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Damning National Security and Intelligence reports caused Justin Trudeau to call 2 snap elections

This is the second time Justin Trudeau has called a snap election immediately after NSICOP delivered its report on its investigation of matters of national security and intelligence. The reports details NSICOP findings after it conducts an investigation of Parliamentarians and their departments. The first snap election was called after NSICOP found and presented “ample […]

Globalist Soy Boy Justin Trudeau Threatens the Unvaccinated

Globalist soy boy Justin Trudeau continues to show himself to be the butt goy for Dr. Evil-style maniac Klaus Schuab. Here Trudeau threatens the unvaccinated with “consequences” if they don’t submit to the Bill Gates toxic death jab. This anal-fetishizing lunatic will stop at nothing until all white Canadians are sterilized and unable to have […]

Justin Trudeau Discusses Afghanistan Crisis With Hillary Clinton

Justin Trudeau said that he had been talking with Hillary Clinton by telephone to discuss their shared “concern for Afghan women and girls” following the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. The Canadian Prime Minister said Clinton “welcomed our efforts and urged Canada to continue our work.”  “Governments, international organizations, and civil society must continue to work […]

BC court document reveals Justin Trudeau has a record for a trial by jury court case

BC trail by jury record Justin Trudeau had deleted. Justin Trudeau’s trial by jury court case SAMIE, Ali v TRUDEAU, Justin occurred when Justin Trudeau was a teacher in BC. Jury trials are used in a significant share of serious criminal cases in many but not all common law judicial systems. In Canada, you have the right to […]

Justin Trudeau Dresses Up As A Saudi Sheik So Biden Will Approve His Pipeline

OTTAWA—Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (he/him, they/them) dusted off one of his old ethnic costumes today in hopes that President Joe Biden would approve his pipeline. “Hello, President Biden, much happy greetings from my Middle East country, good sir!” Trudeau said in a meeting with the president today. “I have many great pipeline for you […]

Canada May Reopen Borders To Vaccinated Americans In August, PM Justin Trudeau Says

TORONTO (AP) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Thursday Canada could start allowing fully vaccinated Americans into Canada as of mid-August for non-essential travel and should be in a position to welcome fully vaccinated travelers from all countries by early September. Trudeau spoke with leaders of Canada’s provinces and his office released a readout […]

Criminal negligence offence for Justin Trudeau and Premiers Doug Ford and Blaine Higgs to use hotels and motels for quarantine & self-isolation

Chinese students brought in and quarantined by Premier Blaine Higgs’ NB government at Motel in Moncton NB August 23, 2020 Isolation and Quarantine is the capability to protect the health of the population through the use of isolation and/or quarantine measures in order to contain the spread of disease. Isolation of ill individuals may occur […]

Pervywood ~ Part 6 ~ Royal Flush. Connecting The Dots With Lady Di, JFK Jr, Justin Trudeau And His Father Fidel Castro And False Prophet Francis And The Vatican

Before It’s News | Candle Lighting For The Truth Thursday, April 22, 2021 15:33  PERVYWOOD ~ PART 6 ~ ROYAL FLUSH Connecting the dots of Lady Di, The Royal Family, Justin Trudeau and his father Fidel Castro, JFK Jr. and the Vatican. The Pervywood Series has explored much of the domestic perversions and hypocrisies within […]

Canada, Corruption, Traitor Pedophile Justin (Castro) Trudeau, Freeland and More

The Real Truth Network Justin Trudeau the Dimwitted Soros Puppet Justin Trudeau September 2, 2020 Being a Canadian patriot I felt it was necessary to have a Canadian corruption post all on its own.  Justin Trudeau and his band of globalist, Canada hating Liberals are hell bent on destroying our beautiful country and usher us […]

Pedophile Satanist Justin Castro Trudeau Is Shutting Down The Canadian Economy To Allow World Banks using the UN to Legally Take over with debt collection

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Justin Trudeau accused of ‘anti-Christian’ bias after failing to refer to ‘Easter’ in holiday message

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sparked controversy after referring to the Easter holidays as a “long weekend,” with online commenters pointing out that the prime minister frequently mentions other religious events. “It’s the start of a long weekend, and I know that means you’d normally be getting together with your entire family for a […]

Justin Trudeau suspected of illegally funneling $billions to convicted SNC-Lavalin through Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Federal departments are prohibited from doing business for a period of 10 years with an individual contractor that has engaged in improper conduct. A contractor may be debarred from participating in government procurements for 10 years from the date when the contractor or its affiliate has been convicted of an “integrity offence.” Integrity offences include […]

Pervywood Part 6 | Royal Flush | Connecting The Dots Of Lady Di, JFK Jr, Justin (Castro) Trudeau And The Vatican

The Pervywood Series has explored much of the domestic perversions and hypocrisies within Hollywood. . . but what about internationally? Enjoy this extra special, feature length, Pervywood 6 Royal Flush as we take the Pervywood Series International.  Written by Nick Alvear 00

Ralph Lauren Drops Justin Thomas After Gay Slur Caught on Hot Mic

Ralph Lauren has decided to end its sponsorship deal with Justin Thomas after the golfer muttered the word “f*ggot” following a missed putt in Hawaii last week. Thomas, 27, has had a sponsorship deal with Ralph Lauren since he burst onto the pro scene three years ago. “In the third round of the Sentry Tournament […]

Robert David Steele: Canadian Prime Minister Justin (Castro) Trudeau Faces Rape & Murder Charges of Children

