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Proper Aryan Behavior Toward Women

National Socialists are the guardians : of Aryan values and Aryan heritage. Our Aryan women are to be honored and revered not only as the mothers of our children, but, whenever there is ability and inclination, as viable fighters and leaders in our struggle. A strong and capable woman is Aryan heritage! Source

Genetics Confirms the Aryan Invasion of India

In depth study of the Abrahamic, not European, origin of the Indo-Aryans.     As listeners of EFR know, we advocate the Hebrew Origin of the Indo-Aryans, the Brahmins being the descendants of Abraham and Keturah.  All of the genetic, historical, chronological, migrational and linguistic evidence confirms our Hebrew/Saxon/Scythian origin view.   The current backlash against our […]

Aryan Mafia of CCR5 Supremacists Made Up of Ashkenazi Jews!

Before you go and pigeonhole CIN as an anti-Semitic rag, let me make one thing crystal clear… Semitism is the root form of language. Semitism is not a race at all… The biggest truth is that all languages, spawn from Semitism… 200512AuOr05RubioDownload That’s right! All our languages derive from Canaanite. It’s Babylon, baby! To say […]

World’s Most ‘Dangerous’ Anthropologist Of Aryan Culture Dumped By Followers After He Is Outed As Jewish

(The Jewish Chronicle) It turns out that Robert Sepehr, the popular self-styled historian and anthropologist on YouTube, who promotes the idea that most — if not all — advanced civilizations across the globe were founded by Aryans, has been ostracized by some of his followers after his own Jewish ancestry came to light: Robert Sepehr […]

Pyramids Of The Ancient Aryan Kingdom Of Kush — Ethiopia And Sudan

We have previously featured the work of historian and anthropologist, Robert Sepehr — whose specialty is tracing the history of the Genesis 10 Aryan-Adamic peoples — such as the Chachapoyas or “Cloud People” who built the remarkable pyramids of Central and South America. Here we have transcribed one of Sepehr’s lectures on the ancient kingdom […]

Fury Over Polish Government’s Appointment of Former Far Right ‘100% Aryan’ Activist to Leading State Post

Tomasz Greniuch, seen making a Nazi salute at a far right rally, was appointed by the Polish government to head the Institute of National Remembrance in the city of Wroclaw. Photo: Twitter. Poland’s nationalist government was enveloped in yet another bitter controversy over antisemitism this week, following the appointment of a former far-right activist who […]

Meet a Jewish Woman Who Lives in the Former Stronghold of the Aryan Nations

Butler lost control of the land after the Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-hate group, won a legal judgment against him in 2000. By the following year, the buildings had been demolished, but Butler’s influence persisted. Northern Idaho remains a stronghold for white supremacist organizations in the United States. In a photo taken in 1995, […]

Meet a Jewish woman living in a former Aryan Nations stronghold

JTA — Andie Bond can almost see the one-time bastion of the American neo-Nazi movement from her house. Bond, 34, is from St. Louis, Missouri, a city with a robust Jewish population. Now she’s one of just two Jews living in Wallace, Idaho, a town of fewer than 1,000 residents that abuts the Aryan Nations […]

Slippery Jew Takes Flurry of Aryan Hammer Blows for an Hour


National Socialist Aryan Ryan Gosling Explains the Evil Nature of Jewish Race

THE BELIEVER RYAN GOSLING interview with journalist scene clip0 [embedded content]

Jews: “Exterminate White Aryan Race in Media – Replace Them With Nigger Schvartzers”

Amazon Christmas Ad – The show must go on. Amazon decided this year not to even have white people in their Christmas ad. Ballet & Christmas are not African, so isn’t this cultural appropriation 🤔. Comments still open & remember to 👎🏻. — Bull (@Mc188945) November 5, 2020

Four Swarthy Kinky-Haired Jews Pick a Bar Fight with One White Aryan Man – Holocaust Ensues

The Guest – Bar Fight Scene (1080p) [embedded content]

Mexican Fatty vs Aryan Matador

Mexican Shrek meets an Aryan. English Bitchute Spanish Bitchute English Telegram Spanish Telegram World Truth Videos Gab

Jews and Their Puppets Want to Murder Aryan Babies & Destroy Churches – Meet Fierce Polish Resistance

🇵🇱 A gang of leftist freaks are getting ready to attack a defenseless church. Suddenly, they meet the fans of Lech Poznań and the war with the church ends with a panic escape. The Polish police does nothing, too afraid to give bad — Based Poland 🇵🇱 Return (@BasedPoland2) October 26, 2020 Coward jews […]

Aryan Movie ‘Bloodsport’ About Anti-Semitic White Warrior Seeking Übermensch Glory

Bloodsport – Jean-Claude Van Damme Training [embedded content] Bloodthirsty sadistic Jews persecuted and viciously Kosher-slaughtered the freedom fighter Shingo Tanaka, transforming him into an immortal martyr. Frank Dux will make the vile Hebrew mafia pay in blood. Rivers of filthy Yid blood. Honorary East-Aryan Shingo Tanaka, a Japanese National Socialist, was brutally tortured and murdered […]

Aryan Movie ‘Kickboxer’ About Anti-Semitic White Warrior Übermensch Seeking Vengeance

