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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Fauci: “You should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity”

(NaturalNews) During a recent congressional hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) put career criminal Tony Fauci on blast for his involvement in committing… Source

New Mexico attorney general says fake GOP electors can’t be prosecuted, recommends changes

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico’s top prosecutor said Friday that the state’s five Republican electors cannot be prosecuted under the current law for filing election certificates that falsely declared Donald Trump the winner of the 2020 presidential race. However, Democratic Attorney General Raúl Torrez is making recommendations to state lawmakers that he says would enhance […]

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants ATF Agents Arrested, Prosecuted After Raid On Gun Dealer

Oklahoma state Rep. Justin Humphrey (R) says he’s filed a probable cause affidavit with the state Attorney General, and has demanded that agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) be arrested and prosecuted following a June 16 raid on a gun dealer which resulted in the confiscation of more than 50 firearms. Humphrey […]

Two Accused United Church Ministers Being Prosecuted For MURDER!!

LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE TWO ACCUSED UNITED CHURCH MINISTERS WHO ARE BEING PROSECUTED FOR MURDER BY THE WEST COAST COMMON LAW COURT by listening to the attached mp3 link and to Here We Stand this Sunday October 22 WANTED For Complicity in Murder, Child Trafficking, and Criminal Assault Phil Spencer 150 Village Way, Qualicum Beach, B.C. Foster Freed 6324 […]

Video: Trump Calls For Democrat Who Pulled Fire Alarm To Be Prosecuted

President Trump has called for New York Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman, the Democrat who pulled the fire alarm in the Cannon Congressional Office Building in order to shut down Congress during a last ditch spending vote Saturday, to be prosecuted in the same fashion as January 6th prisoners. Speaking after a rally, Trump stated “This is […]

U.K. Jews Create More ‘Antisemitism’ By Demanding More ‘Antisemites’ Be Arrested And Prosecuted

(The Jewish Chronicle) Jews have become experts at creating antisemitism and then demanding that something be done about it — while completely ignoring the real cause of “anti-Jewish hate”: “The lack of action in bringing the perpetrators of antisemitic hate crimes to justice “is unacceptable”, Jewish Community leaders and the Home Secretary have agreed. The […]

Musk Calls For Fauci To Be Prosecuted Over Suppression Of Covid Information

Elon Musk has hinted that he’ll be releasing Twitter files related to the White House Covid Response Team leader Dr. Anthony Fauci and the pandemic. On Sunday he tweeted: “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci” Musk also […] The post Musk Calls For Fauci To Be Prosecuted Over Suppression Of Covid Information appeared first on News Punch. […]

CHD’s Mary Holland: Nuremberg Code violators must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity

(Natural News) Mary Holland, president and general counsel of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), called for those who violated the Nuremberg Code to be prosecuted for “crimes against humanity.” Holland made this call through an Aug. 20 speech she delivered in Germany to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code. In particular, her calls for […]

Attorney Thomas Renz Tells Mike Adams That Fauci & Others Will Be PROSECUTED! (Video)


Mexican President: If Assange Is Prosecuted For Exposing Hillary Clinton ‘The Statue of Liberty Should Be Dismantled’

If WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange is prosecuted for espionage in the US for the crime of exposing Hillary Clinton and publishing classified documents that exposed wrongdoing, then the Statue of Liberty should be dismantled, according […] The post Mexican President: If Assange Is Prosecuted For Exposing Hillary Clinton ‘The Statue of Liberty Should Be Dismantled’ […]

Jews Want Romanians Prosecuted For Claiming Science And Math More Important Than Learning About The Holocaust

(Jewish Telegrahic Agency) A popular political party has caused outrage among Jews in Romania — and the entire world — for having the temerity to suggest that Holocaust education — which was recently mandated in high schools there — is less of a priority for children compared to learning the hard sciences and other traditional […]

Israel’s Gantz cannot be prosecuted in Gaza bombing case: Dutch court

A Dutch appeals court today ruled that Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz was immune from civil prosecution in the Netherlands in a case brought over the deaths of six Palestinians in an Israeli air strike on Gaza. The court upheld a lower court’s finding of January 2020 that Gantz, as a high-ranking Israeli official carrying […]

Dr. David Martin Exposes The COVID KILLERS Who Should Be Prosecuted For Crimes Against Humanity & Fined $100 MILLION Per Death

HAFNovember 19, 2021Sponsored by Revcontent Trending Now Restore Your Vision Without Laser…HealthScoreDoing This Simple Morning Ritual Might…Healthy Living PostNew ED Discovery Amazes Doctors (Try…MedJournalWhat Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Looks Like Now…popcornews.comRemember Her? Try Not To Gasp When…viralsharks.netHoney Boo Boo Is So Skinny Now And…popcornews.com15 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors – No. 7…Mom Life Weekly25 Reality Shows […]

Swedish Politician Prosecuted For Stating Sudanese Migrants With 65 IQs ‘Impossible To Integrate’

(RMX News). Bertil Malmberg, a regional politician from the populist Sweden Democrats party, has been convicted of “racial incitement” after expressing his concern that South Sudanese immigrants had such extremely low IQs that it would be impossible to successfully integrate them into the Swedish economy and society: Last month, the Nyköping District Court fined Bertil […]

Amazon Prosecuted for Delivery Van Crash

An Inc. delivery van slammed Tesla Inc. Model S, crushing the car’s rear and sending Ans Rana, his brother, and father, to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, Bloomberg reports. In June, Rana prosecuted Amazon holding its algorithms, apps, and devices surrounding its logistics responsible for the mishap. Rana’s attorney, Scott Harrison, aims to prove that Amazon […]

