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Why Sarah Palin’s loss is a warning for the GOP

Palin, a former governor and one-time political sensation, had tethered herself to Trump in a reliably red state, with a similarly fervent base of support. But her race, more than any primary this year, had approximated a traditional general election where a candidate is rewarded for appealing to a broad swath of voters. Her defeat […]

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Loses; ‘Special Master’ Hearing in Trump Case Today | NTD Good Morning

Will a ‘Special Master’ be appointed to oversee the review of documents seized in the FBI raid at former President Trump’s home? A U.S. District Judge is hearing arguments today. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s attempt to resurrect her political career fell short. A Former Democratic State lawmaker defeated her in a special election for […]

Donald Trump Endorses Sarah Palin for Congress: ‘Wonderful Patriot’

Former President Donald Trump enthusiastically endorsed former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in her run to fill Rep. Don Young’s (R-AK) congressional seat. Hailing the former Alaska governor as a “wonderful patriot,” Donald Trump praised Palin for her persistence in the face of the Democrats’ attacks on her. “Wonderful patriot Sarah Palin of Alaska just announced that […]

Trump endorses Palin in Alaska House special election

Referring to her time on the 2008 Republican ticket alongside the late Sen. John McCain — a longtime foil of the former president — Trump said, “Sarah lifted the McCain presidential campaign out of the dumps despite the fact she had to endure some very evil, stupid, and jealous people within the campaign itself. They […]

Palin: ‘Fake Feminists’ AOC, Kamala Harris Bringing ‘Women’s Movement Back So Far’

Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox Primetime” that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Vice President Kamala Harris were “fake feminists.” Rachel Campos-Duffy said, “I’m sure you agree with me being the outsider. Donald Trump actually was probably harder. He had a much harder time with the press than Kamala or AOC or certainly […]

Exclusive—Sarah Palin: Biden Should Have Taken My Advice 13 Years Ago – America Needs to Drill, Baby, Drill

It’s curious how certain phrases catch on. When I took on Joe Biden and Barack Obama in 2008, they used “Hope and Change.” Now, Biden is the inspiration for “Let’s Go, Brandon.” My slogan was “Drill, baby, drill.” It was true and necessary in 2008, and it’s needed now more than ever. During my vice presidential debate against Biden, at the time a […]

Palin Rips ‘Fake Feminist’ AOC for ‘Menstruating People’ Remarks — ‘I’m Embarrassed for Her’

Wednesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) responded to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who referred to women as “menstruating people” during a CNN appearance the day before. The former Alaska governor blasted Ocasio-Cortez for being a “fake feminist” and said she was “embarrassed” for her. “Wow, AOC, she […]

Trump-world reinforces support for Murkowski challenger as Palin mulls Senate run

But a Palin bid could potentially complicate Trump’s push to unseat Murkowski by dividing the votes of those running against her. In his fundraising appeal, Donald Trump, Jr. focuses solely on Tshibaka, praising her as “the real deal” and an “America First Conservative” who is “exactly the type of leadership that Alaska deserves and our […]

The return of Sarah Palin? Former Alaska governor hints at possible run for US Senate

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has hinted that she may run for a US Senate seat. “If God wants me to do it, I will,” Ms Palin said at a Christian conservative conference hosted by Che Ahn, leader of the New Apostolic Reformation movement. Ms Palin was governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009, […]

Sarah Palin Says She’ll Run for Senate if God Wants Her To, Christians Do More to Support Her

Former Alaska governor and failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told New Apostolic Reformation leader Ché Ahn last week that she would run for the U.S. Senate if God wants her to. Palin appeared with Ahn at a leadership conference cosponsored by Ahn’s Harvest International Ministry and Mario Bramnick’s Latino Coalition for Israel. “Prophet” Cindy […]

Sarah Palin Issues Urgent Plea to POTUS: “Pardon Julian Assange NOW”

Sarah Palin has issued an urgent plea to President Donald Trump, asking him to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “I made a mistake some years ago, not supporting Julian Assange — thinking that he was a bad guy… I’ve learned a lot since then,” the former Alaska Governor Palin said in a video. WATCH: [embedded […]

Sarah Palin: Julian Assange Deserves a Pardon

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin added her voice to the growing chorus of conservative figures favoring a pardon of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “I made a mistake some years ago, not supporting Julian Assange — thinking that he was a bad guy… I’ve learned a lot since then,” said Palin in a video provided exclusively […]

Judge Allows Sarah Palin’s Defamation Lawsuit Against New York Times to Proceed

U.S. Judge Jed S. Rakoff, a Bill Clinton appointee, allowed Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit against the New York Times to proceed, saying that a jury should decide whether editorial page editor James Bennet acted with “actual malice” in writing that Palin was responsible for “political incitement” that led to the mass shooting in Tuscon, Arizona, in […]