Jean-Claude Van Damme – 1989 – Kickboxer – 10 – The first fight – Nuk Soo Kow (white warrior) Belgian National Socialist Jean Claude Van Damme attending a Pro-Palestinian manifestation getting ready to burn the Israeli flag and shout slogans about Jews being descendants of apes and pigs who will be annihilated on judgement day […]

Climate Change, Not Aryan Invaders, Caused the Harappan Culture’s Dramatic Fall

The Indus Civilization was one of the most important Bronze Age civilizations. It was comparable in its achievements to the Egyptians and it is often claimed that it was very influential in the development of later societies in the Indian subcontinent. However, the reason why this ancient civilization fell is one of the ancient world’s […]

Climate Change, Not Aryan Invaders, Caused Dramatic Fall of Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Civilization was one of the most important Bronze Age civilizations. It was comparable in its achievements to the Egyptians and it is often claimed that it was very influential in the development of later societies in the Indian subcontinent. However, the reason why this ancient civilization fell is one of the ancient world’s […]

Baalbek: Jewel of Aryan Architecture in Ancient Lebanon

In the post-Flood period., a mass migration of ancient Aryan tribes moved south from the Caucuses and into the plains of southern Turkey, Syria, Mesopotamia and into Lebanon, and across to Africa to settle in Egypt and Libya. Today, the populations of the earth are often perceived as the same today as they were thousands […]

The Old Aryan Deity

By Richard Noll The key to understanding the Jungian mysteries and their historical roots—at least as Jung perceived them—can be found in Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido. In Wandlungen, Jung followed Cumont (and Ernest Renan before him) in his wistful view that if historical events had gone a little differently, the Western world would be […]

Did Aryan Giants Build the European Megaliths?

The medieval Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus insisted that giants must have once existed, because only they, with their awesome strength and superhuman capabilities, could have built the dolmens, menhirs, massive walls, and other structures that are strewn across Western Europe. The idea of a vast megalithic culture that once dominated much of Europe in the […]

The Aryan View of Women

There is a difference between how other races treat their women and how Aryans treat their women. The Aryan has a specific worldview regarding their women, which is related to the worldview of living for eternity. This is the heathen philosophy of hamingja and the Divine Spark. This is opposed to Semitic materialistic ideas. Semites […]

Indo-Aryan Humanitarianism

A man’s enjoyment of all good things is in exact proportion to the pains he has undergone to gain them.” ~ Cyrus the Great In Zoroastrianism, the ancient Aryan religion of Persia that was founded by a sage from the Caucasus Mountains named Zarathustra, there exists a philosophy of “Vairya”, which translates to “Desirable Dominion”. This […]

Ancient Aryan Martial Arts

By Ron McVan There is no greater glory for man….than what he can achieve by hand or foot.” (Quote from the ancient Greeks) By today’s media perception, the martial arts have gained popular acclaim through the Eastern Oriental cultures almost exclusively. Many might find it surprising to know that the practice and development of martial […]

The Black Sea Flood & The Origins of Aryan Civilization

Thousands of years, the great Black Sea of today did not exist. Instead, in its place was a large lake surrounded by a fertile plain. The lake was fed by a number of major rivers—the famous Danube, the Dnieper, Rioni, Southern Bug and Dniester. Is this plain an ancient cradle of the Indo-European race? There is […]

Slavic Dream of an Aryan Golden Age

This is a slideshow of amazing artwork by Slavic visionaries along with fitting musical accompaniment, heafkening to a much better time for the folk. Paintings: Wsiewołod Iwanow, Borys Olszańskij, Konstantin Vasiliev, Andriej Gusielnikow Band: Lord Wind Track: The Temple of Harmony Album: Atlantean Monument Year: 2006 Source Article from

Aryan Future: Self-Sustaining Habitats

ZeigerDaily Stormer May 8, 2017 Our destiny, as the White race, is the master the elements, conquer the stars and learn the deepest secrets of the universe. But instead of doing all that, we’re being chained to the earth by Jew parasites, who redirect all our energies on caring for third-world primitives. […]


The Nixon White House Tapes and the Urgent Warnings of President Richard Nixon and Evangelist Billy Graham on the Dangers of the Synagogue of Satan by texe marrs “The Bible talks about two kinds of Jews. One is called the Synagogue of Satan. They’re the ones putting out the pornographic literature. They’re the ones putting […]

The Daily Traditionalist: Punching the Shark in the Face

Radio Aryan June 27, 2016 Dr Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach to discuss the aftermath of the Sacramento bloodbath. This rally was held to highlight the threat of red violence that is being used to silence free speech all over America and Matthew explains the importance of facing up to these terrorists and not backing down. […]

The naked racism of ‘Save Jewish Jerusalem’

A few days ago +972 published Mairav Zonszein’s article “Israeli peaceniks release racist video to ‘save Jerusalem”‘. The astounding video has now been enhanced with English subtitles. It’s challenging comprehending how a group of Israelis, calling themselves “Save Jewish Jerusalem” producing a blatantly bigoted ‘scare’ video with Israeli Jewish actors impersonating violent gun wielding Palestinians decked out in […]

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