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KGB Putin’s Selective Amnesia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes There was a time when the Soviet Union led the fight against zionism in the great sham zionist Winston Churchill dubbed ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM: A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE. This phony struggle was instead a means of winning over Islam to communism and the West to zionism. It […]

KGB Putin’s Selective Amnesia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes There was a time when the Soviet Union led the fight against zionism in the great sham zionist Winston Churchill dubbed ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM: A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE. This phony struggle was instead a means of winning over Islam to communism and the West to zionism. It […]

The Arrogance of Ignorance

These Popular Foods Have tBHQ, a Cancer and Allergy Causing Additive WakingTimes | July 12, 2016 | 2 Comments Source Article from

Woman Jailed For Three Years Over ‘Cruel’ James Bulger Tweets

A woman has been sentenced to three years in prison after admitting to sending disturbing Twitter messages to the mother of murdered toddler, James Bulger. Chloe Cowan from Margate in Kent had pleaded guilty to stalking involving serious alarm or distress at an earlier hearing at Canterbury Crown Court. The BBC reports: She had posed […]

America is no more

     When I was young, America still existed. No more. Not even the blather from the 4th of July can hide the obvious fact. The young do not know that they have lost their country, because they are born into a time when the country is lost. To them that is normalcy. Besides, the young […]

Robot-Made Burgers Coming to San Francisco

Robot-Made Burgers Coming to San Francisco July 1st, 2016 Via: TechInsider: A robot-powered burger joint is coming to San Francisco. In 2012, secretive robotics startup Momentum Machines debuted a machine that could crank out 400 made-to-order hamburgers in an hour. It’s fully autonomous, meaning […]

Ozick hagiography in NYT does her the service of leaving out her views of Palestinians

What did you think about the mini-hagiography of Cynthia Ozick in the New York Times Magazine yesterday? Ozick, at 88, “is one of the greatest fiction writers and critics alive today,” writes Giles Harvey, but he carefully avoids mentioning the Israel-Palestine conflict and her views on that score. I think that’s progress. Ten or twenty years ago the […]

Rare giant hailstones damage cars, smash windows and roof tiles in the Netherlands

© Ingrid @BorstgevoedNL via Twitter      Hailstones the size of tennis balls caused millions of euros worth of damage to cars and other property in the south of the country on Thursday evening. The giant hailstones hit the area east of Eindhoven running from Helmond to Venray and Venlo after the development of a supercell […]

German nudists told to cover up as asylum seekers home opens near skinny-dipping lake

The birthday-suited members of the Family Sport and Naturist Association Moritzburg in eastern Germany asked for funds to build a fence shielding them from the prying eyes of residents in the new facility. Instead they got a letter back from authorities saying they would no longer be allowed to skinny dip in the lake that […]

Calais migrants camp alive despite clampdown, asylum seekers flood other coastal towns

Media focus has switched from the so-called Jungle refugee camp outside Calais after the French government tried dismantling the illegally built huts back in March. “But it doesn’t mean that the camp has gone away,” RT’s Polly Boiko reported from the French coast. “Sealed off from the road with yet another fence; literally crawling with […]

Nigel Farage: Jo Cox’s Death Takes Momentum Out Of Leave Campaign

UKIP leader Nigel Farage suggests that the campaign to leave the EU has lost its momentum since the tragic death of Labour MP Jo Cox on Thursday Cox was a supporter of Britain staying in the European Union. Recent polls indicate that momentum could be changing in favor of the ‘stay’ vote. Farage, like others do […]

Turkish police teargas & disperse rally protesting Radiohead party attack (VIDEO)

Hundreds of people flooded the Cihangir neighbourhood of Turkey’s capital, where the Velvet Indieground store is located. The demonstrators were chanting “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism!” and slamming Turkish President Erdogan, labeling him a “thief” and a “killer,” AFP reports. The police reportedly scattered the protest in less than an hour with the help of tear gas, rubber bullets, and water […]

Will Turkey exit NATO over refugee blockade, arming of Kurds and no EU membership?

     Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan envisioned himself the Sultan of a new Ottoman Empire, but now faces the bleak reality that he is the annoying little brother of the US and Europe who will never get his way. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced this week that NATO will expand its presence in the […]

CCTV Catches Young Boy Trespassing To Cuddle Neighbour’s Dog

A young boy is spotted by security cameras sneaking into a neighbour’s garage for a quick dog cuddle. Hollie Breaux Mallet from Louisiana was reviewing CCTV footage of her garage when she noticed a little boy playing on a bike entering her premises and exchanging hugs and kisses with her pet dog Duchess.  Breaking News reports: […]

Are israel And al-Qaeda’s affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra Coordinating Attacks In Syria?

