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A feminist praxis for academic freedom in the context of genocide in Gaza

The Palestinian Feminist Collective condemns sophicide and scholasticide in Gaza – the deliberate annihilation of Indigenous knowledge traditions and the physical destruction of centers of knowledge. Source

The counterrevolutionary nature of liberal feminist support for Gaza

 March 10, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen English This article is a historical analysis of liberalism, how it is imperial by nature, with a focal lens on the counterrevolutionary nature of feminist movements that do not show support for Gaza. By Tala Alayli In Malcolm X’s analysis of white liberals, he explained that the liberal can […]

Cautionary Tale: When You Marry a Feminist

(A real woman makes family her first priority) “The love is gone. We litigate over diaper changes. We stay together for the baby and the dog.” by Casey Wilson ( My son is a lawyer. He was dating a beautiful young woman. The sex was incredible. But when she asked him if they “had a future […]

Adam’s First Wife Lilith: Diabolical Demoness or the First Feminist?

Lilith is first mentioned in ancient Babylonian texts as a winged female demon that attacks pregnant women and infants.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News Myths & Legends Asia Read Later  Source

Study Shows Feminist Men Twice as Likely to Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

[embedded content] Bombshell developments in the Swedish election, where it looks like the ruling leftists may finally face defeat. Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet ——————————————————————————————————————— Brand new merch now available! Get it at ALERT! In the age of mass Silicon Valley censorship It is crucial that […]

Study Shows Feminist Men Twice as Likely to Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

[embedded content] Bombshell developments in the Swedish election, where it looks like the ruling leftists may finally face defeat. Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet ——————————————————————————————————————— Brand new merch now available! Get it at ALERT! In the age of mass Silicon Valley censorship It is crucial that […]

Police Force Admits it Was Wrong to Warn Feminist for Being ‘Untoward About Paedophiles’

A British police force has admitted fault after officers visited a feminist campaigner for being “untoward about paedophiles”. Source

Feminist groups protest against femicides in Mexico

Various feminist groups gathered in Mexico City’s main square on Wednesday to protest against the murder of women in the country.

Christine de Pizan, 15th-Century Feminist And Social Commentator

“The female sex has been left defenseless for a long time now, like an orchard without a wall and bereft of a champion to take up arms in order to protect it…” The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan, 1405. Feminism in the 15th century? Widowed in her twenties, Christine de […]

A feminist vision for liberation

In recent years the global discourse on Palestine has shifted to finally grasp the reality of Zionism as an apartheid system, but also, that Zionism, like all oppressive systems, has gendered manifestations, is incompatible with feminism, and enacts sexual violence on Palestinian women and queers. Similar to how Palestinian human rights organizations like Al Haq, […]

Jewish LGBT Feminist ‘Historian’ Trashes George Washington As A ‘Liar’ And ‘Cheat’ In New Book

(Updated and republished for President’s Day) (Inside Hook)  Alexis Coe, a pro-LGBT feminist ‘historian’ and, of course — grand daughter of a Holocaust survivor — which apparently gives her the moral “carte blanche” to trash White Christian culture — whose previous work of non-fiction attempted to draw a sympathetic portrait of a real-life insane, homicidal […]

Colombia Weighs Abortion Decriminalization As Feminist ‘Green Wave’ Sweeps Latin America

Colombia’s top constitutional court is set to rule in the coming days in a landmark case that could fully decriminalize abortion, a result that would provide the latest jolt to the feminist “Green Wave” movement that has pushed for and won expanded reproductive rights across Latin America. In December, Argentina became the largest of the […]

Girl in Charge of Guns on Alec Baldwin Movie Is a Far-Left Feminist Activist Who Hates Men

The girl in charge of guns on the Alec Baldwin set of “Rust” is a far-left feminist activist who hates men, according to her social media accounts. Hannah Gutierrez Reed was the “armorer” on the set of the Baldwin’s movie. Baldwin was handed a loaded gun for a scene he was shooting. He ended up […]

Palin Rips ‘Fake Feminist’ AOC for ‘Menstruating People’ Remarks — ‘I’m Embarrassed for Her’

Wednesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) responded to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who referred to women as “menstruating people” during a CNN appearance the day before. The former Alaska governor blasted Ocasio-Cortez for being a “fake feminist” and said she was “embarrassed” for her. “Wow, AOC, she […]

A feminist achievement or more Israeli militarism?

