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Bret Weinstein Confirms Depopulation Agenda: “They Have No Use for Us”

While the entire world tuned into the Super Bowl Sunday evening, evolutionary biologist and Darkhorse Podcast host Bret Weinstein and Alex Jones filmed a two-hour discussion on the fate of humanity. Alex Jones highlighted what he saw as the core problems, mentioning issues like open borders, currency devaluation, and the general destabilization of society. Jones […]

Bret Weinstein Issues Chilling Border Crisis Warning

On the Tucker Carlson Network, thought leader Bret Weinstein warned America’s illegal immigration crisis is on the precipice of causing a “major hazard.” Under Biden’s tenure, the number of illegal aliens coming in through the southern border is shattering all-time highs. Texas Governor Greg Abbott previously wrote: “Under President Biden’s lawless border policies, more than […]

Bret Weinstein Exposes the World Health Organization’s Real Agenda

Tucker Carlson and Bret Weinstein discuss Big Pharma and the World Health Organization’s dark agenda. Note ‘they’ have a new word … ‘malinformation’. Learn the difference (according to ‘them’) between disinfo, misinfo and now malinfo! Hint – it’s about not doing what the corporation parading as goobermint says. EWNZ LISTEN AT THE LINK RELATED From […]

Reflections on the Bret Weinstein Interview

Tucker Carlson has conducted a brilliant interview with biologist and podcaster Bret Weinstein, who has been on the Covid case for a very long time. Weinstein speaks with erudition, expertise, and great precision about a number of features of the Covid response. Mercifully, Tucker lets him speak. I urge you to take an hour and […]

Bret Weinstein on the WHO’s Plans for You

“This is a great tragedy of history.” Source

American Judith Weinstein Believed To Be Killed During Hamas Attack

The 70-year-old American-Canadian-Israeli citizen was originally thought to have been captured alive. Source

Eliyahu Weinstein, Ponzi Schemer Pardoned by Trump, Charged With Organizing Another ‘Ponzi-Like’ Scheme

Eliyahu Weinstein, a Chabad-Lubavitch leader who was convicted in a $200 million Ponzi scheme a decade ago only to be granted clemency by President Trump on his last day in office, was charged by the feds on Wednesday for allegedly organizing another “Ponzi-like” scheme upon release. Source

Bret Weinstein Kvetches About White People Coming Together

Bret Weinstein is a former professor who now podcasts and goes on shows like Joe Rogan. Right now he’s warning people that “wokeness” is enflaming “Whiteness,” which is super dangerous. Share now! Source

Harvey Weinstein Fails to Delay October Rape Trial Over ‘She Said’ Movie Release

Former Hollywood film producer and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein has failed to secure a delay to his October trial after a judge denied a bid by his attorneys to do so on Monday. However, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench did agree to approve Weinstein’s request to get his missing teeth fixed. Lawyers for Weinstein had asked the judge to delay […]

Rose McGowan: Gavin Newsom’s Wife Enabled Harvey Weinstein To Rape Girls

Outspoken Hollywood actress Rose McGowan claims California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife aided and abetted pedophile rapist Harvey Weinstein in his abuse of girls. During a bombshell interview with Dave Rubin, McGowan detailed her ordeal with Jennifer Siebel Newsom, alleging she attempted to get her to squash the story about disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, who […]

Geraldo Rivera: Cosby, and Maybe Weinstein, Going Free Because #MeToo Pressure Is ‘Not the Way the Criminal Justice System Works’

Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera expressed approval of Bill Cosby’s release from prison, adding that the comedian was “unjustly convicted” and suggested that convicted sex offender and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein could be next. In an interview with Fox News reports John Roberts and Sandra Smith, Rivera said Cosby’s trial was “grotesquely unfair,” even if he […]

Queen Elizabeth Strips Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein Of His CBE

Queen Elizabeth has formally stripped Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein of his honorary ‘Commander of the British Empire’ (CBE). The move follows his conviction for sexually assaulting a former production assistant and raping an actor. Weinstein was awarded a CBE, one of the U.K.’s more prestigious honours for services to the British movie industry in […]

Queen Elizabeth formally strips Harvey Weinstein of his British honour

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Watching The Hawks – ‘Even If You’re Harvey Weinstein, We Can Get You’

Watching The Hawks – ‘Even If You’re Harvey Weinstein, We Can Get You’ Watching The Tabetha Wallace sounds off on Harvey Weinstein, who was finally put in handcuffs Friday and charged following the slew of sexual assault allegations against him. LIKE Watching the Hawks @ WATCHING THE HAWKS ON INSTAGRAM @ Tyrel […]

Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape & Sex Abuse

Harvey Weinstein has been charged with rape, sex abuse and other sexual offences against two women. The disgraced movie producer handed himself in to the New York police department on Friday. Weinstein, who has previously denied all accusations, was charged with four offences, following months of sexual abuse allegations. A statement from the NYPD said […]

