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IsraAID to Provide Oxygen Concentrators, Supplies to India

(JNS) In response to the devastating coronavirus outbreak in India, now at the epicenter of the pandemic, IsraAID will provide urgently needed medical supplies to the beleaguered nation. According to the World Health Organization’s weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19, India has reported some 2.7 million new cases as of April 27 and more than 15,000 […]

Police in India charge man who appealed for oxygen amid COVID crisis

Police in India have pressed charges against a man who tweeted asking for oxygen. Amid soaring COVID-19 cases, Indians have been using social media to appeal for oxygen supplies, medical equipment and hospital beds. One user on Twitter posted he was in need of an “oxygen cylinder as soon as possible,” contacting a Bollywood actor. […]

IsraAID to provide oxygen concentrators, supplies to India in midst of COVID crisis

Browse > Home / News / IsraAID to provide oxygen concentrators, supplies to India in midst of COVID crisis April 29, 2021 by JNS Read on for article In response to the devastating coronavirus outbreak in India, now at the epicentre of the pandemic, IsraAID will provide urgently needed medical supplies to the beleaguered nation. […]

Perseverance rover has created oxygen on Mars

Perseverance rover has created oxygen on Mars Posted on Saturday, 24 April, 2021 Perseverance’s MOXIE instrument during construction. Image Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech NASA’s car-sized rover has successfully managed to turn the Martian atmosphere into breathable oxygen.The space agency has been celebrating a lot of scientific firsts recently such as the maiden flight of the […]

A Few Facts About  Industrial And Medical Oxygen, And Our Callousness

 Written by Hanuman Lal Bengani and Dr. M. Bapuji    Illustration by DOMINIC XAVIER / I, Dr. M.Bapuji, received the following information through friends from Indian Inst of Petroleum, Dehradun on oxygen availability in india. The author is sri Hanuman  Lal Bengani, former CEO of Linde,  his own words : ” Having spent my […]

Fire from oxygen tank blast in Baghdad COVID-19 hospital kills 82

A fire caused by an oxygen tank explosion at a COVID-19 hospital in Baghdad took at least 82 lives and forced some people to leap through windows out of the burning building, witnesses and authorities said on Sunday.As rescuers combed the smoke-charred building, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi blamed negligence and suspended his Health Minister Hassan […]

India Coronavirus Patients Suffocate Amid Oxygen Shortage And Devastating Case Surge

SRINAGAR, India (AP) — Indian authorities scrambled Saturday to get oxygen tanks to hospitals where COVID-19 patients were suffocating amid the world’s worst coronavirus surge, as the government came under increasing criticism for what doctors said was its negligence in the face of a foreseeable public health disaster. For the third day in a row, […]

Indian Hospitals Plead For Oxygen, Country Sets Virus Record

NEW DELHI (AP) — India put oxygen tankers on special express trains as major hospitals in New Delhi on Friday begged on social media for more supplies to save COVID-19 patients who are struggling to breathe. More than a dozen people died when an oxygen-fed fire ripped through a coronavirus ward in a populous western […]

India hospital fire kills 13 as nation struggles with oxygen shortage

A fire in western India killed 13 COVID-19 patients in hospital early on Friday amid rising infections in the country. India reported a daily record in new cases, adding 332,730 in 24 hours. The situation has worsened in the country as the nation’s hospitals struggle to get oxygen supplies to treat patients. Indian news agencies […]

Indonesian Submarine’s Crew In Peril As Oxygen Dwindles

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian navy ships were scouring the waters off Bali on Friday as they raced against time to find a submarine that disappeared two days ago and has less than a day’s supply of oxygen left for its 53 crew. The KRI Nanggala 402 went missing after its last reported dive Wednesday […]

Democrat Fascist Gretchen Whitmer: ‘2-Year-Olds Must Now Wear Anti-Oxygen Face Masks’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has unveiled a new cruel and unusual coronavirus restriction on toddlers which will force children as young as two to wear masks. Michigan Capitol Confidential reported the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), headed by Elizabeth Hertel, who just returned from an Alabama beach vacation, issued the facist order. You can […]

Indian hospitals overwhelmed by COVID surge as beds, oxygen fall short

NEW DELHI – Many Indian hospitals were scrambling for beds and oxygen as COVID-19 infections surged to a new daily record on Thursday, with a second wave of infections centered on the rich western state of Maharashtra. India’s tally of total infections is second only to the United States, with experts blaming everything from official […]

Oxygen Deprivation Led To Altered States For Subterranean Artists

Getting stoned, or high, has always been a way to escape the pressures of day-to-day reality. However, modern artists and psychonauts are at the end of a long chain of stoners that apparently began with subterranean artists working in caves who were starved of oxygen and thus “high.” A team of Tel Aviv University archaeologists […]

Everyone is entitled to claim exemption from mask wearing because oxygen deprivation is so dangerous – and masks don’t work

Why you’re a mug to be wearing a mask. Tap News / Tapestry When the truth finally comes out about the dangers of masks, teachers making children wear masks in schools will be sued. Bosses making their employees wear masks will also be sued. Ignorance is no defence. And as the Nuremburg defendants discovered […]

