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Tesla Technologies and the Strategic Role of Lithium in the Global Energy Market

Trump Appears to Put Conditions on Aiding NATO Allies

Trump Appears to Put Conditions on Aiding NATO Allies July 21st, 2016 The U.S. has always run protection rackets with its “international partners.” Does Trump coming out and practically saying, We’re going to run protection rackets, make the situation any worse? Here’s the shock […]

Turkey To Purge Country Of ‘Undesirable Citizens’ Amid State of Emergency

Turkish President Erdogan has announced plans to rid potentially hundreds of thousands of “undesirable citizens” from Turkey, amid a huge crackdown on dissidents in the country.  Whilst Turkey remains in an official state of emergency, Erdogan has purged 50,000 soldiers, police, judges, civil servants and teachers following last week’s failed coup attempt. reports: The […]

Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr tells followers to target US troops

Iraqi shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has told his followers to target US troops who are to be deployed in Iraq as part of Washington’s alleged fight against the Daesh terrorist group. On Monday, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that 560 more US troops will be sent to Iraq as part of an upcoming operation […]

US Government Uses Remote Viewing to Locate a Lost Spy Plane in Africa

For thousands of years, we have been fascinated by the idea of ordinary people being able to do extraordinary things. Whether it is a story rooted in ancient philosophy or an account of the ‘supernormal’ abilities displayed by eastern monks, the possibility that there exist extended human capacities continues to capture our imagination. We have […]

The US-Led Militarization of Southeast Asia. China, Russia, North Korea and Iran Are Targets in Pentagon World War III Scenarios


Jonathan Azaziah is absolutely right: Hezbollah did save the world in 2006.   JULY 12, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah Today is a day of celebration brothers and sisters. Because today is the day, ten years ago, that Hizbullah saved the world. Egged on by the Judaic Neocon Shadow Government that perpetrated 9/11 and controlled […]

They Tried to Stop the New World Order

We are fed so many lies about what Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists tried to do. They were not seeking to take over the world. They aimed to destroy the Bolshevik beast and free our people. Youtube link: Source Article from

Video: Putin Warns Journalists of Nuclear War: “I Don’t Know How to Get Through to You People”

White Supremacists In America Preparing For Race War After Police Shootings

Racists are getting excited about the prospect of a race war between blacks and whites in America after the police shootings that left five law enforcement officers dead and nine wounded, including two civilians in Dallas last night. President Barack Obama at a NATO summit meeting in Poland today condemned the shootings as “vicious, calculated and […]

Lost Horizons

By Ron McVan (2007) From any point, A line reaches back, And attaches to a far distant centre. There is no unconnected life in this world, Nor a point in time, Unknown by any other point, Nor a tear shed in a vacuum.” ~ Hermes The world is strange and baffling; it holds to itself so many secrets; its […]

“Santeria Rituals in the Boardroom”

“Santeria Rituals in the Boardroom” July 7th, 2016 Via: Bloomberg: On the day Maurice Spagnoletti was murdered, his black Lexus sedan was full of balloons. It was June 15, 2011, the day before his wife’s birthday, and he was planning a celebration. Spagnoletti, 57, […]

The Truth About Chilcot. The Inquiry, Who’s Who?

Jew Daniel Radcliffe Stars in “Imperium” New Anti-White Film Depicting Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Terror Group

Info Stormer July 7, 2016 The Harry Potter Jew Daniel Radcliffe plays a convincing Neo-Nazi White Supremacist in this film lol. The Hollywood Jews are continuing with their ridiculous and absurd anti-White propaganda.  The latest anti-White film coming down the pipe is called “Imperium” which stars the Harry Potter Jew Daniel Radcliffe.  Radcliffe plays an […]

Mummified Man Found Hugging A Tree In Siberia

The mummified remains of a man have been found clinging to a tree in a forest on the outskirts of Tomsk, Siberia. The unknown man apparently climbed the tree to escape extreme cold. He most likely died from hypothermia about eight months ago. He was found perched on a branch of a pine tree with […]

