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The West Approves Turkey’s Operation against the Kurds but Condemns Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine

On 18 April, Turkey announced the beginning of a new cross-border military special operation in Iraqi Kurdistan, Claw Lock (Pençe Kilit). Ankara initially focused all its attention on the Duhok Province of Iraq, where Special Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Turkey with the support of artillery, landed in the Metina, Zap and Avashin […]

The Secret, Generational War on Circassians and Kurds

This post is an extension of an earlier theory discussed on this website, which demonstrated that our secret rulers are Phoenician in origin. If that is indeed the case, then many major conflicts today may actually be Phoenician operations aimed at decimating their historical enemies. The Circassians and the Kurds (among many others, such as […]

‘What about our future?’ The Iranian Kurds trapped in Iraq and forgotten by the international community

In May, 25-year-old Ako sat in a hospital room next to his friend Behzad Mahmoudi, who was wrapped head to toe in bandages. Behzad, an Iranian Kurdish asylum seeker, had set himself on fire outside the United Nations’ headquarters in Erbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq. He was protesting his […]

Missiles, sanctions and Kurds: Biden hasn’t called Erdogan yet, and they have a lot to talk about

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After Idlib and the Kurds… What about the Euphrates and the Tigris? بعد إدلب والكرد.. ماذا عن الفرات ودجلة؟

 ARABI SOURI FEBRUARY 6, 2021 International relations researcher and specialist in Turkish affairs The following is the English translation from Arabic of the latest article by Turkish career journalist Husni Mahali he published in the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news site Al-Mayadeen Net: After Turkey has become a main party in the overall developments of the Syrian file with the years […]

2006 State Department Cable Reveals Plan To Use Terror, Intrigue, Kurds To Destabilize Syria, Weaken Assad

2006 State Department Cable Reveals Plan To Use Terror, Intrigue, Kurds To Destabilize Syria, Weaken Assad Above Photo: From Despite the bulk of the attempted destruction of Syria having taken place during the Obama administration, the fact is that the agenda began marching years before Obama took office and it is continuing to do […]

Iraq approves Turkish military operations against “anti-Turkish Kurds” on joint borders

nsnbc : Meeting with Iraqi Justice Minister Haider al-Zamili in Baghdad, Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Fateh Yildiz, said Ankara started to launch military operations on […]

Ankara considers joint op with Baghdad against Iraqi Kurds – FM

Speaking to CNN Turk, Mevlut Cavusoglu also said that Ankara’s own operation against Syrian Kurdish militias in the Afrin region would be completed by May. Iraqi Kurds’ independence referendum illegitimate – Tillerson Kurdish militias in Iraq and Syria were allied with the US-led coalition, which rallied them for operations targeting the jihadist forces of the […]

Syrian Pro-Govt Forces to Help Kurds Defend Afrin Against Turkey

This is a very tense situation, which could potentially open-up a dangerous new front in the Syrian war. The worst result would be a direct military confrontation between Turkey and Syria. RT International reports… “Syrian pro-government forces are expected to help Kurdish militias defend the city of Afrin. It follows an alleged deal between Damascus […]

Kurds in Conflict-Ridden Northeastern Syria Turn to Kidnapping, Conscription, ISIS-like Tactics

Sarah Abed is an independent journalist and political commentator.  She covers a broad range of issues relating to the Syrian war, Kurdish issues in Iraq and Syria, as well as U.S policy in the Middle East.  The following is an account of Sarah’s conversations with Assyrian Christians living under Kurdish rule in occupied northern Syria, […]

Kurds, Out of Options, Look to Syria’s Assad for Help

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (Analysis) — The war in Syria has been relatively absent from media coverage in recent weeks following the declared victory of Syrian, Russian and Iranian militaries in their battle against the U.S.- backed rebels and terror groups, including ISIS and al-Qaeda. Now Washington is changing its strategy to draw Syria further into chaos and […]

America, the Kurds, and History: Only a Pawn in Their Game

The only thing that has ever been faithful to the Kurds is history: it has faithfully, without fail, betrayed them. The Kurds have been cast in the role of the pawn in powerful countries’ games of chess. They do much of the hard work only to be sacrificed when checkmate is in sight. Most recently, […]

Syrian Kurds outraged over mutilation of female fighter by Turkish backed ‘rebels’

     Turkish-backed rebels accused of filming mistreatment of Women’s Protection Units member Syrian Kurds have accused Turkish-backed rebels of mutilating then filming the body of one of their female fighters after a video emerged of her corpse. Turkey and allied Syrian rebels have pressed an offensive since 20 January against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin […]

‘Double standards’: Kurds slam US for not fighting ‘Turkish occupation’ of Afrin (VIDEO)

“With the coalition, especially the US forces, we saw some double standards,” a Kurdish military officer by the name of Khalil told RT’s Ruptly agency. “What we demand from the US, in particular, is to fulfil the promises to the [US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces] – that is to protect the liberated areas, including Afrin, which, […]

