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Mark Meadows sued by book publisher over false election claims

The publisher of Mark Meadows’s book is suing the former White House chief of staff, arguing in court filings Friday morning that he violated an agreement with All Seasons Press by including false statements about former President Trump’s claims surrounding the 2020 election. “Meadows, the former White House Chief of Staff under President Donald J.… […]

ORWELLIAN: Publisher updating Roald Dahl’s British literary classics to ‘woke’ versions in new eBook releases

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) If you still think that the left is not hard at work, every single minute of every day, trying to destroy Western civilization, then you’re just not paying attention at this point.The owners of the digital versions of books by British author Roald Dahl have announced that they have been revised to […]

NYT publisher at Davos: “Disinformation” is “the most existential” challenge we’re grappling with as a society

The head of the New York Times Company, one of the most powerful media companies in the world, declared so-called “disinformation” to be “the most existential” challenge that society is grappling with during an appearance on a panel at Davos in Switzerland and called for social media platforms to “differentiate and elevate trustworthy sources of […]

FTC Sues to Block Microsoft Acquisition of ‘Call of Duty’ Publisher Activision Blizzard

Activision promotional image. The Federal Trade Commission is suing to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The pending $68.7 billion deal would be the largest in video game history and see Microsoft take control of some of the most popular video game franchises on the planet, including Warcraft and Call of Duty. Over the past […]

‘Irredeemably flawed’: Alternative media publisher says ‘only solution’ in Arizona is to hold new election after tidal wave of problems in GOP areas

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The founder of The Western Journal and publisher of other indy media sites notes in a lengthy Twitter explainer that due to massive problems in Maricopa County, Arizona, on Election Day, the only real remedy is to hold another election under the control of a “court.””The elections in @MaricopaVote have not been certified […]

Supreme Court to hear challenge against Section 230 protections for “publisher” vs. “platform”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) There is a case moving through the courts right now that seeks to decide, once and for all, which entities qualify for protection under 47 USC Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA).Gonzalez v. Google addresses the years-long debate over whether social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter become … [Read […]

German publisher pulls Winnetou books after accusations of racism

Ravensburger has pulled books depicting Winnetou, a fictional Apache character, over accusations that the story reinforces racist and colonial stereotypes of Native Americans. Source

‘Haaretz’ publisher says Israel is ‘an apartheid state’ — as his paper continues to warn against an Israel-Iran war

Amos Schocken is Israel’s equivalent of the latest Sulzberger to inherit control of the New York Times. Schocken, in his mid-70s, is the third generation of his family to run Haaretz, the most respected newspaper in Israel, and he speaks out regularly in columns and on social media.  Just the other day, Schocken called Israel […]

Sally Rooney rejects Israeli publisher, embraces BDS movement

The Irish author Sally Rooney has rejected an Israeli publisher’s request to translate her newest novel into Hebrew, citing her support for the BDS movement. Israel’s Modan Publishing House put in a bid to translate Rooney’s latest book, Beautiful World, Where Are You, into Hebrew but Rooney declined. Many media outlets have implied that Rooney […]

German Publisher Censors Children’s Book That Said Coronavirus Started in China at Behest of Beijing Bullies

More than 2 weeks after the media predicted catastrophe due to Texas lifting its mask mandate and Joe Biden labeled the move “neanderthal thinking,” COVID cases in Texas have dropped to a record low while hospitalizations are at their lowest since October. Oh. Earlier this month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced an end to mask […]

Former Prosecutor Appointed To Lead Cuomo Harassment Probe As Publisher Halts Book Promotion

Shortly after lawmakers drafted an impeachment resolution that could open the door to Cuomo becoming the second governor in NY state history to be impeached by the legislature, James announced via twitter that US Attorney Joon Kim (a former top federal prosecutor) and Anne Clark, an experienced employment discrimination attorney, will lead what’s expected to […]

Hungary Orders Publisher To Include Warning Label On Children’s Book That Depicts Homosexuality As Normal

The Budapest Government Office on Tuesday ordered a Hungarian publisher to place a disclaimer on books that “display patterns of behavior that differ from traditional gender roles” after the publisher released a collection of fairy tales featuring LGBT and non-white characters: The office claimed that the Labrisz Lesbian Association, an advocacy group for lesbian, bisexual […]

