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Powerful Film: What Have Governments Really Done?

A powerful clip from the documentary Engines of Domination The melody used in this video is essentially a happy, folky tune that initially makes you think of apple pie and 1950s baseball stars. But the footage of governments beating citizens, killing foreign ‘enemies’, and destroying the planet makes a strong contrast to the upbeat rhythm […]

Man Wins The Lottery And Rents Billboard Space To Help Save Women’s’ Lives

Instead of spending his lottery winnings wildly, this man from Milwaukee is intent on raising awareness for breast cancer. For most people, winning the lottery is a permission slip to start living a life they desire. While some might invest in world travels, a new house, or even rent an island, a […]

A Simple Guide to 10 Personal Care Products You Can Make at Home

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The Average American Now Weighs 18% More Than In 1960

The latest in disturbing news… It’s no secret everything tends to be bigger in America. Not only does the land of ‘Supersize Me’ offer some of the biggest portions on the planet, but some experts report that the average individual now consumes about 30% more calories than residents did in 1977. Therefore, is it a surprise the […]

Awakening To The Truth: You’ve Felt It Your Entire Life

If this sounds like you, pass it along and wake someone else up… If you haven’t seen this short video by Collective Evolution (entitled You’ve felt it your entire life),  it’s well worth watching (and sharing). With Morpheus‘s message to Neo making a powerful voice-over, the video uses a montage of clips from films […]

Study Says That Tylenol Kills Emotions Along With Pain

According to a recent study conducted at Ohio State University, one of the primary active ingredients in Tylenol actually doesn’t just relieve pain, but it also relieves positive emotions. This study is just the most recent indication that it is likely a good idea to stay away from the substance known as acetaminophen. Acetaminophen overdoses are responsible […]

Self Driving Cars Could Be Programmed To Kill You In Order To Save Other Lives

Google’s Lexus RX 450h Self-Driving Car. Image Credit: Wikimedia For the past few years, Google’s self-driving cars have been traveling around the country to test how well they work and how safe they are. The cars have been in a total of 13 accidents, however, the self-driving vehicles were not responsible for any of the […]

Mayor Tells Cab Driver To “F**k Off And Die” On Video

London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, was recently caught on video telling a cab driver to f*** off and die, after the cab driver started an argument with him because he was traveling in an Uber car instead of a licensed cab. The cab driver reportedly yelled at the mayor “You’re one of them, mate. That’s what you are. […]

France Says Nutella Is ‘Bad For The Environment’. After Reading This, You Might Too.

Credit:   You may have been inspired – maybe even moved – by all the progressive happenings  France has implemented (like banning stores from wasting food and even restricting Monsanto’s glyphosate from being sold in its nurseries), but condemning Nutella?? Now the country may have gone too far. Or has it?  According to France’s ecology […]

Innovative Organization Turns African Poachers Into Sustainable Farmers

This non-profit teaches alternative life choices to poachers, such as beekeeping, sustainable farming, and carpentry. A former hunter and his family prepare rice fields for the imminent Luangwa river basin flooding.Credit: Gael McKeon Did you hear the recent news concerning the African elephant? According to conservationist, this species of land animal may go extinct within […]

Russell Brand On Bilderberg 2015: You Don’t Have To Believe The Queen Is A Lizard To Be Angry About Secret Talks

As the global elite meet in Austria to decide on issues affecting the whole of humanity and planet Earth, Brand makes a crucial point Bilderberg is an annual meeting of the world’s elite: Royalty, world leaders, Rothschilds, Rockerfellas, Google, Microsoft, CEOs from the world’s biggest arms, tech and dirty energy corporations, and more who we will never […]

New Solar Plant Will Be Shaped In A Heart To ‘Show Love For The Planet’

The ‘Heart of New Caledonia’ solar power plant will be able to generate enough electricity for 750 homes, and more. Credit: What better way is there to express love for the Earth than to install a solar power plant in the shape of a heart? This is what the ‘Heart of New Caledonia’ plant will […]

Jon Stewart’s Moving Words About The Charlestown Massacre: There Is Something Seriously Wrong With American Society

Jon Stewart last night made an emotional speech about racism and gun crime during The Daily Show, which is sure to be controversial. Staring at the camera with a solemn face, Stewart began by apologizing to the audience: “I have one job, and it’s a pretty easy job,” he said, explaining that all […]

Ben & Jerry’s To Produce A Dairy-Free Ice Cream

B&J’s heard the scream for ice cream and is producing a dairy-free version. Credit: Ecorazzi Great news for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant: Ben & Jerry’s has heard the scream for plant-based ice cream and is soon to release its first dairy-free soft serve. In an exclusive interview with, the co-founder of […]

Biodegradable Cigarette Filters Flower Into Trees When Thrown Away

To offset some of the environmental damage caused by smoking, this company has embedded seeds into its cigarette filters. How does a group of committed individuals go about creating a greener world? By utilizing ingenious technologies and concepts to create products that turn into something better when thrown away – or, in this case, littered. You’ve seen […]

Why did the 700 goats cross the road? (video)

Goat spill? Runaway herd? Stampede? We’ve got the story behind this amazing video of goats gone wild. Goats are the new cute cats. Well actually it might be hard to dethrone cute cats as the reigning royalty of all things viral on the Internet, but goats are definitely working hard to get noticed. There are […]

Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas for TreeHugger dads

If you celebrate Father’s Day, and need some ideas for last minute gifts that dad might enjoy, here are 15 options to choose from.Father’s Day has been called a “Hallmark holiday” that’s fake and annoying, but with over 20 years as a father under my belt, I’ve come to really appreciate it as a time […]

Outraged Toronto cyclists stage die-in to protest cyclist deaths

Thirty-one pedestrians and cyclists have been killed by cars so far this year; last year it was 13 by this time. Three cyclists have been killed; I knew one, Roger Du Toit. Yet when it comes to transportation in the City of Toronto, it’s cars that matter. The mayor will spend half a billion dollars […]

Photo: Honey bee inspects a flower

This great shot of a honey bee, taken by Ted Roger Karson, is the perfect Photo of the Day during National Pollinator Week. The week is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of pollinators like bees and butterflies, and to fight for better policies to protect them. Would you like to see your nature […]

The mystery of Alaska’s dead fin whales

Nine of these giant endangered animals have died recently; all at roughly the same time and place. What’s going on? With total population numbers only in the tens of thousands, a die-off of the world’s second largest mammal is significant. Since May, at least nine fin whales have been discovered floating dead in the waters […]

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