Harvey Weinstein Surrenders To Police, Faces Sex Assault Charges

Update: As reported earlier, Harvey Weinstein turned himself into the New York Police Department at the First Precinct in Tribeca this morning to be arrested and face criminal charges stemming from multiple sexual assault allegations. Weinstein, who is facing years behind bars, is likely looking at first degree and third degree […]

To Kill Iran Deal, Trump, Like Weinstein Before Him, Turns to Dirt-Digging Israeli Firm

WASHINGTON – A new report in The Guardian has revealed that aides to President Donald Trump hired an Israeli-based private intelligence firm in order to “dig up” information that could be used to discredit key Obama-era officials who helped to negotiate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), better known as the Iran nuclear deal. […]

Meryl Streep Named As Co-Defendant In Harvey Weinstein Rape Trial

Hollywood actress Meryl Streep has been named as a co-defendant by Harvey Weinstein in his upcoming rape trial.  An attorney for Weinstein says Streep, along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence, are working with Weinstein to help prove his innocence against multiple claims of rape and sexual harassment. reports: In the filing, obtained by celebrity […]

Elites Will Move To Sacrifice Clintons Just Like Weinstein

Because the Clintons are guilty of the crimes the elites are accusing Trump of committing, it’s likely the criminal couple will soon suffer the same fate as Harvey Weinstein to make the persecution of Trump not seem “political.” Already the mainstream media, which one year ago promoted Hillary Clinton as a “glowing goddess,” is slowly […]

Weinstein ordered staff to keep ‘condoms & erectile pills’ always handy – NY AG Lawsuit

     A new lawsuit against the Weinstein Co. and its founders, filed by the New York Attorney General’s Office, has exposed fresh details of the “vicious and exploitative mistreatment” of company employees by the disgraced movie mogul. A lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General’s office against Harvey Weinstein, his brother, and the Weinstein […]

Alex Jones & Gavin McInnes Throw Weinstein, Oprah & Steadman Under The Bus, Then Talk Dildos

Warning: this article is not for children to view. Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes are two pundits of the GOP (Gay Ol’-boy Party) who recently ran damage control on InfoWars for the druggie pan-sexual degenerate cult that they are in, by throwing their fellow members Oprah and Harvey Weinstein under the bus. They are trying […]

I Never Would Have Trusted Weinstein Without Oprah

The left seems to have found their new hero: Oprah Winfrey. Ever since the media mogul gave a speech at the Golden Globes promising a new era of feminism, liberals have been abuzz with the prospect of an Oprah presidential run — and they have held up the billionaire as some sort of savior from the sexual […]

The Jewishness of the Weinstein Hollywood Scandal

This video connects the dots in a way that mainstream press will never do. It shows the real nature of Hollywood’s hotshots like Weinstein, though it doesn’t get into how the jews out there are raping children too. Source Article from

Harvey Weinstein ‘Attacked’ at Scottsdale Restaurant

Harvey Weinstein was attacked Tuesday night at a restaurant … TMZ has learned. Weinstein was at Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, eating dinner with his sober coach when 2 men sat at a table next to them. One of the men — Steve — tells TMZ he walked up to Weinstein […]

British Actress: Oprah Winfrey ‘Pimped Me Like A Whore’ To Weinstein

A British woman has accused Oprah Winfrey of pimping her out to sexual predator Harvey Weinstein when she was a struggling actress in Hollywood. Following Oprah’s deeply hypocritical speech on Sunday night at the Golden Globes, a report about how actress Kadian Noble was raped by Weinstein after being coerced by Oprah to go back […]

Even the mossad apologized for working with Harvey Weinstein

An Israeli intelligence firm that reportedly helped Harvey Weinstein gather information on women accusing him of sexual harassment and assault has said it is sorry that it agreed to work with the Hollywood producer. Earlier this week, the New Yorker reported that Weinstein had hired Black Cube, which markets itself as […]

Hurricane Harvey, continued– NYPD’s Investigation Of Weinstein Rape charges goes international

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Harvey Weinstein, TWC, Miramax Hit with RICO Lawsuit from Six Women

Six women filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Harvey Weinstein and current and former executives at both The Weinstein Company and Miramax accusing the disgraced movie producer of sexual misconduct, and a coverup by his associates. BREITBART|Filed in New York’s U.S. District Court, the suit says the women encountered “credible and objective threat of being blacklisted by […]

Lena Dunham: I Warned Hillary About Rapist Weinstein – She Ignored Me

Outspoken actress Lena Dunham has slammed Hillary Clinton for ignoring her repeated warnings that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was a known rapist.  The ‘Girls’ star told the New York Times that she tried to warn Clinton about Weinstein, but was given the cold shoulder. reports: “I just want you to let you know that Harvey’s […]

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