‘Leave our children alone’ Hungarian PM tells publisher of LGBT book

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has strongly opposed a new children’s book featuring homosexual characters, telling the publishers on Sunday to “leave our children alone”. “Hungary has laws on homosexuality, which are based on an exceptionally tolerant and patient approach,” Orbán said in a public radio interview. “But there is a red line not to […]

Why The American Conservative Purged Its Own Publisher

Ron Unz, The Unz Review, 29 May 2018 Author’s note: Some may be aware that when I originally established The Unz Review over four years ago one of my main motives was to have a convenient venue for my own writing, a situation necessitated by my removal as Publisher of The American Conservative. However, other matters intervened, and […]

Israeli publisher slams US ambassador for ‘perpetuating apartheid’ in West Bank

The last few days have seen more open battles inside the Jewish community over the illegal Israeli settlement project in the West Bank. The rhetoric is more bitter than ever. Apartheid, say the liberals. While conservative Jews describe the settlements as the heart and soul of Zionism. We’d like to predict a crisis in the […]

Left-wing publisher Mother Jones wants you to eat more toxic GMOs, inject your children with more vaccines and hate Donald Trump

(Natural News) Meandering through the latest mainstream media headlines these days, one is hard-pressed to find even a semblance of objective truth on virtually any topic. It’s all anti-Trump, pro-G.M.O., and pro-vaccine propaganda, it seems, including at the left-leaning news publication Mother Jones where such positions are regularly brow-beaten into readers at an excruciating pace. […]

Independent Publisher 2 Is Here

The popular Independent Publisher design is a WordPress theme that has long been beloved for its simplicity and legibility. So we are happy to announce that it has been improved, ever so slightly, with the design talents of Caroline Moore and Kjell Reigstad. Introducing Independent Publisher 2: Independent Publisher was first designed, developed, and released […]

Russian “Free Land”: Media was Wrong

The Russian government has not offered free land to foreigners, as claimed by the Russia Today (RT) service, a spokesman for the Russian Duma (parliament) has confirmed to the New Observer. The law, passed by the Russian Duma on May 2, specifically limits the offer to Russian citizens, and the media has incorrectly interpreted […]

Why does the U.S. continue to betray a courageous, dynamic Muslim leader in the Maldives?

Here are two facts: * The United States government continues to remain astonishingly quiet about the rising dictatorship in the Indian Ocean island nation of Maldives, where the charismatic, democratic Muslim leader Mohamed Nasheed has been deposed, cheated out of an electoral comeback, jailed for 13 years and finally forced into exile. * Last September, […]

Zika PAYDAY! Obama wants to funnel $1.8 billion for vaccine research and more

(NaturalNews) Until 2016, Zika wasn’t taken very seriously by American authorities. The relaxed attitude suggested that it was just another mundane disease in third-world countries. This much was clear from the CDC’s attitude and lack of recommendations regarding the virus. Soon enough, however, a concerning percentage of pregnant women that contracted the virus […]

Video Shows Exact Moment 1,400 Employees Learn They Are Losing Their Jobs to Mexico

Source: Mediaite Although the decision to inform a workforce of 1,400 employees that they’ll soon be losing their jobs to Mexico is an admirable one from the standpoint of candor, it hardly makes for a good recipe for workplace morale. A cell phone video taken at Carrier Air Conditioner in Indianapolis shows […]

Video Shows Exact Moment 1,400 Employees Learn They Are Losing Their Jobs to Mexico

Source: Mediaite Although the decision to inform a workforce of 1,400 employees that they’ll soon be losing their jobs to Mexico is an admirable one from the standpoint of candor, it hardly makes for a good recipe for workplace morale. A cell phone video taken at Carrier Air Conditioner in Indianapolis shows […]

URGENT ALERT — ‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

‘Sicily is not a war lab!’ Hundreds march against NATO drills (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The protesters marched through the streets of the city of Marsala, less than 10 miles (16km) from Vincenzo Florio Airport. The airport is a base for the 37th Wing of the Italian air force and is one of the forward operating bases (FOBs) used by NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control. Organized by the “No […]

Medicated to Death?… Older People Given as Many as 30 Drugs!

Seniors represent only 13% of the population, but they take over 40% of pharmaceutical drugs in the US. In the UK, 45% of prescriptions are doled out to individuals over the age of 65 years. The practice of poly-pharmacy has never been more acute than it is in the modern era. So why are we […]

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