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Students across Philadelphia launch Gaza solidarity encampment at UPenn

Students from UPenn, Drexel, and Temple at the encampment are demanding that UPenn discloses its investments, divests from corporations that profit from Israel’s genocide, and defends Palestinians students and their allies. Source

Philadelphia Journalist Who Mocked Concern Over Violent Crime In Democrat Cities Shot Dead In Home

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Philadelphia’s “Zombieland” Kensington neighborhood continues to suffer from spread of “tranq” drug

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Philadelphia’s low-income Kensington neighborhood continues to be overrun with sleepwalking “zombies” as overdoses caused by the street drug known as tranq continue to rise.Also known as “tranq dope” or “zombie heroin,” tranq is made up of xylazine, an animal tranquilizer, that is mixed in with other drugs, notably … [Read More…] Source

Where is the love? Philadelphia experiencing worst VIOLENT CRIME surge in city’s history

(Natural News) The City of Philadelphia is experiencing the worst violent crime surge in its history. In a scathing opinion piece published by the Washington Examiner, commentary writer Christopher Tremoglie, an alumnus of the University of Philadelphia who has previously worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer, noted how incompetent city leadership coupled with radical left-wing criminal justice policies and reforms… […]

18-inch pipe bomb found near railroad tracks in Philadelphia neighborhood

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) is investigating the discovery of an 18-inch pipe bomb, or explosive device, near railroad tracks in the northeastern Philadelphia neighborhood of Holmesburg.The discovery comes after train derailments shook the country after these supposed accidents released hazardous and … [Read More…] Source

18 Inch Pipe Bomb Discovered Near Conrail Tracks In Northeast Philadelphia

The bomb was eventually disarmed and taken away, transported from the Holmesburg section of the city to bomb squad headquarters.  Source

18-inch pipe bomb found behind Philadelphia church, close to railroad tracks

According to reports, a pipe bomb was discovered close to a church in Holmesburg, a section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An 18-inch pipe bomb was reportedly discovered on Sunday behind St. Dominic’s Catholic Church on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia’s Holmesburg neighborhood, according to local Fox News. Behind the chapel, close to Conrail train tracks, the device […]

Philadelphia Prepares to Receive ‘Dozens of Migrants’ Bused from Texas

Officials in Philadelphia are preparing to join the list of sanctuary cities receiving busloads of migrants sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The mayor said they are preparing to receive “dozens of migrants” being bused from Del Rio. Source

Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor Signs Gun Ban That Applies to Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Democrat Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed an executive order Tuesday banning the carry of guns — even by concealed permit holders — in city parks and recreational centers. Source

At Least 2 Gunman Open Fire on High School Football Players in Philadelphia

At least two gunman opened fire on football players following a scrimmage between Roxborough High School and Northeast High School on Tuesday afternoon. Source

Survey Finds Most Likely Voters View Biden’s Philadelphia Speech as ‘Dangerous Escalation’

A big majority of voters who say they are likely to cast ballots in the November congressional elections agree with a description of President Joe Biden’s Sept. 1 speech in Philadelphia as a “dangerous escalation in rhetoric” that was “designed to incite conflict among Americans.” Biden’s speech was delivered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia where […]

VIDEO — Woman Set on Fire in Philadelphia: ‘She’ll Never Have the Face She Was Born With’

Police are investigating a woman set on fire June 16 in Philadelphia’s Kensington area, and a report identified her as 36-year-old Alyssa Morales. Source

‘BDSM’ and ‘Masturbation Sleeves’: Philadelphia Public School Teachers Attended Sexual Fetish Conference

The School District of Philadelphia encouraged its teachers to attend a Trans Wellness Conference in which they explored topics such as “BDSM,” “masturbation sleeves,” “kink,” “banging beyond binaries,” and “trans sex.”

Masked Joe Biden Visits Masked Children in Philadelphia Elementary School

President Joe Biden visited a group of students in an elementary school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Friday. Although the event was billed as a way for the president to promote the return of in-person learning after the coronavirus pandemic, all of the students and teachers wore masks. The Centers for Disease Control have lifted mask […]

Philadelphia police commissioner confirms officer will be fired after fatally shooting child

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw announced Tuesday that she will fire the police officer who fatally shot a 12-year-old boy in the back. Around 7:24 p.m. on March 1, four plainclothes officers in an unmarked car drove towards 12-year-old Thomas “TJ” Siderio and a 17-year-old, who were on bicycles. Officers Edsaul Mendoza, Kwaku Sarpong, Robert […]

Philadelphia Mayor Hosts Pro-Palestine Rally

Posted on December 1, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians 1 Dec 2021 Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney during pro-Palestinian rally By Al Mayadeen Source: Forward The Philadelphia mayor has been criticized for hosting a pro-Palestinian rally. Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney hosted a rally on the UN’s Day of Solidarity with Palestinians, where organizers advocated for Palestinian’s […]

