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Belarus Claims Alleged Russian War Crimes Were Staged by Britain

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko accused Britain of staging a “psychological operation” in Bucha to fake the alleged attrocities.

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to trigger NATO intervention?

Dubious allegations of a Russian attack on the theater in Mariupol have failed to trigger the Biden administration’s red line. The question now is how far Ukraine’s government is willing to go to trigger the no fly zone it needs to hold off the imminent defeat of its military forces. Source

Defense Min. spox: Ukraine uses staged videos to accuse Russia, there’s no threat to civilian population

In 2014 under the “presidency” of the CIA construct the Obombister-USA overthrew the duly elected government of Ukraine. Assistant Secretary of State Cookies Nuland paying off CIA agent provocateurs in Ukraine with Store Bought Cookies. USA installed a puppet government which mass murdered ethnic Russians inside their borders for the USA with the now proven […]

The WHO staged concurrent and consecutive pandemic simulation exercises during COVID-19 and data from those exercises were used to exaggerate the severity and extent of COVID-19

“As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK. … The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.” UK government If COVID-19 was downgraded in March 2020 why did COVID-19 […]

Russia Staged a Communist Plandemic Back in 1979 Similar to COVID

It was the year 1979 when a mysterious pneumonia disease started spreading throughout the Russian Urals city of Yekaterinburg, ushering in a localized medical police state much like the one that is now being birthed on a global scale via the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Many people are unaware of the story, but it reads like […]

Dispatches from the War: Epidemics are staged on Television

Jon Rappoport: “When a new epidemic is launched and promoted, despite the lack of good science and good evidence, it is jacked up on television screens. Images begin to flow: An emergency medical vehicle on a street. EMT personnel, in hazmat suits, load a man strapped down to a stretcher, into the van. On another […]

Rallies in support of Asian Americans staged across United States

Getting the gun was as simple as going to a local sporting goods store. Passing the background check took a matter of minutes. Then it was a short drive to Young’s Asian Massage, where surveillance video obtained by The Washington Post shows a suspect spent more than an hour before opening fire. Within hours of […]

“Trump Supporter Riot” Was STAGED by the D.C. Police!

“Trump Supporter Riot” Was STAGED by the D.C. Police! After watching this, you will see no other explanation is possible. We have shown in other videos (proven) that ANTIFA zionists were sent to DC to pose as (fake) Trump supporters. Evidently, real Trump supporters were not even allowed into the Capitol building – or […]

Was the Shooting of a Female Veteran at the Capitol Staged?

“They shot a girl!” someone yelled as the crowd ran out of the southeast entrance. She died later that day, police said. She was one of four fatalities from the violent rioting that wreaked havoc through the halls of Congress on Wednesday, halting the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory. But was this all […]

SHOCK! China STAGED Everything about COVID-19 to create Paranoia and Make the West Lockdown

    Everything you think you know about COVID-19 is FAKE! China faked everything! The deaths on the streets, the body bags, the massive street and office disinfections, it was all staged propaganda to scare the West into panic and paranoia so they can lockdown. Look, China is the place where it all started, they […]

Politics is fake and staged & all NZ PMs are globalists (Corbett & Vinny Eastwood)

Short clip that illustrates what you possibly hadn’t noticed. Helen features in the header image seeing she is a globalist (& never really spelled that out to us). And clearly proud of it. EWR [embedded content] corbettreport 495K subscribers SOURCES: Only a psychopath could read someone else’s lies from their teleprompter with such feigned […]

Astrophysicist Claims CIA Staged Forced UFO “Abductions” as Psychological Warfare Experiments

Sunday, August 16, 2020 by: Isabelle Z.Tags: abductions, aliens, badmedicine, brainwashed, CIA, conspiracy, coverup, experiments, extraterrestrials, misinformation, Psychological Warfare, UFOs, weird scienceBypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL4,140VIEWS (Natural News) When you hear stories about alien abductions, your first instinct might be to roll your eyes. Indeed, there are people out there who concoct these stories for entertainment or profit. However, some experts believe that there have been […]

NZ Christchurch Mosque shooting staged

NZ Christchurch Mosque shooting staged They did it again! Just like Sandy Hook the story was released a week too early then quickly removed from the Net. WATCH THIS! The New Zealand Mosque shootings took place on March 15th? Nope! IT WAS MARCH 6TH!!! Youtube is censoring all this but this Site isn’t (there are […]

Cosby Accusers are Frauds Proven by Staged Grief and Fake Crying in Sentencing Trial

Aleppo MP on Why Western Proxies Staged ‘Chemical Attack’ in Douma and Israel’s Recent Threat Against Damascus

As evidence continues to mount against the western axis powers and their proxies – that the alleged ‘chemical attack’ in Douma, Syria was in fact staged, Syrians remain defiant in the face of further threats and attacks by US-led Axis powers. Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi speaks with Fares Shehabi MP from Aleppo, about whether […]

Staged Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria? Why We need Critical Thinking

