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Russia Accused of Bombing Secret Illegal US Terror-Base in Syria

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 22, 2016 I have no idea if this is true or not. It seems to me that if it were just anti-Russian propaganda, the media would be making a bigger deal out of it. But who knows. Fox News: Russian warplanes reportedly bombed a secret military base in Syria used by […]

Iran to modify new model of oil contracts based on ‘National Interests’: VP

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s vice-president for legal affairs announced that the country plans to make necessary amendments to the new model of oil contracts with foreign countries in accordance with “national interests”. Addressing the International Conference of Optimizing Upstream Oil and Gas Contracts, Elham Aminzadeh pointed to recent remarks by Leader of the Islamic Revolution […]

Targeting their own? Daesh attacks on Muslims on the rise during Ramadan

     As the fighting against Daesh continues, the terror group has increased its nefarious activities. Recently, a number of attacks have rocked Muslim states, from Turkey to Saudi Arabia. Why do violent Islamic extremists attack fellow members of the faith? “[Daesh] announced before the month of Ramadan that they are going to make this Ramadan […]

Saudi Arabia intensifies airstrikes on Yemen

Saudi warplanes have intensified the airstrikes on Yemen to support militants loyal to Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi — who has resigned as Yemen’s president — fighting against Yemeni forces, despite a UN-brokered ceasefire. Saudi fighter jets conducted nearly 10 airstrikes on the districts of Rahba Saeed and Hama Thawaba at the foot of Hailan Mountain, […]

Brexit: A Different Democracy, A Different Future

Austrian far-right figure warns of ‘Auxit’ vote within a year

The European Union should avoid any moves towards political “centralization” or else Austria could hold a referendum on membership of the bloc within a year, a far-right candidate who almost won the country’s presidential election said. Norbert Hofer of the anti-immigration Freedom Party narrowly failed to become the European Union’s first far-right head of state […]

Iran deputy-FM meets with Hezbollah chief in Beirut

BEIRUT, Jun. 28 (MNA) – Hossein Jaberi Ansari, Iran’s newly-appointed Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs held a three-hour talk with Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah on Monday. The Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah and Hossein Jaberi Ansari conferred on the latest political developments in the region during a meeting where Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad […]

Iran capable of conducting aluminum projects outside country: Official

Tehran, June 26, IRNA – Iran is capable of conducting aluminum projects outside the country, Managing Director of Iran Aluminum Company (IRALCO) Majid Pour Attar said. Talking in a gathering of Aluminum industry owners here on Saturday night, he pointed to five decades of aluminum industries in Iran especially producing aluminum bars and said the […]

Agenda 21 & The Illuminati’s Enduring Quest for World Government

Christina Sarich, StaffWaking Times “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will.  […]

Man Dies At Glastonbury Festival After Catching Fire

A young man has died from severe burn injuries after catching fire at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England. The man in his 20s was flown to hospital in Bristol on Monday evening with life-threatening burn injuries but died shortly afterwards. The Independent reports: A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Constabulary said the man sustained his […]

Asia: US “Pivot” Turns to Panic

Tony Cartalucci (NEO) : US foreign policy in Asia Pacific has centered around the so-called “Pivot to Asia,” initially rolled out as an alleged means for the US to strengthen ties with Asia, but was incrementally revealed as the latest leg in a decades-long attempt to encircle and contain China by overrunning the socioeconomic and political sovereignty […]

CIA Chief Says No link Found Between Orlando Shooter And ISIS

The Central Intelligence Agency director says they have not been “able to uncover any link” between the Orlando killer Omar Mateen and ISIS Mateen had claimed allegiance to a variety of militant Islamist groups, including some at odds with each another CIA chief John Brennan told the Senate intelligence committee last week (June 16th) that […]

Russia, NATO locked in deepening dispute; cooperation or war?

Having a look at relations between Moscow and the Alliance since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, one can easily notice the ups and downs of Russia-NATO interaction through history. The vicissitudes usually turned into tensions after a period of cooperation, and then the tensions were reduced. News related to NATO-Russia rival military […]

Islam Ain’t the Problem…

George PapailiasDaily Stormer June 18, 2016 There I said it… got your attention didn’t I? Well before you jump to conclusions with the torches and the pitchforks hear me out. Ok… the fact of the matter is the problem we face today is quite different than what happened in the past. All joking aside there […]

Terrorism: A Matrix of Lies and Deceit

Christopher Black (NEO) : So how is your war on “terrorism” going? I’m not doing too well at it since I have no idea who the enemy is. Like the American black comedian, Dick Gregory, who, on hearing that President Johnson had declared a war on poverty, ran out onto the street with a hand […]

Switzerland: Gotthard Base Tunnel Ritual

Switzerland: Gotthard Base Tunnel Ritual June 16th, 2016 Wow! You might want to bookmark this one. Via: Independent: Switzerland has opened up the world’s biggest railway tunnel, 17 years and £8bn after it committed to break the record. It held a celebration for the […]

