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German army instructed to remove Nazi icon “SS” from newly distributed uniforms

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Germany’s Federal Ministry of Defense has instructed its soldiers to tear out “SS” labels printed on their just-distributed uniforms after a production problem.German law bans the display of any Nazi iconography, such as “SS.” These symbols have also been forbidden from car number plates as they were associated with the … [Read More…] Source

How to remove Graphene, which is being transmitted from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, from your body

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 • ( 35 COMMENTS ) Graphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans, has been found in the Covid 19 “vaccines”, in the water supply, in the air we breathe through chemtrails, and is even in our food supply.  Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”), specifically the broader range of […]

Russia demands Iran remove its militias from Western Syria, amid increasing Israel airstrikes

Russia has demanded that Iran remove its forces and militias from areas in western Syria in order to avoid further airstrikes from neighbouring Israel, according to a report by Asharq al-Awsat newspaper. Citing a source reportedly close to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, the outlet reported that in a meeting on Wednesday between three […]

Leader calls on govt to remove hurdles to production sector

TEHRAN – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Monday insisted on the importance of “food security” and called on the administration of Ebrahim Raisi to remove any obstacles to production sector. “Decisively counter any factor that weakens production,” Ayatollah Khamenei said in a meeting with Raisi and his cabinet members on […]

Meta, Twitter Remove ‘Network of Accounts’ That Promoted ‘Pro-Western Narratives’ While Opposing China, Russia, Iran: Report

Facebook and Twitter took down a network of social media accounts that “used deceptive tactics” to promote pro-Western narratives that supported the United States and its allies while opposing countries like China, Russia, and Iran, according to a report released on Aug. 24. The joint investigation by the Stanford Internet Observatory and Graphika, a social media analytics firm, […]

Iran vows to remove obstacles to Hegmataneh UNESCO registration

TEHRAN – Iran is determined to remove obstacles to the possible registration of ancient Hegmataneh in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Source

Airline Industry Calls for End of Masks: ‘Remove These Mandates’

The airline industry is continuing to call for the end of the federal mask mandate, making it clear that “we need to remove these mandates” as the federal health officials extend it yet again.

Trump Calls on Republicans to Remove DHS Secretary Mayorkas 

Former President Donald Trump blasted President Joe Biden for ending Title 42 and called on Republicans to remove Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas from office during a rally in North Carolina on Saturday. “With last week’s announcement that the Biden administration will rescind the crucial Title 42 protections I put into place to […]

How to Wash Vegetables and Fruits to Remove Pesticides

From Get proven tips on how to wash vegetables and how to wash fruits so you can protect your health and your family. Almost everyone should be eating more fruits and vegetables. You know that. But do you know why it’s important to wash your produce before eating it? In our modern world, almost […]

Report: Ukraine War Is a ‘New World Order’ Plot to Remove US Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency

The Ukraine-Russia war is a carefully orchestrated plot by the ‘New World Order’ to remove the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, according to reports. This week, nearly every mainstream media publication ran headline such as “The weaponization of finance threatens the future of the dollar standard.” BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get […]

Democrats Block Plan to Remove Foreign Nationals from Voter Rolls

House Democrats this week blocked a plan that would have required states to remove foreign nationals from voter rolls. On Wednesday, Democrats voted down an amendment by Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) that would have kicked likely hundreds, and potentially thousands, of foreign nationals off state voter rolls. The amendment would have been tacked onto the […]

Bill Would Empower Parents To Remove Books From School Libraries

Above Photo: A student browses through books in the Presidio Middle School library in San Francisco, California on September 10, 2019. Paul Chinn/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images. ‘Madness.’ “These books are there to give our kids the language that they need to express how they are already feeling, and that’s it,” said one […]

German police remove pro-Palestinian students from campus meeting

On November 22, German police removed a campus Palestinian advocacy group, Palästina Antikolonial, from a student government meeting after the pro-Palestinian students staged a protest over a bill that prevented students who support the BDS movement from renting rooms at the university. The showdown at the University of Münster’s student parliament, or StuPa, session centered […]

Israel to remove security protection for Netanyahu’s family

Israeli authorities on Sunday decided that the family of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will no longer receive security protection, Anadolu Agency reported. A ministerial committee looking into Netanyahu’s request to extend security protection for him and his family for another six months decided to end the arrangement as of Monday, the official KAN channel reported. On […]

Jews ‘Officially’ Remove Hyphen From ‘Anti-Semitism’ To Gaslight The World That They Are Not A ‘Race’

(Jewish Insider) Following the example of a number of publications that have made the switch in recent months, The New York Times has updated its style guide to replace “anti-Semitism” with “antisemitism,” Jewish Insider has learned, in an effort to gaslight the goyim into thinking that Jews do not see themselves as a race: The […]

Virginia’s governor to remove Lee statue pedestal, transfer land to city

“It was important to us that we do it now and before we leave office,” said Alena Yarmosky, Northam’s spokeswoman. The deeding of the land, which was given to the commonwealth in the 19th century, was a request from the city so that the parcel could come under local control, Yarmosky said. State ownership has […]

