History’s Most Taboo Subject: Staged Wars by the Rothschilds



Both the Ukraine War and the American Civil War  are/were staged by the Rothschild for the overthrow of White, Christian society.

The Rothschilds (NATO, EU, UN, etc.) ethnically cleansing the Ukranian people by staging this anti-White war.

Likewise, the American Civil War was staged by the Rothschilds for the overthrow of a free republic of White, Christian People.

Salomon De Rothschild was sent to America to scout out the prospects for Civil War.  Both North and South were secretly led by Jewish bankers and secret agents working for the Rothschilds.  August Belmont agitate for war in the North.  Judah Benjamin for war in the South.  Judah Benjamin led Jefferson Davis into the trap by promising money for the Southern cause.  That money was never delivered.  Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the Rothschilds because issued the Greenbacks, which deprived the Jew banksters of their usury.  There is no way that the American Civil War would have happened without the Rothschilds’ instigation, conspiracy and treachery.  600,000 White American soldiers were sacrificed on the Jewish altar of Baal so that we could have a multicultural “democracy.”


Praise Yahweh and pass the ammunition.

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