January 13, 2021 Nicholas Veniamin interviews former CIA agent Robert David Steele to get his take on what’s coming down on the Deep State. 00

Canadian Prime Minister Justin (Castro) Trudeau Complicit In American Election Fraud

Before It’s The Tap Blog December 3, 2020 We now know that Communist China also gave the Canadian Dominion voting machine company a $400 million financial boost through a Swiss bank account, belonging to the Chinese government. As for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his role in the massive US election fraud, was to harbor […]

Justin Trudeau Calls The Coronavirus Pandemic An Opportunity For A ‘Reset’

What was once thought to be a conspiracy theory appears to have been confirmed by Justin Trudeau. Footage of a September 29 speech by the Canadian PM has reemerged and sent social media users scrambling to look up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” Trudeau argued in his speech that the coronavirus pandemic gives humanity […]

Justin Trudeau & Canada Creating Nazi-Like Unlawful COVID infrastructures for Human Detention

Truth11 Derek KnaussPrepare For Change From The Health Ranger blog “Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government are creating Nazi Germany-like infrastructureto detain human beings en masse, and for years to come. A brave Ontario politician named Randy Hillier spoke out about the government’s nefarious detainment plan in a provincial question period in front of the […]

Canada: Evil Psychopath Justin Trudeau Announces $221 Million Loan Program for Blacks

Privileging blacks appears to be the sole modern political mandate of these faggot and pedophile politicians. CBC: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced a new multi-million dollar program to help Black Canadians get business loans with national banks and said his government is looking at measures to tackle systemic racism in Canada. The $221-million program will receive about $93 million from […]

Spike in Toronto homicides linked to Justin Trudeau and the RCMP smuggling Syrian terrorists into Canada

Sun of David

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke The Halifax International Security Forum was founded in 2009 as a propaganda program within the German Marshall Fund (founded June 5, 1972 by West German Chancellor Willy Brandt) by the Crown in Canada using Crown Corp […]

“Feminist” Justin Trudeau Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Young Woman

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has been accused of sexually assaulting a young journalist while intoxicated in 2000. The self-proclaimed feminist “inappropriately handled” a female reporter on assignment in August 2000. WOW. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was accused of “groping” a young female reporter on assignment in August 2000. “Like father, like son” reads the editorial. […]

Justin Trudeau Accused of Groping Reporter in 2000

In a recently resurfaced editorial, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau appears to apologize for “inappropriately handling” a young journalist nearly 18 years ago. WOW. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was accused of “groping” a young female reporter on assignment in August 2000. “Like father, like son” reads the editorial. — Candice Malcolm (@CandiceMalcolm) June 7, 2018 […]

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Now Below President Trump as Right Wing Parties Surge in Canada

The popularity of Canadian Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on a steady decline as his approval ratings have fallen below U.S. President Trump in polls as right-wing parties surge across the country. Data from polling firm Angus Reid shows that 56 per cent of Canadians now disapprove of Prime Minister Trudeau while only […]

Justin Trudeau: Mind-Controlled Illuminati Poster Child?

  March 11, 2018 (Globalist traitor –Be anything but Canadian) from April 18, 2015 COMMON GROUND (2014) by Justin TrudeauReviewed by Ann Diamond( Justin Trudeau’s autobiography “Common Ground” was not easy to review. Its unspoken subtext involves abuse due to the Illuminati/Luciferian background of both sides of his family. In her book, TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA (1995) MK-ULTRA survivor […]

Video: Justin Trudeau is a Complete Idiot

Video: Justin Trudeau is a Complete Idiot Canada is a joke Paul Joseph Watson February 7, 2018 Justin Trudeau is a total imbecile and he has turned Canada into a joke. He also has tiny balls and an obsession with virtue signalling via his socks. Canada has a soy boy for a leader. Please […]

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau- We Should Say ‘PeopleKind’ Not ‘Mankind’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come under fire after he interrupted a woman during a public meeting to tell her to say ‘peoplekind’ instead of mankind. While some say this is political correctness gone mad, other say his comments were taken out of context. RT reports: Trudeau was listening to a complaint by a […]

Fear and Loathing on Parliament Hill: Will #MeToo Implicate Justin Trudeau?

Is a “very, very powerful” politician about to be outed? High-profile Liberal operative, Warren Kinsella, has thrown the Canadian political scene into high anxiety by stating a “very, very powerful” politician is about to be outed by the #MeToo movement. When? Well, soon, apparently. Maybe within hours. Those not in the loop can be forgiven […]

ISIS Supporter Found Guilty Of Planning Attack on Justin Bieber Concert

ISIS Supporter Found Guilty Of Planning Attack on Justin Bieber Concert British teen described himself as “a soldier of the Islamic State” in martyrdom letter Mikael ThalenPrison November 27, 2017 An ISIS supporter in Britain was charged Monday for planning an attack last June that included possible targets such as a Justin Bieber concert. […]

Video of Justin Bieber’s Latest Reptilian Shapeshifting Meltdown Goes Viral

Shocking footage has emerged of Justin Bieber that appears to show the usually-pint-sized pop star transform into a “giant lizard”. The incident took place in Sydney, Australia last week when Bieber was ambushed by screaming fans whilst out walking with his security team. Smartphone footage filmed by one of the fans shows a visibly stressed Bieber […]

Phillipsburg Police Officer Justin Sanderson Jailed For Raping Two Women

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