Jordan’s health minister resigns after hospital oxygen shortage kills six COVID patients

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Texas Nightmare Reminds Us That Electricity is the Oxygen of Civilization

The horrible images coming out of Texas this week, with millions of people losing electricity amidst freezing temperatures, is an excruciating example of the power of electricity to dictate our lives. Electricity is perhaps the modern innovation we most take for granted. It’s not a sexy new app or a game-changing device. It’s more like […]

Brazil’s Amazon region suffers deadly lack of oxygen supplies amid COVID pandemic

Doctors in a Brazil city are grappling with a shortage of oxygen stocks amid the coronavirus pandemic. Manaus is an isolated city of two million people and it’s difficult to import supplies. The lack of supplemental oxygen is affecting COVID-19 patients and those that don’t have the virus alike. One of the cemeteries in Manaus […]

Brazil airlifts emergency oxygen into pandemic-struck Amazon state

MANAUS/BRASILIA – Brazil’s Air Force flew emergency oxygen supplies on Friday to the jungle state of Amazonas devastated by a resurgent pandemic and the government scrambled to organize nationwide vaccinations while President Jair Bolsonaro said he “should be at the beach.” Doctors in Amazonas were using their own vehicles to transport patients, as locals sought […]

7 COVID-19 Patients In Pakistan Die After Oxygen Supply Runs Out

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Seven patients being treated for the coronavirus died after one of the largest hospitals in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar ran out of oxygen supplies, officials said Sunday. Farhad Khan, a spokesman at Khyber Teaching Hospital, said the patients died Saturday night when the vendor who supplies the hospital with […]

UK firm wins €280,000 contract to extract oxygen from moon rock

A British firm has been awarded a €280,000 contract by the European Space Agency to extract oxygen out of lunar rocks. The North East England firm Metalysis can already remove the gas from rocks in a lab and now they hope to further adapt this process to work on the lunar surface. If that works […]

How Masks Cause Oxygen Deprivation & PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE Breathing In Your Own Carbon Dioxide

The full subscriber’s videocast can be viewed every Friday at 7pm … Click here to sign up … Read full German study here. Here’s how you can help to overcome the censorship of these videos Share This Article Share on Facebook Share via Tweet Share via EmailCoronavirusFeaturedPopularVideosWorld News AROUND THE WEB 00

What does the science say about face mask wearing and oxygen depletion & CO2 toxicity

Hypothesis: Face Mask Induced O2 Depletion and CO2 Enrichment Elicit Fear and Anxiety (i.e. Trauma-Based Control) Wearing a face mask may carry a steep physiological price, adversely impacting your health and well-being in these already extremely stressful times.  Concerns about the harms of mask wearing continue to increase, especially ever since numerous US states began […]

Mask vs. No Mask Test by OSHA Oxygen Level Standards

People are being forced to wear masks to work, putting in well over 40 hours per week in many cases. They then have to put on masks to buy food, go out in public places, and are even told to wear one at home by public officials. What many people do not realize is that […]

Hubble Uses Earth as Proxy For Identifying Oxygen on Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

Taking advantage of a total lunar eclipse, astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have detected Earth’s own brand of sunscreen — ozone — in our atmosphere. This method simulates how astronomers and astrobiology researchers will search for evidence of life beyond Earth by observing potential “biosignatures” on exoplanets (planets around other stars). Hubble did not […]

What Causes Oxygen Deprivation of the Blood(DIC) and Then Lungs(SARS – CoV 2 & 12)?

Dr Robert O Young 00

Mask Test Showing Carbon Dioxide Levels + Mask Test Showing Oxygen Levels = DO NOT WEAR MASKS!

Dylan Eleven The following two tests show clearly that masks are reducing our oxygen levels and increasing our carbon dioxide levels far past safety guidlines.  Wearing a mask is very harmful to our health and must be resisted.  Do not wear a mask. We must resist this mask mandate.  This is causing huge physical […]

Oxygen test with and without a mask – horrific – take 2.5 minutes to see what masks are doing to you (and the result will be dubbed ‘Covid-19’)

David Oxygen test with and without a mask – horrific – take 2.5 minutes to see what masks are doing to you (and the result will be dubbed ‘Covid-19’) 00

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reverses drowned toddler’s brain damage

(Natural News) After Eden Carlson almost drowned in her family’s pool in February 2016, she suffered brain damage that left her immobile and unresponsive to nearly all stimuli. Doctors informed her family that she would remain in that vegetative state for the remainder of her life. A little over a year later, the now-three-year-old […]

5 Plants That Give Out Oxygen, Even During The Night

With people spending more than 90 percent of their time indoors, it makes sense that air quality matters. There are various factors in many people’s homes working against this, however. From furnishings and upholstery to synthetic building materials and cleaning products, toxic compounds are being emitted all around you. There’s also the concern of pollen, bacteria, […]

Shocking update: Lightning strikes kill 81 people in just two days in Bangladesh

     “Such a high casualty figure in lightning just in two days is rare not only in Bangladesh but also in the world,” disaster management minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya said. At least 81 people were killed by lightning strikes in Bangladesh in two days during the recent spell of thunderstorms, a rare high casualty […]

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