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Glaring Hypocrisy: Interview with Truth-Teller Monika Schaefer

(GLARING Hypocrisy) On June 17, 2016, Monika Schaefer, a native-born Canadian citizen of German parents, posted a brief video to YouTube entitled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. This led to a fellow citizen of Jasper, Alberta (Canada) filing a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Although we watched Monika’s video shortly after it was published to YouTube, we […]

Las Vegas Attorney Stephen Stubbs: “Stand Up and Tell the Truth” – Why #PoliceLiesMatter

This video was recently submitted to me by Las Vegas Attorney Stephen Stubbs so it could be shared with the CopBlock Network. In it he discusses several incidents he and/or his clients have been involved in with officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada Highway Patrol, Boulder City Police, and other Las Vegas […]

WhatsApp Provides End-To-End Encryption For Billion Users

WhatsApp is now providing end-to-end encryption in all their messages. One billion users worldwide will now be able to use the app knowing that their messages would be inaccessible to anyone except the recipient. The Facebook owned company believes that encryption leads to better security all around. From today all communications on the world’s most popular […]

Abuse in the ER: NYC doctor allegedly gave women extra sedatives to sexually violate them

(NaturalNews) A shocking story has recently been reported by the Daily Mail regarding an ER doctor in New York City who has been accused of sexually assaulting four women at his work. The horrifying incidents happened over the course of five months and saw the doctor allegedly abusing his position as a caregiver […]

Transit Cop Convicted Of False Arrest After Dunkin’ Donuts Incident

A Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority police officer was convicted by a Philadelphia jury on Monday for a Christmas 2013 incident involving the assault and false arrest of a woman that started while she was waiting in line at Dunkin’ Donuts. Muibat Williamson claimed that officer Douglas Ioven, 44, cut in line, stepped on her foot, […]

Will the DPRK be Recognised as a Nuclear State?

Nile Bowie (NEO) : Inter-Korean relations have reached their nadir. Following the North’s fourth nuclear test in January and subsequent long-range rocket launch that placed a satellite in orbit, Seoul has closed the Kaesong Industrial Complex. Pyongyang has cut military communication lines with the South and shut down the liaison office at Panmunjeom. This means […]

All “Failing Schools” in Alabama are Black

All the seventy-six schools recently listed by the Alabama Department of Education as “failing” are black, and together account for 92 percent of the students in failing schools in that state. The report, based on the schools’ ACT Aspire test scores—which measures reading and math, also revealed that the number of “failed” schools in […]

5 Healthier Beauty Products You Can Find At Walmart & Target Under $11

Vote with your dollar is a motto that’s important to CE and so when it comes to the times we shop at bigger chains, it’s important to do just that. As we peruse the aisles of everything from large, corporate retail stores to privately owned specialty markets, the idea of quality over quantity can greatly […]

No man left behind: Dramatic details emerge of downed Su-24 pilot rescue

Cpt Konstantin Murakhtin, who escaped death after his jet was attacked by a Turkish Air Force F-16, parachuted into the middle of territory held by hostile Syrian rebel fighters, making any effort to save him incredibly dangerous. His fellow pilot Lt Col Oleg Pershin was reportedly killed by Turkmen militants in the air even before […]

Steak N Shake Waitress Cyber-bullied Over SWAT Costume With Bullet Hole In The Head

On October 31st Halloween, a Steak N Shake waitress in Milford, Ohio wore a SWAT costume with a bullet hole in the head. She intended the costume to be a zombie from a popular T.V. Show The Walking Dead, but people took to the Steak N Shake Facebook page to demand an apology from the restaurant and for […]

Obama Says He Was ‘Skeptical’ About Syria Rebel Project From The Start

Obama has said that the failed $500 million program to set up a proxy army in Syria was a test… During an interview the US president said that he had doubts about the project from the start. He also said that he ruled out sending US troops to Syria. “I’ve been skeptical from the get-go […]

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