Uncle Sam dumps the Kurds (yet again)

The Saker JANUARY 26, 2018 [This article was written for the Unz Review] The drama which is unfolding in northern Syria is truly an almost ideal case to fully assess how weak and totally dysfunctional the AngloZionist Empire has really become. Let’s begin with a quick reminder. The US-Israeli goals in Syria were really very simple. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Kurds Have To Live In United Syria

Recently a new petition has appeared on supporting Afrin Kurds. Their statement is aimed at the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava. Almost 6 thousand people have already signed the petition, including those from Afrin. Nevertheless, the victims of Turkish aggression, the Syrian Kurds, do need more voices. Your voice is also needed. The […]

Henningsen: US ‘Squatting’ in Syria, Attempting to Manage NATO, Turkey, Kurds and Russia

The situation with NATO, Turkey and the Kurds in Syria is of central geopolitical importance for the United States. What’s at stake? In short, continued control and influence in Middle East affairs… Executive Editor of 21st Century Wire, Patrick Henningsen, speaks to RT International:   Partial transcript… PH: “Who’s going to manage this situation? Is […]

US promises Turkey to stop arming Syrian Kurds – media

Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin and US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster held a phone call on Friday evening, Anadolu news agency said. McMaster confirmed that Washington would no longer provide weapons to fighters of the Kurdish People’s Protection units (YPG) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD).  Later on Saturday Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu […]

Turkey invades Afrin: the Kurds lose again

By Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog After weeks of belligerent rhetoric and preparations, Turkey finally invaded Afrin last week. It came as no surprise that Turkey would go for this vulnerable Kurdish-held region in north-western Syria first. So how does this affect the war? Previous Turkish incursions have been limited and aimed at stopping what […]

Russia gave Turkey the green light to attack Syrian Kurds: Keno Gabriel

nsnbc : The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Monday that Russia has betrayed the SDFby allowing Turkey to carry out attacks on the […]

USA a totally unreliable ally. How US went from supporting Syrian Kurds, to backing Turkey against them – in just 9 days

For all the backpedaling and reframing the US officials are now doing, the chronology of the volte-face from Afrin to Ankara is startlingly straightforward. READ MORE: ‘No stepping back’ from Afrin campaign: Turkish Army takes offensive to Azaz district January 13 US announces a 30,000-strong Kurdish YPG-led Border Security Force (BSF) to stave off a […]

Turkish field op against Afrin Kurds ‘de facto underway’ – Erdogan

“The Afrin operation has de facto been started on the ground,” Erdogan said in a televised speech in the city of Kutahya, as cited by AFP. Ankara says ‘has no option’ but to attack Syrian Kurds in Afrin, starts cross-border shelling “This will be followed by Manbij,” he added, referring to a Kurdish-controlled town in […]

Turkey could launch military offensive on Syrian Kurds in Afrin and Manbij within a week: Erdogan

nsnbc : Turkey’s President R. Tayyip Erdogan has said his country could launch a military offensive on Afrin and Manbij in northern Syria, within […]

‘Kurds are pawns in US strategic games’

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) say they could join the government army if they’re allowed to form a federal state in the north of the country. The statement came after Turkey claimed the US president had promised to stop arming Kurdish forces. However, there’s apparently no clear position from the White House on the […]

Iraqi Kurds Renounce Secession Claims – Will Remain Part of Iraq

On the 25th of September, Iraqi Kurds held a secessionist vote based on the principles of extreme ethno-nationalist, where Kurds voted to separate from Iraq. The referendum was boycotted by Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and local Turkmen and was doubly controversial as it included areas of Iraq that had been unilaterally occupied by Kurdish militants, which […]

Putin and Erdogan discuss political solution for Syria but Kurds cause controversy

nsnbc : Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President R. Tayyip Erdogan met for a working meeting at a presidential residence in the Black […]

Iraqi Kurds proposed 7-point plan on borders and territorial disputes to Baghdad

nsnbc : Jabar Yawar, Chief of Staff of the Peshmerga Ministry of Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region (KAR) said the Kurdish military delegation in charge of […]

Ceasefire reached between Iraq and Kurds, ending post-referendum violence – US-led coalition

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Iraqi PM meets with Turkish president on Kurds

AP— The Latest on developments in Iraq (all times local): 1 p.m. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is meeting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for talks on the independence referendum held by Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region which both countries strongly opposed. Al-Abadi, who arrived in Ankara on Wednesday, is also scheduled to meet with Prime […]

US-Backed Syrian Kurds Transfer Key Gas Field To Russians After Secret Talks

In a move that surprised many observers of the ongoing war for Deir Ezzor province, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) handed over one of Syria’s largest gas fields to Russian forces on Thursday, possibly as the result of unprecedented direct talks between high ranking Russian officials and Kurdish leaders in Qamishli in northeastern Syria. […]

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