Next Story I have 20 years experience teaching critical thinking. Today I teach critical thinking at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, and the rest of the time I travel, teaching critical thinking to students in poor and rich countries around the world. I do this because I believe understanding how to identify fact from fiction is […]

Putin Has ‘Irrefutable’ Proof That Chemical Attack Was Staged

President Putin is ready to show the OPCW “irrefutable proof” that the chemical attack in Syria was a ‘false flag,’ orchestrated by Britain’s intelligence services.  “We have not just a ‘high level of confidence,’ as our Western partners uniformly put it; we have irrefutable proof that there was no chemical attack in Douma on April […]

Hacker Uncovers Photographic Evidence Chemical Attack Was Staged

Photographs obtained by a hacker proves that the recent chemical attack in Syria was staged by US-backed rebels, in order to justify war. reports: The al-Qaeda affiliate group, Jaish al-Islam, has admitted to using chlorine gas to massacre dozens of people in Aleppo. This same group killed civilians in Douma. Together with the fake […]

Russia Claims ‘White Helmets’ Staged Syria Chemical Attack

Russia claims that the reported chemical attack in Syria last Sunday was staged by the “white helmets,” a US-funded NGO lauded by mainstream media for their humanitarian work, while long-suspected of performing less-than humanitarian deeds behind the curtain. Speaking with EuroNews, Russia’s ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizov, said “Russian military specialists have visited this region, walked on […]

The facts behind the ‘staged’ video of kids’ chemical weapons drill in Syria

RT Digital investigated the origins of the video and found that it doesn’t depict children being coerced and prepared for future propaganda videos, as falsely suggested by users on Twitter. The video is more than four years old and the actions carried out by the children in the video are part of a play by […]

Putin: ‘Chemical Attack’ In Syria Staged To Justify U.S. Invasion

President Putin claims the chemical attack in Syria on Sunday was orchestrated by the U.S. Deep State in order to justify an illegal invasion of the country.  The Russian Foreign Ministry denounced reports of a chemical attack that allegedly affected dozens of civilians in Douma, claiming that the attack was perpetrated by the Al-Qaeda affiliated […]

False Flag Chemical Attack In Douma Staged So Neocons Can Justify Invasion Of Syria

False Flag Chemical Attack In Douma Staged So Neocons Can Justify Invasion Of Syria President Trump Used By Neocon Zionists To Trigger Armageddon UPDATE:  Proof via Intel drop indicates Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks—Confirmed The obvious propaganda caption of this Twittered photo read: “Horrific images out of besieged Douma tonight of a suspected Chlorine […]

Does The Push For Mass Vaccination Point Toward A Staged Bioterror Event?

December 4, 2017 By Jon Rappoport We’ve seen the signs. I’ve been highlighting them. The infamous childhood mandatory vaccination law in California. Other states that are considering similar bills. The lunatic push in Australia to outlaw medical exemptions from vaccination. The all-out campaign in the press, in various countries, to stigmatize people who […]

TVN: Jim Fetzer Reports on Staged Shootings, JFK Files and More

  Topic Menu: Texas Church Shooting Tony Podesta Arrested/Uranium-1 Scandal Mandalay Hotel Shooting Donna Brazile exposes DNC and Stealth on Bernie Sanders nomination. She Feared for her life Probe into Hillary and Uranium-1 Deal with Russia New York Truck Attack History of CIA (NAZI) Operations inside America Summary of JFK Assassination 11/21/63 subject allegedly told […]

Photos Reveal New York Truck Terrorist Event Was Staged

Video:  Images Debunk New York Home Depot Truck Terror as Fake News Below: A bystander just happened to have his video camera rolling as he approached the school bus. He shows us what appears to be two special needs children on the left side, followed by a bit of over-acting to damage to the right […]

New York City Bike Path Truck Attack is a Staged Hoax

Syria, Iraq, Libya: The Staged-Massacre Routine and False Flag Operations For Regime Change

10 Reasons for Staged Deception Hoaxes Other Than Gun Control

By Russ Winter One of the more fuzzy-logic arguments being applied against the reality of hoaxes states that gun control hasn’t really happened to any significant extent; therefore, the idea that hoaxes are in play is invalid. This overlooks that there are about 10 other reasons for hoaxes other than simply gun control. These are multi-level […]

United Nations: Syrian Sarin Gas Attack Was ‘Staged’

The United Nations have issued a bombshell report that confirms the sarin gas attack in Syria on April 4th was completely ‘staged.’ Upon close inspection of the report by the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, it is clear that the official narrative claiming that the Syrian air force dropped a bomb containing […]

Andrea Mitchell suggests State Dep’t staged ‘fake news’ in Jerusalem with Kushner, Netanyahu and no press

Hours after an American delegation tasked with solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict headed by Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner met with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Thursday, back in Washington NBC’s Andrea Mitchell revealed the U.S. Embassy had blocked press access to the traveling officials. Speaking during a briefing […]

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