BREAKING: Sarah Palin In Alaska Hospital After Liberal Thug Attack — Listed In Critical Condition

The staff at Freedom Crossroads has just confirmed this breaking story that the main steam liberal fake media is scurrying to hide. Sarah Palin was just admitted to a top Alaska hospital after a brutal attack on her and her family by a psychotic group of liberal lunatics. BREAKING: Malia Obama Fired From Cushy Internship […]

WhatsApp Provides End-To-End Encryption For Billion Users

WhatsApp is now providing end-to-end encryption in all their messages. One billion users worldwide will now be able to use the app knowing that their messages would be inaccessible to anyone except the recipient. The Facebook owned company believes that encryption leads to better security all around. From today all communications on the world’s most popular […]

BOOM: One MILLION Welfare Peasants Just Got TERRIFYING News And We LOVE It [VID]

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Bad news for the people who have made a living by abusing the welfare system- the free ride is OVER! Two years ago, Barack Obama signed the latest “Farm Bill,” a piece of legislation that is generally renewed every five years and funds a bevy of food- and agriculture-related […]

US Attorney General Wants To Prosecute Climate Change Deniers

The US Attorney General wants to make challenging climate change a criminal offence. The US Department of Justice has been considering whether people should be prosecuted for the offence of climate change denial. Loretta Lynch told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that not only had she discussed internally the possibility of pursuing civil actions […]

Civil Rights Progress Titters As Nation Celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The nation observes a day honoring its non-violent civil rights activist, Martin Luther King, Jr. (shown above). This year marks the 30th anniversary of the federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., (MLK), Nobel Peace Prize winning civil rights leader who was assassinated in 1968. Some states initially declined to […]

Asda Cyber Security Left Personal Details Exposed To Hackers

If you shop online with Asda supermarket then a cyber security flaw might have left your personal details exposed to hackers looking to steal your identity and bank details. Trusted Reviews reports: A vulnerability on Asda’s website left countless customers’ personal data exposed. The flaw was spotted by security expert Paul Moore, who says that because […]

Eritrean man was lynched by Israelis in uniform, new video shows

Rania Khalek Rights and Accountability 19 January 2016 Members of the Eritrean community in Tel Aviv mourn during a memorial ceremony for Eritrean asylum seeker Haftom Zarhum, 21 October 2015. He was beaten and shot to death on 18 October by a mob that wrongly took him to be a gunman who had attacked a bus […]

ONE MILLION Welfare Peasants Just Got This DEVASTATING News, The Reason Why Is…

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– The Democrats entitlement mentality has come at a huge price and now over 1 MILLION freeloaders are about to get a HUGE  reality check. Yes folks, they will now be required to WORK! LMAO! The gravy train is coming to a halt. Better late than never. Federal changes have been made […]

Palin Exposed, a Bestseller? No, But it Should Be

The Rogue—Searching for the real Sarah Palin, by Joe McGinniss; Random House found everywhere, price fluctuating.   by Tom Valentine   So much here—where to begin? Originally I wanted to use the timeless political line, Lipstick on a pig for the headline. Google the term to see why. This maligned book, that made more news […]

Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012

  Ewen MacAskill Guardian October 6, 2011 Sarah Palin has ended her year-long tease of American conservatives by finally announcing she will not be joining the presidential race. In a letter to supporters, Palin said: “After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for president […]

Sarah Palin about to divorce?

As the publishing of a new biography on Sarah Palin stirs up squawks of sex scandals and illicit drug use, her longtime husband is apparently ready to divorce the former Alaska governor while her PR-team says her political days are numbered. Investigative journalist Joe McGinnis made waves last week after a leaked copy of his […]

Sarah Palin alleged to have used cocaine and marijuana

  Chris McGreal The Guardian September 15, 2011 A highly anticipated biography of Sarah Palin alleges the Tea Party politician and former Republican vice presidential candidate used cocaine and marijuana, and had a long affair with her husband’s business partner. The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin by the respected if controversial author, Joe […]

Sarah Palin nailed a basketball legend

As Tea Partiers wait to see if Sarah Palin will play ball and add her name to the roster of Republicans vying for the GOP’s nod in 2012, a new book alleges that the former governor was playing some one-on-one with an NBA star before she made it big. In investigative journalist Joe McGinniss’ forthcoming […]

Sarah Palin Iowa Organizer: ‘She’ll Run’

  Paul Bedard, Lauren FoxU.S. News Politics August 19, 2011 The Undefeated, the Sarah Palin documentary, isn’t what you’d call a summer blockbuster. In fact, the sympathetic biography flopped in theaters, grossing only $175,000 at the box office. In Iowa, where the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee seems to be laying […]

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