Jews Want Romanians Prosecuted For Claiming Science And Math More Important Than Learning About The Holocaust

(Jewish Telegrahic Agency) A popular political party has caused outrage among Jews in Romania — and the entire world — for having the temerity to suggest that Holocaust education — which was recently mandated in high schools there — is less of a priority for children compared to learning the hard sciences and other traditional and more practical subjects:

The populist Alliance for the Union of Romanians party, or AUR, issued a statement Monday accusing the the government of relegating “fundamental subjects” such as “exact sciences, Romanian language and literature and national history” in favor of “minor topics,” such as “sexual education” and “history of the Holocaust.” Through this, the government is trying “to undermine the quality of the education system in Romania,” the statement read.

AUR holds a total of 43 Senate and lower house seats in Romania’s 466-seat parliament. Holocaust history became a mandatory subject in Romanian schools in November.

Israel’s ambassador to Romania, David Saranga, argued on Twitter that AUR’s statement falls under the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism, which Romania’s government adopted in 2017. Speaking to RFI Romania, the government’s special representative for combating antisemitism, Alexandru Muraru, hinted at the possibility of outlawing AUR, calling the party “a threat to Romania’s constitutional order.”

The Elie Wiesel Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania also condemned AUR, accusing its leaders of hiding “behind parliamentary immunity” to avoid being prosecuted for the statement.

AUR’s co-leader Claudiu Tarziu responded to Saranga in an open letter published on Wednesday. “We are Christians, so we can’t be antisemites,” wrote Tarziu, who denied calling the Holocaust a “minor topic.” The senator acknowledged the “sinister horrors” inflicted on Jews by “the Nazi regime,” but fell short in mentioning Romania’s responsibility in the mass murder.

According to official Romanian statistics, between 280,000 and 380,000 Jews were murdered or died in territories under Romanian administration during World War II. AUR shocked most of the country by winning 9% of the national elections vote in December 2020, entering parliament for the first time. Some of its leaders have defended the record of historical figures who served in the regime of Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu — an ally of Hitler — or were part of the fiercely antisemitic Iron Guard, a revolutionary fascist movement.

Jews don’t want children to learn about science and math because they are incompatible with the Official Holocaust Narrative™ — which cannot stand up to the rigors of logic, math, science — and just common sense.

Holocaust is based on pure emotion — not logic — and to question the mathematical impossibility of 6 Million Jews dying in World War II — let alone actually being in Europe in the first place — is pure anti-Semitism, according to their official definition of the term.

The head of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel has admitted that there is no physical evidence to prove that the Holocaust actually happened — and that lack of evidence is proof that it actually happened.

In other words, to believe in the Holocaust requires blind faith — a willing suspension of disbelief — so much so that it’s far easier to believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead than it is that 6 Million Jews™ were magically wiped off the face of the earth without leaving a trace.

The official Holocaust narrative is psychological warfare used against Jews — to keep them in line, to keep them in fear that the non-Jews want them dead and will throw them in “gas ovens” the second they relax.

To be accepted as a Jew, you must believe the entire world is a hostile place that seeks to murder you and your kind on an industrial scale just because you are a Jew — For No Reason Whatsoever™.

You must believe that when a Jew dies, it’s either a tragedy or the result of blind hatred — and that Jewish Suffering™ is sui generis — it has no equivalent, and to compare it to any other suffering is the ultimate insult to their dignity.

This neurotic paranoia is fundamental to ersatz Jewish identity — and fundamental to their justification for aggressively destroying all Christian nations that allegedly desire to genocide them.

All Christians — not just the Germans — collaborated with the Nazis™ to murder all 6 Million™ of them — and the fact that the Jews have exacted Holocaust Reparations™ from virtually every European nation is “proof” of our collective guilt.

Jews see true Christianity is inherently “anti-Semitic” — as just another blood libel, falsely accusing Jews of murdering Jesus Christ.

One cannot be Christian and not be anti-Semitic — and conversely, if one embraces the Jews, one cannot be Christian.

In their minds, they must kill us before we kill them — shouting “Never Again!” — all their energies are directed to ensure that another fictional Holocaust never happens again.

How can the Jews kill hundreds of millions of potential “anti-Semites” on an industrial scale without having to resort to concentration camps and Gas Chambers™?

You convince them that if they don’t demand to be given your deadly vaccines, they will die of the common cold.

And it’s much easier to convince them to do this if they learn about the Holocaust instead of learning about science.

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