duran

When people use the terms inclusive and diverse and equal treatment what they are in effect advocating is moving society to the lowest common denominator. Nobody can achieve more than the slowest person can achieve. 858 more words via Lowest Common Denominator Society — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading… 00

The Central Bank of Russia dumps US debt, reducing holdings to lowest level in a year

     The Central Bank of Russia has sold $3.1 billion in US Treasury bills as of February, reducing its investment in American debt to the lowest level since March last year. Moscow still occupies the 16th position among the largest holders of US government bonds. Russia has cut its holdings for the third consecutive month. […]

Lavrov: BBC & CNN dumbing down Skripal poisoning story using lowest Western propaganda methods

The foreign minister criticized coverage of the incident on Friday, saying Western media were failing to honestly report on the complexity of the situation. “I watched CNN and the BBC today. Their coverage of the story is very simplistic. They said Britain won support and solidarity from France, Germany and the United States, they all […]

US theaters see lowest movie attendance in 22 years

As online streaming services become increasingly popular, first-run corporate movie-theater chains are seeing a drastic drop in attendance.      Movie theater tickets sold in the US will hit a 22-year low for 2017 and, as Netflix, Amazon and other video streaming platforms drop prices and make inroads into American homes, entertainment options have skyrocketed. “You […]

Moldy seeds, moldy crops & lowest European wine output since WW2

     When looking for trends of repeating history, we need to focus on two areas the grand solar minimum and the 3rd year of losses in a row, which will be 4th year of losses next year as we get deeper into the cooling. The Wolff Minimum in the 14th century saw moldy crops and […]

CNN On Brink Of Collapse: Audience Numbers ‘Lowest Ever’

Newly released audience data from the last week show that CNN is on the brink of collapse, following a disastrous few days for the failing news network. A series of fake news articles, the blackmail of Reddit users posting funny memes, and undercover videos from Project Veritas revealing that CNN producers think their own news is “mostly bullshit,” […]

Pot Power: Colorado Has The Lowest US Unemployment Rate

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational use and now has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Three years after starting the commercial sale of pot to the general public, the ‘highest‘ state in the U.S. has started reaping the benefits. “While the national unemployment rate dropped to 4.3 percent […]

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds – from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds – from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist May 20th, 2016 Via: Medium: Western Culture is built around ideals of individual choice and freedom. Millions of us fiercely defend our right to make “freeâ€� choices, while we ignore how […]

Ron Paul: North Korea testing hydrogen bomb a reaction to US foreign policy of interventionism

     On Wednesday, South Korean media reported an earthquake near a North Korean nuclear facility. Later in the day, Pyongyang announced it had tested a hydrogen bomb. The incident has received widespread international condemnation. Meanwhile, US Republican presidential candidates claimed that North Korea’s alleged nuclear weapons test is a direct result of US President Barack […]

Israel kills, injures hundreds of Palestinians within two days

Tehran, December 13, The Iran Project- The occupied territories of Gaza, al-Khalil and Ramallah have been the bloody scenes of clashes between the Tel-Aviv forces and Palestinian protesters on Friday and Saturday that left at least three Palestinians killed and hundreds of others injured. Gaza was the bloodiest scene of clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers. […]

NYC Using Military X-Ray Vans To Spy On People

Dystopian truth is stranger than dystopian fiction.In New York City, the police now maintain an unknown number of military-grade vans outfitted with X-ray radiation, enabling cops to look through the walls of buildings or the sides of trucks. The technology was used in Afghanistan before being loosed on U.S. streets. Each X-ray van costs an […]

Poll: Obama Approval Hits Lowest Ever

  Rasmussen August 23, 2011 The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 19% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-five percent (45%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -26 (see trends). This is the lowest […]

Dollar at lowest against Swiss Franc in 40 years

  Allison Bennett and Joe RagazzoBloomberg August 10, 2011 The dollar tumbled the most in at least 40 years against the Swiss franc after the Federal Reserve pledged to keep its key interest rate at a record low at least through mid-2013 to revive the flagging economic recovery. The greenback declined versus the majority of […]

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