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Nolte: CNNLOL’s Chris Cilliizza Still Spreading ‘70% Ivermectin Poison Control’ Lie

CNN’s Chris Cillizza, a far-left propagandist who spreads conspiracy theories and encourages political violence, is still spreading the debunked lie that 70 percent of poison control calls in Mississippi were linked to ivermectin — a drug some believe works as a therapeutic for the coronavirus. I’m not here to make a judgment call on ivermectin. […]


[embedded content] Here’s Johnson, days before the 2019 general election, promising that he wouldn’t hike taxes on ordinary working people Today he’s announced a plan to do exactly that, purely in order to protect the tax exemptions and advantages enjoyed by the mega-rich [embedded content]… [embedded content]… Source 00

Chris Cuomo Returns From Vacation, Defends Advising Brother During Scandal

CNN host Chris Cuomo returned from vacation on Monday and defended advising his brother during a scandal that recently led to the governor resigning. Chris Cuomo claimed that he did not violate CNN rules that prevented him from covering what he described as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “troubles.” “I said last year that his […]

Nolte: Chris Cuomo Doesn’t Deny He’s Still Advising Disgraced Brother Andrew

Chris “The Fredo” Cuomo is not denying he’s still advising his brother, the disgraced, soon-to-be-former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). On Monday, the far-left Washington Post reported (and buried) the bombshell news Chris Cuomo — the embattled, narcissistic, unethical, McCarthyite, serial-lying, pro-violence  CNNLOL primetime anchor —  is still advising his brother. This, despite the fact Fredo […]

Chris Hedges: The Price of Conscience

By Chris Hedges Source Drone warfare whistleblower sentenced to 45 months in prison for telling the American people the truth. PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY (Scheerpost) — Daniel Hale, a former intelligence analyst in the drone program for the Air Force who as a private contractor in 2013 leaked some 17 classified documents about drone strikes to the press, was sentenced […]

New Evidence Links Child Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to CNN’s Chris Cuomo

New evidence has emerged that connects deceased pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to CNN host Chris Cuomo, according to reports. A newly discovered “little black book” of VIP contacts belonging to Epstein contains the contact details of Cuomo’s wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo. Epstein’s newly discovered 1997 celebrity address book was obtained by Business Insider on Tuesday. […]

Whilst you’ve been distracted by the video of Chris Whitty the ONS admitted the Covid Vaccines have been listed as an official cause of death multiple times

BY THE DAILY EXPOSE ON JULY 3, 2021 • Listen Now  The Office for National Statistics has finally listed the Covid-19 vaccine as an official cause of death multiple times in England, contradicting claims made the MHRA that no link has been made between the Covid Vaccines and fatalities which have been reported to the Yellow Card scheme. The […]

Chris Hedges Speaks On ‘American Sadism’

Above Photo: / YouTube. Chris Hedges gave this talk on American Sadism at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, New York on Sunday June 27. [embedded content] Sadism defines nearly every cultural, social, and political experience in the United States. It is expressed in the unchecked greed of an oligarchic elite that has […]

Chris Whitty gave the order to give alleged Covid-19 patients lethal doses of Hydroxychloroquine to both kill them and sabotage trials

BY THE DAILY EXPOSE ON JUNE 28, 2021 • Listen Now  On April 1st 2020, the Chief Medical Officers of England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland, and the National Medical Director Stephen Powis signed a message sent to their NHS colleagues to ask that every effort was made to enroll COVID-19 patients in the national priority clinical trials. By David James […]

Chris Hedges: Julian Assange And The Collapse Of The Rule Of Law

Above image: Mr. Fish. Chris Hedges gave this talk at a rally Thursday night in New York City in support of Julian Assange. John and Gabriel Shipton, Julian’s father and brother, also spoke at the event, which was held at The People’s Forum. A society that prohibits the capacity to speak in truth extinguishes the […]

The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison Bows to Woke Mob

Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor franchise, has permanently exited and bowed down to the woke mob, or perhaps his woke employer. Either way, this sparks a conversation about cancel culture, tribalist activism, and how we can respond. Watch the full episode on YouTube: Hosted by the two-time Emmy-nominated actor and singer-songwriter Beau Davidson, The […]

Chris Minns, Michael Daley Face Off Again for NSW Labor Leadership

Australian state Labor MPs Chris Minns and Michael Daley are the top contenders jostling for the leadership of the New South Wales (NSW) opposition after Jodi McKay quit last week. This will be the second time Minns and Daley have faced off for the role and the third attempt for Minns overall. But Minns promised […]

Chris Hedges, Alan MacLeod on Media Bias and the Christian Right’s Obsession with Israel

By Mnar Muhawesh Adley Chris Hedges and Alan Macloed join MintCast to talk about Israel, Christian Zionism, and media bias. [embedded content] mages from the Israeli onslaught against Palestine have dominated both news broadcasts and social media as the world expresses its outrage over the bombing of civilian targets. While the latest violence was triggered […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Will Not Face Discipline by Network for Advising Brother Andrew Cuomo on Escaping Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo will not face discipline by the network for advising his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), on how to escape allegations of sexual misconduct. The Washington Post reported: Chris Cuomo “joined a series of conference calls that included the Democratic governor’s top aide, his communications team, lawyers and a number of outside […]