Senator Tom Cotton: Fauci Must Be ‘Arrested and Prosecuted’ for Shady Wuhan Lab Funding

Senator Tom Cotton on Wednesday called for the arrest and prosecution of Dr. Anthony Fauci for funding gain-of-research in Communist China’s shady Wuhan lab. “Fauci knew,” Cotton tweeted regarding Fauci’s denial to the Senate in May that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. “He should be investigated and prosecuted to […]

Sadists Who Carried Out CIA Tortures Should Be Fired & Prosecuted

Updated: Jan. 03, 2019, 12:05 a.m. | Published: Feb. 24, 2015, 4:26 p.m.Facebook ShareTwitter ShareBy Express-Times Letters to the Editor Were the atrocities committed by the CIA following the horrific events of 9/11, which have now come to light, enhanced interrogation or torture? They were neither. They were unmitigated sadism and unabashed sexual sadism committed by opportunistic psychopaths employed […]

Former Obama Aide: ‘Woke Gen. Milley Must Be Fired and Prosecuted for Treason’

Retired Rear Admiral and former Obama physician Ronny Jackson has called on the military to arrest Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley and prosecute him for “treason.” Jackson wrote on Twitter Thursday that Milley was “willing to put the lives of America’s sons & daughters in EXTREME RISK all to undermine Trump.” Jackson ended the […]

Iranian parliament calls for President Rouhani to be prosecuted over ‘illegal’ agreement with IAEA

A majority of Iranian lawmakers voted on Monday to pass a motion condemning the country’s president, Hassan Rouhani, for agreeing a deal between his government and the UN nuclear watchdog, and called for his prosecution.  The damning resolution in Iran’s parliament also stated that a report by the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission on […]

Americans on Jewish National Fund board might be prosecuted by ICC over settlements –Alpher

Last weekend, the Jewish National Fund, which exists to “redeem” the land of Israel for Jews, moved forward on a plan to buy Palestinian lands that surround illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank so as to expand the settlements, give them green spaces and room to develop. The move has been hammered by liberal […]

Court Rules Paul Manafort Cannot Be Prosecuted in New York After Trump Pardon

A court of appeals supported a lower court ruling that “double jeopardy” protected Paul Manafort from prosecution in New York state after his pardon by former President Donald Trump. Democrat New York District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. was behind the attempt to ensure former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign chairman would face more than a […]

Lieu: Republican Members of Congress Who ‘Incited Insurrection’ Should Be Prosecuted

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) said Monday on CNN’s “The Lead” that any members of Congress who are found after an investigation to have “incited” the deadly riots at Capital Hill should be prosecuted.

Trump Is ‘Deranged, Unhinged, Dangerous’ & Must Be Prosecuted Says Pelosi

In part of an interview due to air on Sunday’s broadcast of CBS’ “60 Minutes”, House speaker Nancy Pelosi took the opportunity to blast President Trump…again. Pelosi said the country needed protecting from Donald Trump who she declared was a “deranged, unhinged, dangerous” president of the United States. “Sadly”, she said “the person who’s running […]

Biden: Capitol rioters ‘insurrectionists and anti-Semites,’ should be prosecuted

US President-elect Joe Biden cited anti-Semitic expressions by rioters in the US Capitol this week in saying that his Justice Department should prosecute them. “Yes,” he said Friday when a reporter asked if his Justice Department should prosecute the marauders whose looting of the Capitol this week in hopes of stopping Congress’s affirmation of Biden […]

NBC’s Mehdi Hasan: ‘Sociopathic’ Trump ‘Should Be Prosecuted’ for American Coronavirus Deaths

NBC News’ streaming service Peacock host Mehdi Hasan said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that President Donald Trump “should be prosecuted” for his “sociopathic” behavior that lead to hundreds of thousands of “preventable deaths” from coronavirus. Hasan said, “The two worst presidents of the last hundred years are the last two Republican presidents the current one […]

Biden Selects AG Who Prosecuted Pro-Life Investigator to Lead Dept. of Health and Human Services

Joe Biden announced on Monday that he has nominated California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to be the next secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The pick was denounced by pro-life groups and others, who noted that Becerra is “aggressively pro-abortion” as he defended a state law requiring pregnancy centers to provide […]

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted Post-Haste for Crimes Against Humanity

Now here’s her photo so that the Patriot Movement can make a citizen’s arrest.  Such an evil menace to society needs to be taken off the street before more Americans are killed by OPERATION COVID-19. 

Keith Olbermann: Trump Supporters ‘Must Be Prosecuted & PURGED From Society’

Far-left sports broadcaster Keith Olbermann is now demanding that President Trump and his supporters are “prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.” The former ESPN host recently quit cable sports to host a YouTube show dedicated to ensuring Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden wins this November. During Thursday’s edition of his show, Olbermann called POTUS […]

Russia Prosecuted 15 Evangelicals in First Half of 2020 for ‘Illegal Missionary Activity’

Photo Credit: Georg Adler/Pixabay (Evangelical Focus) — At least 15 evangelical Christians have been punished in Russia between January and July 2020 for sharing their faith in non-authorized ways. All of them were prosecuted for violating the Administrative Code Article 5.26, Parts 4 and 5, passed in July 2016, which punishes “illegal missionary activity.” The […]

Fascist Nazi Bigot Joe Biden Calls for Anarchist Rioters to Be Prosecuted

Negro-worshipping anarchists are currently torching the entire cities of Seattle and Portland and fascist nazi Joe Biden has said that these terrorists should be imprisoned. Some faggot host at MSNBC says that Senile Joe is forwarding dangerous rhetoric by saying anarchists who are lighting buildings on fire and attacking police stations should be prosecuted. “anarchist” […]

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