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The Fall of Critical Thinking

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL The Covid panic and repression did not happen in a vacuum. A pattern of persecuting people rather than engaging those with dissenting opinions had already been well-established in the educational world and the mainstream mass media, making the oppressive treatment Covid dissenters experienced somewhat predictable. Likewise, there was an obvious, […]

Zelensky “deludes” himself into thinking Ukraine can win the war, aide says

(NaturalNews) Despite an utterly failed counteroffensive coupled with massively waning support from the West, Ukrainian president and former stripper Volodymyr… Source

The Covid Narrative Flunked the Critical Thinking Test

At the height of the Covid hysteria, several times I encountered variations of the meme “It’s not a pandemic; it’s an IQ test.” Probably the memesters were poking fun at those duped by the mainstream Covid messaging. In any case, that meme really misses the point. The essential problem has never been about one’s IQ. […]

Hollywood celebrities want all children and teens thinking about one thing all day – sex changes – and they want all oppositional “hate speech” censored by Big Tech

(NaturalNews) The communists, extremist liberals, and twisted Leftists are working very hard to turn every person in the country, including children and teens,… Source

Is There A Connection Between Quantum Physics & Positive Thinking?

SACRED GEOMETRY: ‘Information Leakage’, Is There A Connection Between Quantum Physics & Positive Thinking? – By Mitch Horowitz SM  Source – “…Neville Goddard,2 a mid-twentieth century mystical writer and lecturer who reasoned that our thoughts create an infinitude of realities and outcomes. Neville…argued that everything we see and experience, including one another, is the product of […]

The Middle East: against cluster bombs and cluster thinking

The decision by the United States and other countries to equip Kiev with cluster munitions has stirred debate in the Middle Eastern media. Several journalists have commented on these facts through the lens of the Ukrainian military forces shortcomings in the counteroffensive, which broke its teeth against the massive Russian fortifications, demonstrating their efficiency on the […]

Weapons Trafficking: NATO Expansion & Wishful-thinking …

Any discourse on Turkey is usually connected with other events, and not Turkey in itself—domestic issues, however, what they mean to others, near and far, is a different story. This has been most apparent in terms of events in Iraq, Syria, and now with undulating happenings regarding NATO expansion, events in Ukraine, and if Ukraine […]

National Socialism’s Racial Thinking

Since we have learned to recognize and respect the physical and intellectual characteristics of the earth’s various races, we are free of the sick desire that sees no differences, or seeks to make everything the same in the political, cultural, and religious realms. We are conscious once again of our characteristics and want to care […]

Biden Jokes About People Thinking He’s “Stupid” Then Makes Another Stupid Verbal Gaffe

During an event in Springfield, Virginia, Joe Biden joked about people thinking he was “stupid” before making yet another embarrassing verbal gaffe. The president made the remarks while addressing the state of the economy. “I uh, I said that, uh, when I was seeking the nomination I said, ‘Take a seat, everybody!’ and there wasn’t […]

Thinking Half Assed-“COVID” vs Yearly Flu

I read a headline this morning which made me roll my eyes. “Japan becomes first major country to officially recognize Covid poses same threat as flu — in seminal pandemic moment” There is no “SARS-COV-02” “virus” and no “COVID-19” lyingly or ignorantly as the individual case may be, said to be caused by the non […]

Ep. 33 | Twitter Files & Narrative Capture, Critical Thinking

This week I bring the concept of sensemaking to the Twitter Files. We’ll explore some thoughts on separating the signal from the noise and critique a discussion around ‘trusting’ Elon Musk. It has been rather fascinating watching elements of indie media interpret the Twitter Files and the journalists who have brought them forward, all while […]

Critically Thinking About Select Societal Issues | John Droz jr. | Substack

Critically Thinking about a Clash of World Views… Why people can look at the same situation very differently… John Droz jr. Sep 17 2022 It’s fascinating to see how good people can have diametrically opposite views about the same situation, especially when the facts are largely indisputable. Why don’t the facts determine their response? Because the facts […]

Eight Ways Besides Heartbeats That Women Are Tricked Into Thinking Babies Are Alive

Stacey Abrams turned the medical world upside-down earlier this week with her revelation that heartbeats are a complete scam, concocted to trick women into thinking babies are alive. We here at the Bee have delved deep and uncovered even MORE heinous plots by the world’s men-folk aimed at deceiving women that babies are actually human. […]

Whoopi Goldberg Says She Is ‘Thinking Trump Into Jail’

@media (max-width: 1200px) { }.novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) .novashare-buttons-wrapper { justify-content: center; }body .novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) a.novashare-button, body .novashare-inline .novashare-total-share-count { margin: 0px 5px 10px 5px; }body .novashare-buttons.novashare-inline .novashare-button-icon { width: 100%; } “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg opened Thursday’s broadcast by taking a swipe at Donald Trump over his recent claim that a sitting president could declassify documents simply […]

Trump: Presidents Can Declassify Documents ‘by Thinking About It’ — Doesn’t Have to Be a Process

