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SCIENCE SHOCKER: Academic “peer reviewed” journal publisher just shut down 19 science journals and retracted 11,000 papers

(NaturalNews) It sure does pay big to be a science crook these days. As long as your research, clinical studies and “peer reviews” support the false-narratives of… Source

Cambridge Academic Says Climate Change Alarm Is Now A Dangerous Ideology

Climate change has become a dangerous ideology according to Cambridge University professor Mike Hulme. Hulme, Professor of Human Geography at Cambridge University, says climate change is NOT going to end the world and we need […] The post Cambridge Academic Says Climate Change Alarm Is Now A Dangerous Ideology appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

A feminist praxis for academic freedom in the context of genocide in Gaza

The Palestinian Feminist Collective condemns sophicide and scholasticide in Gaza – the deliberate annihilation of Indigenous knowledge traditions and the physical destruction of centers of knowledge. Source

Call to Action: Support academic freedom for Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian

Hebrew University’s suspension of Palestinian professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian sends a chilling message to scholars worldwide. Silencing her undermines academic freedom and the broader struggle for human rights and dignity in Palestine and beyond. Source

ACADEMIC FRAUD: Harvard affiliate researchers accused of manipulating data images that impacted 37 published medical studies

(NaturalNews) A data sleuth recently found and accused top cancer researchers affiliated with an Ivy League university of scientific fraud for manipulating data… Source

Educators teaching Palestine face academic repression at the University of California

It has become clear since October 7 that U.S. college campuses have a significant role to play in the struggle for a free Palestine. University students continue to demonstrate in campus quads and administration buildings while educators teach about the occupation of Palestine and the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people in their classrooms. Universities across […]

American Anthropological Association endorses academic boycott of Israel

Members of the American Anthropological Association overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions with 71% of members supporting the measure. Source

For Anthropology, decolonizing knowledge means supporting the academic boycott of Israel

The Palestinian call for BDS is a challenge to colonial infrastructures of knowledge and an invitation to help remake them. This challenge is central to our work as anthropologists in moving past colonial social science. Source

Open letter on academic freedom and BDS in Germany

The University of Jena distanced itself from Professor Brenna Bhandar solely for her support of BDS. This breach of academic freedom shows the silencing of Palestinian rights advocates in Germany. Source

Protecting academic freedom and solidarity with Dr. Lara Sheehi  

Dr. Lara Sheehi is the latest of far too many professors and clinicians to be slandered by pro-Israeli lobbies for standing up for the rights of Palestinians and other oppressed peoples. Source

Turkmenistan ready to broaden academic, technological ties with Iran

TEHRAN – Turkmenistan Ambassador to Iran Ahmad Kakabayevich Gurbanov has said his country is ready to boost relations with Iran, especially in academic and technological areas. Source

Stanford Professor Who Challenged Lockdowns & ‘Scientific Clerisy’ Says ‘Academic Freedom Is Dead’

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, the Stanford Professor who challenged covid lockdowns says that “academic freedom is dead,” and warns that  all those who have stood up to the ‘official’ narrative now face “a deeply hostile work […] The post Stanford Professor Who Challenged Lockdowns & ‘Scientific Clerisy’ Says ‘Academic Freedom Is Dead’ appeared first on News […]

Anti-Lockdown Stanford Professor: “Academic Freedom Is Dead”

A Stanford Professor who challenged the orthodoxy of lockdowns has warned that “academic freedom is dead,” and that all those who have stood up to the regime narrative now face “a deeply hostile work environment.” Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, an author of the Great Barrington Declaration in which thousands of scientists called for a policy of herd […]

Anti-Trump Academic Floated as Possible Special Master in Trump Records Case

A federal judge considering whether to appoint a special master to look at former President Donald Trump’s seized records has been provided a list of four academics specializing in executive privilege, including one who has been loudly against Trump for years. A group called the National Security Counselors on Aug. 29 told U.S. District Judge […]

Set Your Kid up for Academic Success with This Bundle

Sponsored Content Back-to-school season is here, and parents are once again faced with the dilemma of helping their children get motivated in school. Not only that, but you must also find ways to set up your kids for success, lest you risk letting them get left behind on lessons. Educators always note that the key […]

This dhoti wearing  academic in the U.S. knows Indian archaeology from the inside

 Few men can give us a better understanding of the  saffronisation of archaeology and the  temple mosque controversy than  Ashish Avikunthak.  He  has spent 20 years researching Indian archaeology, he is a sensitive film maker, social activist, a multi faceted figure.He has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Stanford university,  he teaches archaeology  and film […]

Uvalde Schools Locked Down at Least 48 Times This Academic Year

The Uvalde public school district is no stranger to campus lockdowns. In October 2021, Mayor Don McLaughlin reported the district had been forced into lockdowns 48 times during the first few months of the school year largely due to human smuggler pursuits near campuses.