Chris Hedges: The Unraveling of the American Empire

By Chris Hedges Source US leadership has stumbled from one military debacle to another, a trajectory mirroring the sad finales of other historical imperial powers. Princeton, New Jersey (Scheerpost) — America’s defeat in Afghanistan is one in a string of catastrophic military blunders that herald the death of the American empire. With the exception of the first Gulf […]

CNN Host Chris Cuomo: White Kids Need to “Start Getting Killed” to Prompt Police Reform

What this piece of shit posing as a journalist deliberately hides is that many White youth have been killed by the police, and actually did not do anything to deserve it. Bitchute link Share now! Source 00

Reported Vaccine Deaths Up 8X In 2021 & Chris Whitty Says “No More Lockdowns-Treat Covid Like Flu”

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/1/21). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and […]

Toronto Activist Chris Sky stands up for his rights and refuses to be illegally arrested. 20 cops stand down. Stand up Canada! #justsayno Dylan Eleven | Toronto activist stands up to cops in his driveway and says no he will not be illegally arrested. He refuses to be bullied and tricked into allowing himself be arrested for not wearing a mask at Longos food supermarket. Claiming medical exemption is allowed and the police have no right […]

Chris Hedges: Bandaging The Corpse

By Chris Hedges, March 13, 2021 | Educate! Above image: By Mr. Fish. Biden’s bailout will not alter the structural inequities and other fundamental underpinnings of America’s death spiral. The established ruling elites know there is a crisis. They agreed, at least temporarily, to throw money at it with the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 bill […]

Trump-Hating Star & Pizzagate “Debunker” Chris D’Elia Accused of Child Sex Abuse

Trump-hating Hollywood star Chris D’Elia has been accused of sexually abusing children in a new lawsuit by one of his alleged victims. The lawsuit claims that D’Elia collected images of child porn while luring an underage teenage girl to his hotel room in 2014. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our […]

Chris Hedges: The Age Of Social Murder

Above image: Illustration by Mr. Fish. The ruling elites, despite the accelerating and tangible ecological collapse, mollify us, either by meaningless gestures or denial. The two million deaths that have resulted from the ruling elites mishandling of the global pandemic will be dwarfed by what is to follow. The global catastrophe that awaits us, already […]

Chris Sky challenges Canada’s new travel restrictions

Chris Sky challenges Canada’s new travel restrictions Tap News / Weaver Source: Rebel News ►​ David Menzies speaks to Toronto activist Chris Sky about his return to Canada from Istanbul, Turkey and his viral video where he challenged the country’s new restrictions imposed on travellers. FULL REPORT from David Menzies: Original Article: […]

Chris Hedges: Cancel Culture, Where Liberalism Goes To Die

Above image: By Mr. Fish. Elites and their courtiers who trumpet their moral superiority by damning and silencing those who do not linguistically conform to politically correct speech are the new Jacobins. The Rev. Will Campbell was forced out of his position as director of religious life at the University of Mississippi in 1956 because […]

‘We’re on the Brink of a Revolution,’ Chris Cox Tells Insurrection Eve Rally, Offers to ‘Take the First Bullet’ 

There was plenty of war talk at a pro-Trump rally on Jan. 5, the day before the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, but nobody’s bluster beat that of Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox, who said the country is “on the brink of a revolution” and offered to “take the first bullet.” Cox said Bikers for […]

Chris Hedges On The Roots Of Rage In Tinderbox America

[embedded content] Former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges went on the Jimmy Dore Show this week to discuss the roots of rage in Tinderbox America. “The reaction by CNN and the mainstream media was quite frightening,” Hedges told Dore. “All they did was demonize the people in the crowd, which isn’t in any way to condone what they […]

Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller Announces Troop Levels Down to 2,500 in Iraq and Afghanistan

President Donald Trump’s acting defense secretary, Christopher Miller, announced Friday that United States troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan have now reached 2,500 in each country — the lowest levels since either war began nearly two decades ago. On Afghanistan, Miller said in a statement: Today, U.S. force levels in Afghanistan have reached 2,500. Directed […]

Is Big Tech too powerful? Chris Hedges & Ramesh Srinivasan debate Twitter & Facebook banning Trump

“To allow these companies to essentially function as de facto platforms for censorship and manipulation … harkens back to the way civil liberties were eviscerated in the wake of 9/11.” 00

Waikeria Prison stand-off: a commentary on Māori Party intervention (Chris Trotter)

AS WORD OF Rawiri Waititi’s successful intervention in the Waikeria Prison stand-off spreads, the Maori Party’s mana will grow significantly. It is difficult to think of a better metaphor with which to illustrate the party’s political mission than its co-leader, under the disdainful gaze of the authorities, leading 16 parched, burned, bleeding but unbroken prisoners […]

Chris Christie: Trump’s Legal Theory Is an ‘Absurdity’ – ‘There Is No Evidence’

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that President Donald Trump’s legal theories attempting to overturn the 2020 election results were “an absurdity.” Christie said, “Well, listen, the legal theory put forward by his legal team and by the president is an absurdity. And the reason why the Supreme Court didn’t […]

Chris Hedges: The Collective Suicide Of The Liberal Class

Above image: By Mr. Fish. No one can, or should, take them seriously. They stand for nothing. They fight for nothing. Liberals who express dismay, or more bizarrely a fevered hope, about the corporatists and imperialists selected to fill the positions in the Biden administration are the court jesters of our political burlesque. They long ago […]

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