“Perception Management”: How to Sell a War

UK veterans blast ‘war of aggression’ ahead of Chilcot’s Iraq war report

     A UK veterans’ group has blasted the 2003 Iraq conflict as a “war of aggression” waged on the Iraqi people ahead of the publication of the Chilcot report on Wednesday. Veterans for Peace UK (VFPUK), which is reported to contain up to 400 armed forces veterans from Britain’s recent conflicts, has criticized the country’s […]

United Ireland? – Northern Irish want out after Brexit

     Renewed calls for Irish unity are receiving mass public approval as the UK is in danger of losing more than one province in the wake of their decision to abandon Europe. The residents of Northern Ireland are lining the streets of Belfast to receive Irish passports and Catholic nationalists once relegated to the backbench […]

Major Political News Outlets Offer “Interviews for Sale” at the Democratic And Republican National Conventions

Americans Get Ready To Leave United Nations

As the people of the world continue to show signs they are waking up and rejecting the New World Order’s plans in droves, members of Congress are seizing the moment and pushing for America to exit the United Nations. In the wake of Brexit, there is a growing belief that the idea of America exiting […]

Hybrid Wars: America’s Strategic Plan to Contain and Destabilize China

Hybrid Wars: America’s Strategic Plan to Contain and Destabilize China

John Pilger – Why The British Said No To Europe

The majority vote by British people to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy says journalist John Pilger. He writes: Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by their presumed betters in the major parties, the leaders of the business and banking oligarchy and the […]

Young Bear Shot Dead After Disrupting Finnish Army Training Drill

A one-year-old bear lost its life after making its way into a Finnish army base disrupting a brigade training exercise with more than 3,000 troops. Local media reported that some of the troops took  cover in their trucks. RT reports: Kainuu brigade, one of the largest and most capable units in the Finnish army which […]

Understanding the importance of microbes: How gut bacteria plays a crucial role in weight management

     Obesity is one of our most pressing health problems today, affecting millions worldwide. In America alone, 35 percent of adults battle with it daily. The main causes are an unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and genetics, but considering how many people are affected by this issue and how much strain it is placing on […]

War With Russia Looms As Turkey Enter Syria

Turkey have sent its troops across the Syrian border and advanced 700 meters towards Aleppo, increasing chances of a war with Russia.  Russia have previously pledged to defend Kurdish militia in Syria in the event of a Turkish invasion, and so the military advancement by Turkish soldiers into Syria may trigger a larger war between […]

No Prospects for Peace in Syria

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016 posted by Steve Lendman @ 3:59 AM PREVIOUS POSTS Unaffordable Housing in America West Hails Release of Ukrainian Killer NYT: Imperial Press Agent Amnesty International Misreporting on Obama’s War … B’Tselem Stops Filing Complaints, Calls Israeli La… Chelsea Manning Seeks Overturn of Wrongful Convict… Russia DID NOT down MH17, Sued Anyway US […]

EgyptAir 804 Pilots Say UFO Flew Next To Plane Before Crash

Two Airline pilots have claimed that a huge UFO with green flashing lights passed by the EgyptAir 804 flight an hour before it crashed in the Mediterranean between Turkey and Egypt. The two Turkish Airline pilots say the UFO flew by their plane last Thursday night, close to Istanbul’s Silivri district when the plane was at 17,000-ft […]

New Taliban Leader Vows “No Peace Talks with Afghan Government”

nsnbc : The new leader of Afghanistan’s Taliban, Haibatullah Akhundzada, vowed that the Taliban would not negotiate with the Afghan government and fight to the end. Haibatullah Akhundzada was appointed after the former Taliban leader, and apparent holder of a Pakistani passport, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan only […]

Tories Move Forward With Controversial Plan To Scrap Human Rights Act

Tory plans to scrap the Human Rights Act (HRA) and replace it with a British Bill of Rights were outlined in the Queen’s Speech and slammed by human rights groups. During Wednesdays official state opening of parliament, Queen Elizabeth II announced the government’s plans to ditch the HRA. In her speech written by the Tory […]

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