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Ukraine set to Improve Minority Rights for Romanians after EU Pressure

Ukraine has taken the first important steps in amending minority legislation, including in the field of education so that teaching at schools in Romanian communities can continue in the Romanian language, as it has existed for hundreds of years, said Aurica Bojescu, secretary in charge of the Interregional Union of the Romanian Community in Ukraine. […]

Who is the Rightful owner of Transylvania and what is the true Origin of Romanians and Hungarians?

Who is the rightful owner of Transylvania some people are asking themselves and especially people from Hungary who some of them consider Transylvania as theirs, while the international community all recognize Transylvania as Romanian. Well before we can answer such a difficult question, we need to go deep into history. First we need to understand […]

Jews Want Romanians Prosecuted For Claiming Science And Math More Important Than Learning About The Holocaust

(Jewish Telegrahic Agency) A popular political party has caused outrage among Jews in Romania — and the entire world — for having the temerity to suggest that Holocaust education — which was recently mandated in high schools there — is less of a priority for children compared to learning the hard sciences and other traditional […]

Romanians, Bulgarians Overwhelmingly Reject CV Shots – Govts Forced to Sell Off Their Supplies

By Chris Menahan Romanians and Bulgarians have overwhelmingly rejected Big Pharma’s experimental shots and now their governments are selling them off to Ireland and Denmark. How do we explain this situation in Romania? 25% of population vaccinated. Cases & deaths plummeting. Government closing down vaccinating centres and selling vaccines to the West. Same in most […]

‘Czech your racism’: Hundreds of Romanians protest Stanislav Tomas death

More than a hundred people gathered outside the Czech Republic’s embassy in Bucharest Tuesday to protest the death of a Roma man following an incident with Czech police earlier this month. Video footage of the detention of the Roma man, in the northern Czech city of Teplice on June 19, shows a policeman kneeling on […]

Over 250,000 Romanians Rise Up to End Govt Corruption

PHOTO: Romanians have held the biggest protests since the fall of the Communist regime in 1989. (Reuters: Alex Fraser) 00,000 people lit up their mobile phones in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square at on Sunday evening, in the biggest anti-Government protests Romania has seen in the last 25 years. Although the Government repealed on Sunday the controversial emergency […]

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