Are Israel And Jabhat al-Nusra Coordinating Attacks In Syria? “al-Monitor” –  QUNEITRA, Syria — Since the start of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian regime has routinely accused Israel of playing a hidden role, from Qusair in the Homs countryside in May 2013 to the emergence and advances of the southern front in September 2014. UN […]

If You…

If you … …are only prepared to listen to heaps of audios and watch endless hours of videos, just accumulating information, and are not bold enough to contribute to the Truth then you are part of the problem …think it is perfectly ok just to sit around and read endless books on this conspiracy, yet […]

British Scientist To Create Worlds First Genetically Modified Baby

Source: Despite the approval, the start of research may still be months away due to the difficulties of obtaining sufficient embryos. The controversial project is thought to mark the second time the procedure will be undertaken. Scientists in China, who carried out the first experiment but are not believed to […]

Man’s Death Sentence Overturned After Jury Selection Found to Be Openly Racist

Michaela Whitton (AM) : The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the sentence of a man on death row after it ruled prosecutors deliberately kept African Americans off the jury. The crackdown on racist prosecutions saw justices vote 7 to 1 to decide prosecutors were motivated by bias when they removed black jurors from the trial […]

"Pre-Crime" Arrives In Chicago – Big Data Tells Cops Who’s Next To Be Shot

In Chicago, where homicides are out of control and estimated to top 550 in 2016 (the most since 2012), police are so desperate to correct the problem that they are throwing good old fashioned police work to the wind, and turning to ‘Minority Report’-esque algorithms to do the work for them.   […]

Laws be damned: Illegal UK-made cluster bombs found in Yemeni village attacked by Saudis

     Banned UK-manufactured cluster bombs have been found in a Yemeni village targeted in Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, leading to calls for the UK to come clean on its weapon sales and military support to Saudi Arabia. The unexploded BL-755 cluster bomb is designed to be dropped from the UK-made Tornado aircraft used by the Saudi […]

Vegetables treated with irrigated wastewater worsen human exposure to prescription drugs

(NaturalNews) As water shortages increase globally, reusing water for agriculture and household purposes is on the rise too. A recent study by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center, discovered that consuming food grown in soils irrigated with reclaimed water increases levels of carbamazepine, an […]

‘Unsafe’: Chinese fighter jets intercept US military spy aircraft over South China Sea

“Two tactical [J-11s] aircraft from the People’s Republic of China” intercepted the Navy EP-3 Orion, a US maritime reconnaissance aircraft, which was on a “routine patrol” in international airspace, Defense Department spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Baldanza told NBC News. The Chinese jets flew by the US aircraft at a distance of approximately 50 feet (15 […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

Chemtrail and Geoengineering Programs Confirmed in Testimony at UN

Christina Sarich, StaffWaking Times The grand experiment to alter weather for the benefit of the agricultural industry and the military industrial complex can be ignored no longer. After watching the following video, any sane person will have proof that chemtrails not only exist, but that they are being used to manipulate weather, […]

Donald Trump to get big financial boost from Sheldon Adelson, NY Times reports: Zio-Watch, May 14, 2016

Leaked phone recordings allegedly show that the Turkish government has permitted over a thousand members of the Daesh terrorist group to cross its borders with Syria. Turkish Opposition MP Erem Erdem who leaked 422 pages of transcriptions of the conversations to media outlets has accused Ankara of covering up the cross border activities. The detailed phone conversations, mostly between […]

Turkish court sentences two journalists to over 5yrs for ‘leaking state secrets’

Gun attack on Turkish editor outside court during his trial for exposing Turkey-Syria weapons convoy Dundar,editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet newspaper, was sentenced to five years and ten months in prison, while his colleague, who headed the paper’s Ankara bureau, got five years behind bars, Turkish Hurriyet daily reported on Friday. The Turkish court has reportedly acquitted […]

Swedish Govt Spends Millions Telling Citizens To Eat Insects To End Global Warming

Vinnova, the Swedish government agency that distributes money for research and development, spending some 2.7 billion kronor (£230 million) a year has announced its latest tranche of funding for creating a greener, more sustainable future — by weaning Europe off meat. It is hoped people will want to eat a so-called “climate smart” […]

US withdraws troops from Sinai and warns of coming Egyptian coup

     The White House decision to abandon America’s security commitment to Egypt comes as a response to be excluded from talks between Tel Aviv, Cairo, and Riyadh. On Tuesday, the US withdrew its security forces from the Sinai Peninsula, in response to Egypt’s transfer of sovereignty of the Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia, […]

Trump and Hillary Refuse to Explain Why They Both Share the Same Address in Delaware

(ANTIMEDIA) Wilmington, DE — As it turns out, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share something pertinent in common, after all — a tax haven cozily nested inside the United States. This brick-and-mortar, nondescript two-story building in Wilmington, Delaware would be awfully crowded if its registered occupants — 285,000 companies — actually resided there. What’s […]

Gilad Atzmon & The OHE on kulturspiegel SR TV Germany (short video)

April 19, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon Talking about jazz, beauty, Germany, Palestine, Jewish Identity and Jewish politics. You can listen to our take on John Coltrane’s music in between… Film by Sven Rech Filed under: Activism, Germany, Gilad Atzmon, jewish identity, Nazi Israel, Palestine Source Article from

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