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Mainstream Media – Making Rock Stars Out of Mass Murderers

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times At what point does the deification of criminals itself become a criminal act? With each new shocking mass murder, a story is created by mainstream media and unleashed on public consciousness. The ‘official’ narrative of the event never ends up jibing with actual facts revealed by subsequent and independent […]

Germany: 21 Injured After Axe-Wielding ’17yo Afghan’ Migrant Attacks Germans on Train

The enrichment of Europe is now occurring at light speed. Just days after the massacre in Nice, another Muslim has gone on an attempted killing spree. From RT: Over a dozen people have been injured after a man armed with an axe and a knife attacked people on board a train […]

Moslem males should be banned from America, because they fantasize about molesting and gang-raping White women the JEWS have given them access to

The two have been accused of using their Uber driver jobs to prey upon gullible White Christian American college students. Ibrahim faces one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with a Feb. 14 incident, according to East Lansing police. He turned himself in March 11 after a warrant had been issued for his […]

3 arrested in plot to harm Baton Rouge officers during protests

Police arrested three people after a pawn shop robbery Saturday night and uncovered a plot to use the guns to shoot police during weekend protests, according to Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie. Police said the four suspects included a 13-year-old. One suspect remains at large, Dabadie said during a press conference Tuesday. Six guns have been […]

Berned Out? Don’t Mourn—Organize

Print Friendly Above Photo:  Bernie Sanders’ message for his supporters now: “This movement of ours—this political revolution—must continue.” Time will tell if that happens. (Andrew Harnik / AP) Backers of Bernie Sanders are angry over his decision to endorse Hillary Clinton, a rival he spent more than a year critiquing and challenging, distinguishing his positions from hers. […]

Hamas condemns ‘terrorist’ attack in Nice

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas condemned on Friday the “terrorist” attach that targeted civilians in the French city of Nice. In a statement, the Hamas said that based on its humanitarian and moral principles, “it has to condemns this attack which claimed the lives of innocent civilians.” Like our page on Facebook […]

George W. Bush Dancing and Laughing It up with the Obamas at the Dallas Memorial

At the memorial for the slain Dallas police officers, the current and former presidential couples have a good laugh. How much more proof do you need that this is one big reality TV show? Youtube link: Source Article from

64 Women to Sue in Three Japanese Courts Over Health Woes from Cervical Cancer Vaccines

64 Women to Sue in Three Japanese Courts Over Health Woes from Cervical Cancer Vaccines July 13th, 2016 Via: The Japan Times: A group of lawyers for 64 women who are suffering health problems from cervical cancer vaccines said Tuesday the victims will file […]

The ‘Holocaust’ as Gag

Suppression of freedom of speech is a long-term goal of the Jewish supremacists, and one that has been achieved in many nations already. by Dr. William L. Pierce (1984) Sometime soon Americans will lose their freedom of speech. When it happens, most of them won’t even notice. After an intense and carefully orchestrated lobbying effort […]

New Video – Before Trump! – David Duke & ” America First”

If only my warnings would have been heeded then!   Print PDF Source Article from

France Forces Through Labour Bill Amid New Protests

Print Friendly Above Photo: French PM Manuel Valls was unrepentant after forcing the unpopular labour reforms through parliament. Photo: AFP France’s controversial new labour laws look set to be pushed through parliament today without a vote, as demonstrators get ready to protest once again. Police arrest 95 amid tight security at Paris protest (23 Jun 16) AFP […]

Non-Paying Invaders “Sold for Body Parts”

Nonwhite invaders who cannot pay smugglers the full fare for their trip across the Mediterranean Sea are sold to murderers to be cut up and used for body part organ sales, an Italian court has heard. Eritrean Nuredein Wehabrebi Atta made the admission before he was sentenced to five years in prison by a […]

Leftist Politician Lied About Her Rapist to Not be Racist

A young left-wing German politician has admitted she lied to police about the racial background of three men who raped her in case it triggered reprisals against refugees in her country. Selin Gören, the national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid, was attacked by three men in January in the city of Mannheim where […]

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Dudeplomacy

Radio Aryan July 5, 2016 This week’s installment of Granpda Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day is brought to you by Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama’s new reality TV show “Bromance”. What kind of a sorry state are our governments in, when this is the best “leadership” that democracy has to offer? Our statesmen of years […]

‘Absolute blindness in the EU’: Italy’s wealthiest region urges lifting of Russia sanctions

The vote on the resolution, prepared by the Lega Nord (Northern League) political party, took place on Tuesday, with the initiative supported by 43 out of 87 council members, with 15 others abstaining. ‘Something is moving in Italy’: Liguria adopts resolution to lift anti-Russia sanctions The non-binding document authorized the chairman of Lombardy’s Regional Council […]

On Independence Day, Let Us Declare Our Economic Independence from Jewish Debt Slavery

Christopher Jon Bjerknes For many years, I have advocated policies which are now a part of Donald Trump’s political platform. I have stood for Autarky; making the nations which receive military protection from America pay for that protection, which not only saves them funds, safeguards their citizens and territory, but enables their trade; and restricting […]

Truth Will Out Radio: Leon Degrelle and the Soviet Film-Set

Radio Aryan July 2, 2016 Messerschmitt joins Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise to introduce the first part of a presentation on Leon Degrelle, while Sven and Dennis discuss the newly released Part 19 of Communism by the Back Door. First we hear about Leon Degrelle, the famous Belgian volunteer to the Eastern Front. We learn […]

Prisoners determined to resist dangerous precedent set by Israel

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 30 June 2016 Rahiba Kayed, the mother of Bilal Kayed, holds up a picture of her imprisoned son, at a rally in the West Bank city of Nablus on 14 June. Ahmad Al-Bazz ActiveStills Twenty-nine Palestinian prisoners suspended a hunger strike launched in solidarity with Bilal Kayed, who was ordered […]

Austrian far-right figure warns of ‘Auxit’ vote within a year

The European Union should avoid any moves towards political “centralization” or else Austria could hold a referendum on membership of the bloc within a year, a far-right candidate who almost won the country’s presidential election said. Norbert Hofer of the anti-immigration Freedom Party narrowly failed to become the European Union’s first far-right head of state […]

Brexit Contagion: Germany Fears 5 More “Leaves”

The German government has admitted in a secret briefing paper leaked to Die Welt newspaper that another five countries—France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, and Hungary—might follow Britain’s example and leave the European Union. The document warns that a prolonged and messy British exit process can have a “crucial” impact in boosting the Eurosceptic movements […]

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