Blackstone Partner Stole $40 Million From Friends, Family; Blames It On "Gambling Addiction"

Earlier this year we profiled Andrew Caspersen’s arrest. As a quick reminder, Caspersen is a 39 year old Harvard Law graduate and former partner at the Park Hill Group (formerly owned by Blackstone) who has been accused of defrauding investors through fake private equity investments. Federal prosecutors claim that Caspersen ran a […]

Radio Free Skyrim: Mystery Meat BTFOed

The Right Stuff June 16, 2016 This week we vanquish our mystery meat enemies. 00:00 Pre-intro (text done by stasi) 03:35 COMMERCIAL: Manifest Destiny Sleeping Pills 04:25 Intro (made by Ludwig van Bantzhoven) 09:09 ANIMAL NEWS: Natt’s battle with the seagul continues 11:46 RAPE NEWS: 72 brown pedophiles are missing 20:49 Pastor Manning, Trump, AltRight, and […]

Glorious Anniversary

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 16, 2016 Today Marks a year since Donald Trump began his Presidential campaign. And my, how things have changed in this country. It has truly been a revolution. And it has just gotten started. Here’s his announcement speech, made at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015. The Jews were laughing then. […]

Attack at Mosque in Stockholm

The incident occurred last night at 22:40 pm in Sodermalm, Stockholm next to the mosque. According to witnesses, a group of dark-dressed people charged toward a few individuals that were close to the mosque, says Mats Eriksson, of the police press center. Slap in the chest The suspects reportedly threw stones, sticks and bottles at […]

We’ll Soon Be Plugged Into The Matrix Says Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook co founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says we will be plugged into the Matrix within the next five decades. He believes that the social networks of the future will be powered by telepathy where people will be able to beam their thoughts and emotions directly onto the internet, in a world he described as […]

Big Pharma Ordered To Pay $67m For Lying About Efficacy Of Cancer Drug

Big Pharma has been ordered to pay nearly $70M after concealing the adverse effects of a cancer drug and misleading doctors. Two drug companies have been ordered to pay $67 million to settle a federal lawsuit over charges that they lied about the effectiveness of the cancer drug, Tarceva. Genentech and OSI Pharmaceuticals, agreed to […]

Car bomb attack claims four lives in Syria’s Aleppo

At least four people have lost their lives after a car bomb explosion struck a road in Syria’s northwestern province of Aleppo near the Turkish border. Syria Live Network reported that the blast took place on the road between the town of A’zaz and the village of Sejo in the northern countryside of Aleppo City, […]

Female Turkish journo loses custody of children after leaking video from Syria arms smuggling trial

“Nobody can take my children away from me… not even the Sultan himself, let alone the court,” Yildiz told Can Erzincan TV, outside the court in the southern city of Mersin. ‘Records on ISIS terrorists ignored’: Turkish MP accuses govt, passes police data to media The journalist’s sentence is related to a 2014 incident in […]

Israeli forces destroy 2 Palestinian houses in J’lem

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli occupation forces demolished on Tuesday morning two Palestinian houses in Palestinian occupied city of Jerusalem. The Israeli bulldozers, protected by heavy number of Israeli military police, stormed the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Swana and carried out the demolition. Like our page on Facebook Follow us on Twitter “Without a precaution, they stormed out […]

New state of water: Strange 6-sided molecule found

     A strange new behavior of water molecules has been observed inside crystals of beryl, a type of emerald, caused by bizarre quantum-mechanical effects that let the water molecules face six different directions at the same time. Under normal conditions, the two hydrogen atoms in each water molecule are arranged around the oxygen atom in […]

LG Intl., Tehran sign deal to cooperate in developing EVs

Under the deal, LG International will work with local companies to develop electric vehicles and build charging stations. They also agreed to produce about 60,000 units of EVs by 2023. Other details on the terms of the agreement were not known. Both sides are seeking to finalize the deal within this year. LG International will […]

Hollande faces more protests and splits in government after surviving confidence vote

     Embattled French President Francois Hollande is facing deep divisions within his own party as well as continuing mass protests by students and unions after surviving a no-confidence vote over his reforms to the country’s labor laws and bypassing parliament to push them through. France has been paralyzed by a series of nationwide strikes – […]

‘Safe countries’: German MPs vote to block asylum applications from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria

The law would only allow for asylum seekers from those countries to have their cases considered if they can show “persecution which diverges from the general political situation in their homeland.” Speaking to the chamber on Friday morning, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière defended the legislation, saying that “being able to say ‘no’ is also […]

8 Secrets to Living Beyond 100 from the World’s Healthiest People

Christina Sarich, StaffWaking Times In a lost kingdom high in the Himalayan mountains, at one of the extreme northern points of India, bordering Kashmir, China and Afghanistan live a people with incredible secrets for longevity – the Hunzas. Pronounced hoon-zas, they are not a society of mythical legend, but real people […]

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