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Russia Shuts Off Gas Flow to Europe For Three Days After Already Drastic Reductions

In what appears to be a geopolitical message to European nations who support Ukraine, Russia has now cut off natural gas for the next three days, claiming its maintenance on the Gasprom pipeline. Despite BBC video claims, gas prices in Europe have spiked to the degree that threatens to send many countries back to the […]

Doctors report drastic uptick in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

(NaturalHealth365)  In today’s latest installment of “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me” (alternate title: “Gaslighting 101”), new reports indicate that doctors are witnessing an alarming increase in sudden adult death syndrome (SADS). While there’s no firmly established link (yet) between SADS and COVID-19 or SADS and COVID shots, the correlation between the pandemic and this frightening […]

Drastic drop in Covid vaccine effectiveness – study

5 Nov, 2021 © Getty Images Follow RT on Three different coronavirus shots – those mainly available in the US and Europe – have shown a dramatic decline in efficacy over time, a study of nearly 800,000 Americans reveals. Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness against both infection and death was studied in three US approved jabs – […]

ADL Records ‘Dangerous and Drastic Surge’ of Antisemitism During Latest Israel-Hamas Conflict

A pro-Palestinian vigilante in Skokie, Illinois defaces the entrance of the Persian Hebrew Congregation with a ‘Free Palestine’ sign. Photo: Skokie PD. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on Tuesday released preliminary data indicating an “uptick” in antisemitic incidents linked to the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas. A study by the ADL’s Center on Extremism of […]

Gov DeSantis Vows to ‘Take Drastic Action’ Over Big Tech Anti-Conservative Censorship

Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, has vowed to take decisive action against Big Tech companies due to their rampant censorship of conservative Americans. While speaking at a legislative policy conference in Austin, Texas, Gov. DeSantis told the audience that he is looking for ways to take on Big Tech giants for their assault on the First […]

Ecuador’s Drastic Pro-US Rightward Swing Continues with Disavowal of ELN-Colombia Peace Talks

QUITO, ECUADOR (Analysis) — Ecuador’s government has pulled the plug on its support for peace talks between the Colombian government and the leftist National Liberation Army (ELN), noting that it would not condone such talks as long as the ELN continues to wage its armed struggle against the state. The guerilla group remains the largest […]

Iraqi Parliament Introduces Drastic Measures in Response to the Kurdistan Referendum

Trump Forced To Take Drastic Action After Trey Gowdy’s Murderer Got Away

President Trump was forced into action today when the saga around Trey Gowdy’s disappearance, return and subsequent murder showed just how far the Deep State Shadow Government has truly infiltrated. At Bethesda, with armed guards and round the clock supervision, a man identified as an assassin named “Gilligan” managed to find a way to finish […]

Trans fat ban linked to drastic drop in heart attacks and stroke, finds new study

(Natural News) A new study reportedly validates the health risks posed by trans fats. Trans fatty acids (TFAs), otherwise known as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil, is found in a lot of packaged or processed food, and is meant to improve taste and expand shelf life. Commercial food manufacturers create trans fat through an industrial […]

Moslem males should be banned from America, because they fantasize about molesting and gang-raping White women the JEWS have given them access to

The two have been accused of using their Uber driver jobs to prey upon gullible White Christian American college students. Ibrahim faces one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with a Feb. 14 incident, according to East Lansing police. He turned himself in March 11 after a warrant had been issued for his […]

BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson slammed with $72 MILLION verdict for causing ovarian cancer in Missouri woman

News & Articles Free Email Newsletter Blogs Labs | Science | Reference Free Special Reports Natural Health Videos Natural News Radio Infographics Quote Graphics Music Videos CounterThink Cartoons Library RSS Feed The Natural News Store Source […]

Hershey drops sugar beets because of GM concerns

© Jim Gehrz/[email protected]The Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative in Renville produces sugar from sugar beets, which had a record harvest this year.      Something was different about a lot of the Hershey’s kisses in your stocking this year: The popular chocolates no longer contain sugar made in Minnesota. For decades, the Hershey Co. has used […]

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