Ahmadreza Djalali: Iran rules out prisoner swap with Sweden before academic’s execution

The Swedish-Iranian researcher will be executed and will not be exchanged, the Iranian judiciary said.

Community rallies for academic freedom and end to Islamophobia, anti-Palestinian bias at SFSU

Students, faculty, alumni, labor leaders, clergy, members of the historic 1968 student strike, and community members  gathered at the Malcolm X Plaza at San Francisco State University this week to protest President Lynn Mahoney’s undermining of San Francisco State University (SFSU) faculty integrity, the spirit of ’68 historic commitment to social justice, and the Arab […]

Irish Academic Adds Ancient Babylonian Authenticity to Eternals Movie

When Irish academic, Dr. Martin Worthington, embarked on learning how to speak the now-extinct Babylonian language of ancient Mesopotamia, little did he know that his knowledge would be used in a blockbuster movie. Nevertheless, Worthington’s unique skill has been now put to use in order to add a touch of authenticity to the latest Marvel […]

The checkpoint between academic freedom and Israel needs to be lifted

The public debate around three high-profile cases related to academic freedom in UK universities has exposed the contradictions and double standards at the centre of this row, the result of which will be nothing less than a hierarchy of protected speech and the right to hurt and offend some members of society more than others. […]

Academic David Miller Speaks Out Following Firing & Israel Lobby Smear Campaign

October 08th, 2021 By Lowkey Source [embedded content] Ironically, Miller’s book, “Bad News for Labour: Anti-Semitism, the Party and Public Belief,” detailed how bogus charges of anti-Semitism were weaponized against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in order to defame and destroy him. Instead of simply stopping its human rights abuses, the Israeli government has built […]

Professors fight to defend Palestine and protect academic freedom

Two upcoming sets of statutory grievance hearings at San Francisco State University (SFSU) could have nationwide impact on academic freedom, the rights of faculty, and student access to education regarding Palestinian narratives. On 9/30, from 10-4pm PST, Professors Rabab Abdulhadi and Tomomi Kinukawa will seek redress for the cancellation of “Whose Narratives?”, a virtual open classroom […]

Academic freedom in Palestine: a conversation with Imad Barghouthi

Meeting Imad A. Barghouthi is among those life experiences you are bound to remember. Imad is one of Palestine’s most prominent scientists; a Professor of Plasma Physics at Al Quds University and a loving husband and father of five. But it is his personality that will instantly strike you. Imad is an out-of-the-box thinker, both […]

‘Absolute Garbage’: Education Minister on Academic’s Call to Rename English

Australian Education Minister Alan Tudge has called an academic’s proposal to rename English to “Language Arts” absolute nonsense. University of Melbourne senior lecturer Melitta Hogarth told a conference for the Australian Association for the Teaching of English that she believed using the name English was an “act of assimilation,” reported The Courier-Mail. Hogarth, an Indigenous […]

Iran election showed most parties back Islamic Republic: Turkish academic

Iran election showed most parties back Islamic Republic: Turkish academic – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Despite some calls to boycott the presidential election in Iran, reformists, centrists, and conservatives proved that they support the establishment, says Mustafa Caner, a Turkish academic. “Even though some political actors called for a boycott, prominent figures of reformists, centrists, and […]

Crackdown on Academic Freedom: Prof Under Attack for Asking Students to Think Independently

A professor at New York University, Mark Crispin Miller, is suing 19 colleagues for libel after they signed a letter to the school dean demanding a “review” of his conduct because he urged students to look into the scientific rationale for the mask mandates and to assess the truthfulness of the media drive to promote […]

A Call to Action for Palestine Under Attack: Support the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Editor’s Note: The following is a statement by the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked issues. The scenes in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, Gaza, and throughout occupied Palestine ‘48 have driven home the point clearly to […]

Academic Autonomy: Needed a Holistic Societal Perspective

 If a university privately funded by philanthropists can be forced to fall in line, even if due to implicit pressure from the ruling dispensation, it can be inferred that autonomy in institutions funded by businessmen is literally non-existent. The institutions run with direct government funding have had little autonomy. The publicly funded universities can offer […]

Watch “NYU Professor Fights Back Against the Academic Crybullies” on YouTube

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