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How to add Startpage to your mobile device

Since DuckDuckGo can no longer be used as a ‘trusted’ search tool, currently Startpage is recommended. The recommendation is also to use mobile devices as least as possible, but that falls on deaf ears. In any event to add Startpage as a search tool to your mobile device’s browser see the following instructions: Depending on […]

7 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe When They Have A Handheld Device Giving Them Unfettered Access To Porn

7 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe When They Have A Handheld Device Giving Them Unfettered Access To Porn Brought to you by: So, you got your kid a smartphone. Oops! Big mistake there! Well, now that your child owns a portal providing unfettered access to a smorgasbord of the most horrifically obscene smut the depraved human […]

Florida Air Reserve Base Evacuated Due to Explosive Device Incident

Florida’s Homestead Air Reserve Base was evacuated on Wednesday due to an issue with an explosive device, according to local reports. The base issued a statement on Twitter that personnel were evacuated from the facility “out of an abundance of caution due to an incident involving a damaged ordinance.” “Base emergency personnel coordinated with local […]

Internet Of Things Is Driving Connected Medical Device Market

Lest we forget other Technocrat initiatives, the Internet Of Things is rapidly filling up space in the medical field with the same philosophy, “If it can be connected, it will be connected”. Connectivity to the Internet plays prominently and the entire segment is growing at 25% per year. — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick […]

Electrical Device That “Gives DNA Vaccines the Boost They Need to Work in Humans” Receives $71M From U.S. Dept of Defense

By B.N. Frank A growing number of Americans – including military personnel – are opposed to vaccine mandates (see 1, 2, 3).  Vaccine side effects, injuries, deaths have been reported for decades (see 1, 2, 3).  They continue to be reported about the COVID jabs as well (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  Nevertheless, pharmaceutical companies […]

Simple electronic device instantly increases solar panel output and efficiency

Video demonstrates simple method for increasing solar panel output. Output instantly increased from 19.7 volts DC to 166 volts DC by connecting a solar panel’s wires to a simple mini circuit board with a MOSFET transistor, some capacitors, a transformer, a diode and a fuse. No mechanical parts used. Increasing the output voltage of a […]

‘Remotely detonated device’ blew up Iran’s Natanz nuke site

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

“This is Not A Vaccine” – It’s a Medical Device to Make Us Sick | DR. DAVID MARTIN

January 13, 2021 Video: Focus on Fauci. “This is Not A Vaccine”SACHA STONE, ROCCO GALATI, ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR., DR. JUDY MIKOVITS & DR. DAVID MARTIN ”Let’s make sure we are clear… This is not a vaccine. They are using the term “vaccine” to sneak this thing under public health exemptions. This is not a vaccine.”  Dr David […]

‘Our people won’t be a testing device’: Tehran bans trials of foreign vaccines on Iranians

Tehran has rejected attempts by foreign companies to test their coronavirus vaccines on Iranians, President Hassan Rouhani said, adding that the country will purchase safe immunization for its population.   “Foreign companies wanted to give us vaccines so they would be tested on the Iranian people. But the health ministry prevented it,” Rouhani told state TV, […]

The Iron Maiden: This Medieval Torture Device Was Used as Recently as 2003!

The iron maiden is a torture device widely believed to have been used in Europe during the Middle Ages. This notorious contraption is known by other names, such as the Virgin (a reference to the Virgin Mary), and Jungfer (German for spinster). The iron maiden is described as being a human-sized box laden with spikes […]

Three injured in ‘improvised explosive device attack’ on Armistice ceremony in Jeddah

At least three people have been injured in an “explosive attack” on the non-Muslim cemetery in the western Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. The incident took place on Wednesday morning during an international ceremony commemorating Armistice Day, attended by a number of western diplomats. A joint statement by the embassies of France, Greece, Italy, the […]

International arrivals to the UAE to be fitted with COVID-19 tracking device

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Your Phone is Used as a Bugging Device

Kevin Shipp  August 7, 2020  The Shipp Brief1 Comment You cell phone, the AI in your hand, knows the sound of your voice, what you look like, where you have physically been, where you have shopped, what you have shopped for, all the Internet searches you have performed and what you prefer to do in your spare […]

Coronavirus: Hundreds of people in Rotorua will test ‘CovidCard’ bluetooth device

I am sure there will be no lack of volunteers to keep us all safe from the epidemic with a lower death rate than the seasonal flu. EWR From stuff A bluetooth device developed to help trace close contacts of people with Covid-19 is to be tested in a trial involving between 250 to 300 […]

Microsoft Not Only Funds ID2020 But They Also Filed A Patent For A Device Connected To The Human Body For Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

I don’t think anything else needs to be said. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. What are the chances a device on the body that is used for digital translations would have a patent number 060606? Also, Microsoft patented this on March 26th of this year. The full patent id is WO/2020/060606. […]

Amazon’s Alexa Device Recorded Family’s Conversation in Their Home and Sent It to A Random Contact