Philadelphia Museum Returns Stolen Shield to Czech Republic

This striking Renaissance ceremonial shield was intended to feature in Adolf Hitlers Mega-Museum in Linz, Austria. Now, this highly-symbolic piece of ancient armor will be returned to the Czech Republic where is was held for centuries before the Nazis attacked in the 20th century. Created around 1535 AD by Italian sculptor and painter Girolamo di Tommaso da […]

Judge Rules Columbus Statue in Philadelphia Can Remain

PHILADELPHIA—A statue of Christopher Columbus can remain in south Philadelphia, a judge ruled, reversing the city’s decision to remove it after the explorer became a focus of protesters amid nationwide demonstrations after the police killing of George Floyd. Last year’s decision to remove the now-boarded-up statue from Marconi Plaza was unsupported by law and based […]

Video: Philadelphia Announces DOUBLE Mask Mandate For Government Workers

The Mayor and Health Commissioner of Philadelphia dropped an announcement Wednesday that unvaccinated city employees will need to wear two masks while working indoors and that all new hires after September 1 will have to be vaccinated. The Philadelphia Inquirer noted the details of Mayor Jim Kenney and acting Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole’s announcement. During […]

Philadelphia Hits 300 Killings This Year, As Its Record Pace Continues

(Philadelphia Inquirer) — Late Thursday night, someone opened fire on a North Philadelphia street and shot three people. One died: the city’s 300th homicide victim of 2021. Police did not identify the man who died, and released few details about the crime, which they said happened on the 1800 block of West Susquehanna Avenue around […]

Philadelphia May Have Just Revolutionized Evictions

Above photo: A group of housing advocates protesting evictions tried to block the court entrance Sept. 3, 2020. Sterling Johnson. In the aftermath of 2008, Philadelphia emerged as a model of mortgage foreclosure prevention. Now it is leading the way on eviction prevention. Philadelphia is on the verge of upending evictions as we know them. […]

BL – & Churches, Part 4: Smyrna and Philadelphia

EURO FOLK RADIO BL – & Churches, Part 4: Smyrna and Philadelphia Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Share this: Source

Philadelphia: Kensington Ave at Night

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No Evictions For 30+ Families In Philadelphia Takeover Houses

By National Lawyers Guild and Poor People’s Army, Popular Resistance. February 19, 2021 Above photo: Activist Cheri Honkala at the homeless encampment at 22nd and Ben Franklin Parkway. Alejandro A. Alvarez. The National Lawyers Guild stands in solidarity with the Poor People’s Army and all of the 30+ families that are sheltered in homes that […]

Interview With Striking Nurse In Philadelphia Suburb

Above photo: Fox 29 Philadelphia. Nurses at St. Mary Medical Center outside Philadelphia went on strike Tuesday morning, demanding safe staffing ratios to confront the growing numbers of Covid cases in Pennsylvania. Left Voice spoke with Drew, one of the nurses walking the picket line. On Tuesday, November 17, nurses at St. Mary Medical Center […]

George Soros Arrested in Philadelphia For Election Interference – Judge Orders Media Blackout

George Soros has been arrested and is currently being held in federal custody in Philadelphia. According to a recently unsealed indictment filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Soros has been charged with a number of serious crimes relating to the US election. The indictment lists only on the criminal activity Soros participated in prior […]

Philadelphia GOP Alleges Dead People Voted in Pennsylvania

The Republican Party in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is alleging that hundreds of dead people voted in the presidential election. In a post on Saturday evening, the Philadelphia GOP said it found on the state’s website that at least 840 dead people voted in the election. The site details when a voter sent in his ballot and […]

Marianne Williamson Justifies Philadelphia Looting by Claiming Bible says Nothing Against Stealing

    Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson justified another night of riots and looting in Philadelphia by claiming that there’s nothing in the Bible which tells people not to steal. Yes, really. Numerous stores were trashed and looted while police officers were attacked again in response to the shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who […]

Church in Philadelphia Set on Fire Amid Rioting Over Police Shooting of Black Man With Knife

PHILADELPHIA — A church in Philadelphia was set on fire on Tuesday night during the second night of riots following the death of a black man with mental health issues, who was shot by police after he walked toward them with a knife despite orders to drop it. According to Baptist Press, Philip Pham, pastor of […]

Philadelphia council approves ban on tear gas & rubber bullets as battered police struggle to quell ‘peaceful protests’

Home » Injustice, North America, Protests » Philadelphia council approves ban on tear gas & rubber bullets as battered police struggle to quell ‘peaceful protests’     Amid unrest that has left dozens of officers wounded this week, Philadelphia police may lose much of their crowd-control weaponry, as the city council voted to ban use […]

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