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CIA Chief Drops Bombshell — Admits Orlando Shooter Had NO Direct Connections to ISIS

Despite alleged claims made by the Orlando shooter during the massacre, as well as a chorus of media pundits and politicos that followed; including President Obama, and presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Central Intelligence Agency head Brennan said the intelligence agency has not been “able to uncover any link” between Orlando killer […]

Kashani: Saudis, Israel, US form evil triangle

Tehran, June 17, IRNA – Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani says Saudi Arabia, the US and the Zionist regime of Israel form a evil triangle against Islam. Delivering his Friday prayers sermon, Ayatollah Kashani said the world of Islam should get united against the American-Zionist arrogance. He said whole the […]

Transit Cop Convicted Of False Arrest After Dunkin’ Donuts Incident

A Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority police officer was convicted by a Philadelphia jury on Monday for a Christmas 2013 incident involving the assault and false arrest of a woman that started while she was waiting in line at Dunkin’ Donuts. Muibat Williamson claimed that officer Douglas Ioven, 44, cut in line, stepped on her foot, […]

All Losers Against Trump

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 17, 2016 A true hero stands tall among a troop of failed losers. It is incredible to watch the hordes of failures attacking Our Glorious Leader. Rand Paul has stated that he has devoted his entire life to bringing down The Donald. Appearing on the Alan Colmes show to explain that […]

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