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

The Martinez Perspective (May 16, 2021): Sewell Arrest, Feminist Attacks on Family & Questions


One State for All: a Palestinian feminist view

African-American artist Nina Simone, also an activist in the American Civil Rights Movement, experienced the most important turning point of her life when the Curtis Institute of Music rejected her application as a student because of the color of her skin. Simone expressed her disappointment at being deprived of the opportunity of becoming the first […]

Feminist groups protest Turkey’s withdrawal from Istanbul Convention

Feminist organisations on Saturday protested against Turkey’s withdrawal from the world’s first binding treaty to prevent and combat violence against women. The 2011 Istanbul Convention, signed by 45 countries and the European Union, requires governments to adopt legislation prosecuting domestic violence and similar abuse as well as marital rape and female genital mutilation. Source

Feminist Naomi Wolf: Joe Biden ‘Struggling Physically’ a National Security Concern

In an interview with Steve Malzberg on his weekly Sunday commentary show Eat the Press, progressive feminist author and former Democrat adviser Dr. Naomi Wolf expressed alarm regarding President Joe Biden’s current state of health and its implications for U.S. national security. Addressing Biden’s health, Wolf stated that “as Americans, we would be remiss not […]

Pledge: Palestine is a feminist issue

This Women’s History Month, we, the undersigned, join the Palestinian Feminist Collective (PFC), a U.S. based network of Palestinian and Arab women and feminists, in affirming Palestine as a feminist issue. Alongside the PFC, we build upon the history of Palestinian women and their co-strugglers who have worked to end multiple forms of oppression.  We […]

Trudeau Vows “Feminist” Recovery to Tackle “She-Cession”

The next thing to be cancelled is apparently the word “normal,” with corporate giant Unilever vowing to ban the use of the description on all its products. Yes, really. “In a statement on Tuesday, Unilever revealed that its brands would be “removing the word ‘normal’ from advertising and packaging” after 70 percent of people in […]

Feminist Week of Resistance: Gender & Livelihoods: Farm & Labour Sectors

Women protesting against the Farm Bills (Image for representative purpose) 8th March, 2021: Through the Feminist Week of Resistance and Reflections (7th to 14th March), marking International Women’s Day and remembering Savitribai Phule, National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) is committed to amplifying the voices of women and persons of marginalized genders, speaking from the […]

Sen. Mike Lee Reintroduces Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, Feminist Group Endorses Bill

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) reintroduced the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act last week and several organizations have endorsed the bill, including the feminists at Women’s Liberation Front. The bill, which has companion legislation in the House, seeks to protect women and girls from competing against biological men who consider themselves “transgender women” […]

Jewish feminist Beate Sirota Gordon changes women’s rights in Japan

“The famous are rarely significant and the significant are rarely famous,” says Jeff Gottesfeld, author of “No Steps Behind,” a children’s book about real-life Jewish feminist Beate Sirota Gordon. Gordon, who was born in 1923 in Vienna to Russian-Jewish parents, was only 22 years old when she helped write women’s rights into the modern constitution […]

Israelis want to bring back N. African Jewry’s feminist Hanukkah tradition

As a child growing up in Tunisia, Peggy Cidor and her sister would count the days to Hanukkah. But the traditional lighting of the menorah and the eating of fried foods was only part of the excitement. The other part was Rosh Chodesh el Benat, or “head of the month of daughters,” a holiday that […]

Lesbian Feminist Won’t Consume Art by Men, Says Women Should ‘Eliminate Men From Their Minds’

PARIS — A feminist who is in a relationship with another woman is stirring controversy after stating in her book “The Lesbian Genius” that women should “eliminate men from their minds,” outlining that she personally no longer consumes entertainment created by men as it is “the extension of a system of domination.” “It is not […]

“Republican” Girls Unmasked as Feminist Dyke Jews!

Never trust a “conservative” Trump-supporting femoid. Many are disgusting jews who love Trump’s Zion-bootlicking! Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram.

Feminist Retard Blames “Patriarchy” for Special Treatment of Women

Delusional feminist robot believes the current ZOG feminist gynocracy is still a patriarchy. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram.

We Need to Seriously Think About Replacing Revolting Psycho-Feminist Spanish Women With Traditional Slavs

I for one would support a Great Replacement of revolting Spanish feminist whores like this cunt with traditional-minded Slavic women. This is what the average Spanish man has to deal with on a daily basis… blisteringly arrogant and hostile femoids who spew a bunch of retarded and easily-debunked communist falsehoods about the oppression of females […]

This Bedouin poet began writing at 46. Her feminist work is now celebrated globally

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