Portland, Oregon – A concerned family is speaking out after they claim that their Amazon Alexa device recorded a conversation they were having in their home, and sent it to a random contact who alerted them to the fact that he had heard everything they said. A homeowner named Danielle, who asked for her last […]

Woman Says Her Amazon Device Recorded Private Conversation, Sent It Out to Random Contact

Woman Says Her Amazon Device Recorded Private Conversation, Sent It Out to Random Contact May 24th, 2018 I can’t believe people pay to have these things in their homes. Via: KIRO 7: A Portland family contacted Amazon to investigate after they say a private […]

Intelligence-Augmentation Device Let’s Users ‘Speak Silently’ With a Computer by Just Thinking

A silent, discreet, bidirectional conversation with machines. “Our idea was: Could we have a computing platform that’s more internal, that melds human and machine in some ways and that feels like an internal extension of our own cognition?,” says Arnav Kapur, a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab who led the development of the new […]

MIT researchers create device they claim can "generate electricity from air"

(Natural News) To date, humanity has been able to discover and eventually tap on a number of renewable energy sources. From wind mills to solar panels, there have been all sorts of inventions and gadgets that come with the ability to generate electricity from certain natural sources. Now a team of engineers […]

Amazon Smart Device Owners Can Now Become Spies For UK Police

March 10, 2018 By Nicholas West The use of information obtained by smart devices is already threatening to rewrite the criminal justice system in America. I’ve covered various cases that seriously call into question what place the protections afforded by the U.S. Constitution will have in a future filled with in-home […]

Teen Invents Device He Claims Can Protect Students During A Shooting

One high schooler has come up with a device to prevent active shooters from getting inside classrooms – and to keep students safe. He calls it the “JustinKase.” It’s a product made up of steel that latches to a door frame to bar entry. “Unlike other products, JustinKase does not allow a door to open […]

Sci-fi sound wave device makes Star Trek style tractor beams out of powerful mini-tornadoes that can manipulate large objects

(Natural News) It seems like every day you see, hear, or read about something that’s being created or invented concerning all sorts of popular science fiction technology, but a fully-working tractor beam was never among them — until now. According to a team of engineers from the University of Bristol, they have […]

Massive alert in Mexico after radioactive device stolen

The item in question is a nuclear densometer which is used in geotechnical engineering to measure density. It contains radioactive material and there are fears such material could be used to make a “dirty bomb.” The theft of the device took place in the city of León in the state of Guanajuata on Thursday morning. […]

Ron Paul: The Cruel Medical Device Tax Must Stop

Ron Paul: The Cruel Medical Device Tax Must Stop By ns_admin In case you had not heard, the government shutdown ended yesterday as Democrats relented in their opposition to the Continuing Resolution. The Democrats struck a deal with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring an immigration reform bill to the floor as soon as […]

Putin’s New Chief Of Staff Unveils Device That ‘Taps Into Global Consciousness’

Vladimir Putin’s new chief of staff, Anton Vaino, has unveiled a new device he claims is able to tap into the global consciousness. An investigation by the BBC found that Mr. Vaino invented a mysterious device for the Russian government – enabling them to “better understand and control society.” BBC News reports: In 2012 an article […]

Inventor Mysteriously Died After Creating Device That Lets Any Car Get 100 Miles Per Gallon

By Jay Syrmopoulos While some people believe the story of American inventor Thomas Ogle is a myth or urban legend, the reality is that Ogle designed and implemented a “vapor carburetor” that allowed a vehicle to achieve over 100 miles per gallon of gasoline in 1977—with no carbon emissions. Sadly, Ogle’s invention would never see the […]

Mobile device ban in French schools to start next school year

     The French government is to ban students from using mobile phones in the country’s primary, junior and middle schools. Children will be allowed to bring their phones to school, but not allowed to get them out at any time until they leave, even during breaks. A proposed ban was included in Emmanuel Macron’s successful […]

Managing Your Blog On a Mobile Device

Have you given the WordPress mobile apps a try lately? We’ve been working hard to make sure our iOS and Android apps are simple to use and have the features you need to blog right from your phone or tablet. Here are a few recent additions and updates that make blogging on the go easier: […]

NYPD Quietly Using Military Tracking Device Locating Suspects Through Cell Phone Signals

The NYPD is one of many police departments across the country quietly using a highly secretive military grade technology that can track the whereabouts of suspects by using their cell phone signals. Civil liberties and privacy groups are increasingly raising objections to the suitcase-sized devices known as StingRays or cell site simulators that can sweep […]

Man “Born On Mars” Claims The Sphinx Can Be Unlocked With Device Hidden Behind Its Ear

The concept of past lives is nothing new. It’s often said that if you have an irrational fear, it’s the result of a bad experience in a past life. My mom has always had a fear of soldiers, and she’s wondered if stems from an experience during one of the World Wars. Like so many […]

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