Philippines Rejects China’s Demand to Remove Grounded Navy Ship

MANILA—The Philippines will not remove a dilapidated navy ship grounded on an atoll in the South China Sea, its defence chief said on Thursday, rejecting a demand by China after it blocked a mission to resupply the vessel’s crew. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana dismissed China’s assertion on Wednesday that the Philippines had committed to remove […]

jews Remove “Nazi” Economic Achievements From Canadian Education

jewish groups have successfully lobbied to censor the economic achievements of 1930’s Germany from the Canadian education system. Link Share now! Source

Pastor Slain for Refusing to Remove Church Building

Location of Namutumba District, Uganda. (OpenStreetMap contributors, Jarry1250, NordNordWest, Creative Commons) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Saying a church pastor would “face the wrath from Allah” for refusing to remove his church building, Muslim extremists in eastern Uganda on Oct. 26 killed him on his animals’ grazing fields, sources said. Pastor Stephen Lugwire of Bunangwe […]

Shane Vaughn Promises That God Will Remove ‘Profane, Wicked’ Biden and ‘Overturn the Election’

MAGA pastor Shane Vaughn preached a guest sermon at University Parkway Church in Aiken, South Carolina, Sunday, where he ranted about President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and proclaimed that God will soon remove them from the White House and restore former President Trump to office. “And thou profane, wicked president of my […]

Some Schools Remove Police, Others Continue Sending Students To Police

Chicago – In January 2019, a cell phone video from inside Marshall High School on Chicago’s West Side was posted to Facebook. It shows a student, then-16-year-old Dnigma Howard, at the bottom of a staircase, and two Chicago Police officers trying to handcuff her. One of the officers fires his Taser at Dnigma as she’s on […]

Bowing to pressure, Israeli bus companies remove ads deploring settler violence

An ad campaign by a group of Israeli human rights organizations – Breaking the Silence, Peace Now, Yesh Din, Warriors for Peace and others – demanding that the Defense Minister and Minister of Internal Security put an end to settler violence was removed from major Israeli bus companies Egged and Dan yesterday, October 4. The […]

House Dems remove Iron Dome funding from spending bill amid pressure from progressives

House Democrats removed funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system from the short-term government spending bill yesterday, in what activists hailed as “an unprecedented moment for Palestinian rights.” The move came in response to pressure from progressive Congress members. NEWS: House Democrats are removing the Iron Dome provision from the CR amid pushback from progressives […]

Apple, Google Cave To Kremlin, Remove Opposition App As Russian Voting Begins

MOSCOW (AP) — Facing Kremlin pressure, Apple and Google on Friday removed an opposition-created smartphone app that tells voters which candidates are likely to defeat those backed by Russian authorities, as polls opened for three days of balloting in Russia’s parliamentary election. Unexpectedly long lines formed at some polling places, and independent media suggested this […]

Virginia is set to remove Richmond’s Lee statue on Wednesday

Patrick McSweeney, an attorney for plaintiffs in one of the lawsuits, said Monday that he plans to notify the high court that he will ask for a rehearing, but such requests are rarely granted. From 2016 through 2020, the court granted rehearings in just two of the 86 requests it received, said L. Steven Emmert, […]

Jews Pressure Spike Lee To Remove Any Evidence That Israel Was Behind 9/11 Attacks From His HBO Documentary

Spike Lee has announced that he is re-editing the final episode of his new HBO documentary series about New York following reports of early media screenings that criticized the Oscar-winning filmmaker for prominently featuring Richard Gage — an accredited high rise architect — who believes that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks: “New York Epicenters: […]

Vote to Remove Gavin Newsom Within Margin of Error; Hispanics Favor Recall

A new Emerson College poll shows a statistical tie between likely voters who favor removing Gov. Gavin Newsom (46%) in the Sep. 14 recall, and those who favor retaining him (48%). The poll, conducted July 30-August 1, has a margin of error of 3%. Moreover, undecided voters appear to be breaking against the incumbent. In July, […]

Belarus sprinter claims officials tried to forcibly remove her from Tokyo

A Belarussian sprinter has appealed to the International Olympic Committee for help after claiming that officials from her country attempted to have her deported from Japan. Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, who was due to compete in the women’s 200 metres on Monday, said that her team officials had put her under pressure to return to Belarus. When […]

EXCLUSIVE Twitter sees jump in govt demands to remove content of reporters, news outlets

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) saw a surge in government demands worldwide in 2020 to take down content posted by journalists and news outlets, according to data released by the social media platform. In its transparency report published on Wednesday, Twitter said verified accounts of 199 journalists and news outlets on its platform faced 361 legal demands from governments […]

Judge Denies Britney Spears’ Request to Remove Father From Conservatorship

A Califonia judge has once again denied Britney Spears’ request to have her father removed from her conservatorship. Her request to replace her father’s conservatorship with a financial institution was denied on Wednesday by a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Sky news reports: New documents show that the judge has responded to a […]

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