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday on FNC’s “Hannity” that a president of the United States can declassify any documents without a process. Hannity said, “A president has the power to declassify.” Trump said, “Correct.” Hannity said, “You have said on Truth Social, a number of times, you did declassify.” Trump said, “I did declassify yes.” […]

WH Press Secretary Declares “If You Disagree With The Majority That Is Extreme Thinking”



August 27th, 2022. Neil Oliver reacts to Rishi Sunak saying experts had too much power over Covid lockdowns. _______________________________ If you like our work please consider to donate : _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, antidote, treatments, maybe this could help you:HERE If you want to fight back better: […]

Freedom’s Only Chance is to Eliminate Constitutional worship from The Minds of All Thinking Individuals

US “government” history books should be filed in Libraries under F for Fiction. They are one big damned lie. The Crime Cabal in DC FORCES parents to turn over their children to them with threats of fines, prison or taking your children from you for most of every day so they can be indoctrinated with […]

WH Economic Adviser Rouse: We Misjudged Inflation Because Thinking ‘Was Tied to the Pandemic’ – We’re ‘Still in the Midst of’ Pandemic

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Cecilia Rouse stated that the White House incorrectly predicted inflation wouldn’t be a long-term issue because “what we understood about inflation at the time was it was tied to the pandemic. We are still in the midst of this pandemic.” And because […]

Trump on Memorial Day: We ‘Will Always Be Thinking of You’

Former President Donald Trump on Monday offered a Memorial Day message, thanking the brave men and women of the country who paid the ultimate price and making it abundantly clear that the will never be forgotten. His brief remarks were pointed, contrasting President Biden, who used the day to push for gun control and pay […]

Carville: GOP ‘Justified’ Thinking Dems Will ‘Sit Around and Talk About Veganism and Pronouns’ if Roe Overturned

Democratic strategist James Carville said Thursday on CNN’s “OutFront” that if the Supreme Court overturned 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision, Republicans were “justified” in not fearing Democrats who “sit around and talk about veganism and pronouns.”

The Triumph of Deceit: How thinking in labels — mere words — (not in reality) has killed democracy — The Duran

Eric Zuesse On April 19th, Glenn Greenwald, who is not only a great lawyer but one of the world’s most brilliant investigative and analytical journalists, headlined “The WashPost’s Doxxing of @LibsOfTikTok Reveals Who Corporate Journalists See as Their Targets”, and he exposed how the billionaires (the controlling owners of those mega-corporations) have used their ownership… The […]

Sean Penn Can’t Quit Ukraine: ‘I’m Now Thinking About Taking Up Arms Against Russia’

Left-wing Hollywood star Sean Penn is clearly having trouble leaving his adventures in Ukraine behind him. The Oscar-winning star has revealed he is now considering retuning to fight Russian forces.

Pfizer Announces Revolutionary New Vaccine To Protect Against Free Thinking

GROTON, CT—Thanks to generous funding from the Biden Administration, Pfizer Research & Development has announced a vaccine with 98% effectiveness against independent thinking, self-reliance, and general desires for liberty. “Thanks to a $4 billion taxpayer-funded grant, our most scientific scientists have successfully created a vaccine to eradicate the virulent strain of independent thought sweeping through […]

CDC Swift Guideline Changes Have Many Thinking Who Is Behind It All

CDC Swift Guideline Changes Have Many Thinking Who Is Behind It All Date: January 5, 2022Author: Nwo Report Source: NwoReportNew COVID-19 recommendations from Dr. Anthony Fauci and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky have caused some to doubt whether public health officials are making determinations based on science or general […]

Boris Will Always be Boris: Thinking Everyone is Stupid but We Know Who Stole Christmas!

Who cares if Downing Street staff held a Christmas Party? They hold one every year don’t they? Why should they stop because bad things are happening, when they always are? Let’s reflect, most young people go through a stage of reacting against the outlooks and values they inherited from their parents. This is often described […]

McCarthy: ‘I Think There Are a Few Other Democrats’ Thinking About Changing Parties

Monday on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” host Brian Kilmeade asked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to speculate about the possibility of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WN) swapping parties with the help of former President Donald Trump. McCarthy recollected working with Manchin in the past, but he referred to one member of his caucus, Rep. Jeff […]

Owning a car is outdated ’20th-century thinking’ and we must move to ‘shared mobilit y’ to cut carbon emissions, says transport minister reading from the Klaus Schwab script

Owning a car is outdated ’20th-century thinking’ and we must move to ‘shared mobility’ to cut carbon emissions, says transport minister reading from the Klaus Schwab script David Icke / Richard Willet – Memes and headline comments by David Icke Owning a car could become a fad of the past, a government minister claimed this […]

We Need Far More Radical Thinking Than Any COP26 Deal

Above photo: Lukas Jonaitis/Alamy. Global cooperation is vital to tackle the security threats of climate change and COVID-19. Leaders keep pumping funds into outdated militaries. Three issues arise directly from COP26. Firstly, the architects of the COP21 Paris agreement, Christiana Figueres and Laurence Tubiana, believe that yet more negotiations will have to follow COP26 next year. […]

Still thinking that all this ”pandemic” is not part of a long-standing plan?

1981 _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, maybe this could help you:HERE If you like our work please consider to donate : Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

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