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Richest Canadians Biggest Beneficiaries of Pandemic Spending

Despite large amounts of government assistance during the pandemic, Canadians borrowed more than they saved in 2020, according to Statistics Canada, while an economic analyst says some of the government’s pandemic aid wasn’t well targeted and went to high-income households that didn’t need it. The richest quintile of households, or the top fifth, saved $186.61 […]

293 million Covid vaccine doses ordered for Canadians – enough for nearly eight shots per year for everyone

Never mind the myocarditis and unrecorded adverse events, or the waning protection, third doses are coming … and fourth and fifth and sixth … Not eight months after Covid-19 vaccines made their debut, hailed as a “miracle of science” and the “end of the pandemic,” it now looks like there will be no end to […]

Tens of Thousands of Canadians Rise Up To Reject New World Order – Media Blackout

Tens of thousands of Canadians have risen up to reject the New World Order’s attempts to restrict their freedom and impose vaccine passports. Thousands of angry citizens gathered in the streets of Montreal on Saturday to protest the coming implementation of vaccine passports that is set to rollout on September first.  The mandatory papers will […]

Thousands of Canadians died in 2020 awaiting surgery amid COVID-related healthcare restrictions

At the onset of surgical restrictions in March of 2020, all ten Canadian provinces and three territories confirmed that, despite elective surgeries being pushed back, abortions would continue without any restrictions or impediments in place. Mon Jul 5, 2021 July 5, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Over 2,300 people placed on surgical waiting lists during the outbreak […]

‘Protection of Canadians against Hate Speech’ is road to Hell for Freedom of Expression

    Many Canadians consider their country to be a free one, but unfortunately the Trudeau government is moving toward levels of censorship and control over language that should gravely concern those who support freedom of expression. The shaky grounds of Canadian free speech For those unfamiliar with Canadian laws, especially Americans, any discussion of […]

Russia Bans 9 Prominent Canadians From Its Territory in Sanctions Response

Russia will ban nine prominent Canadian citizens from entering its territory indefinitely, its foreign ministry said on Monday, in a response to Canadian sanctions imposed in March over human rights concerns. Canada on March 24 set new sanctions on nine Russian officials over “gross and systematic violations of human rights in Russia.” Ottawa is particularly […]

Canadians can enter Canada without quarantine or delay | Simply show the front page of your passport

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The Legendary Greek Priest Who Served Four Generations of Canadians

Father Nicholas Salamis. Video screenshot The story of Father Nicholas Salamis, a Greek Orthodox priest, is also the story of Greek Canadians themselves, from the time the first immigrants set foot on the land until today, where the Greek community has become an integral part of Canadian society. Father Salamis personally witnessed the arrival of […]


POLICE ARE KIDNAPPING HEALTHY CANADIANS & FORCING THEM INTO ISOLATION CAMPS!! WHERE’S YOUR FREEDOM?! Press For / Dan Canada is no longer a free country, when you’re innocent and healthy but are forced into isolation camps, that’s tyranny, not freedom! Under the guise of a “pandemic” the Canadian government has introduced insanely Draconian laws […]

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom to Move Around”

Police in the UK are patrolling pubs and throwing out customers who they deem to not be eating a “substantial meal” under COVID-19 rules. The confusion stems from rules that dictate pubs located in ‘tier 2’ regions can only stay open if they also operate as restaurants. This means they can only serve alcohol if […]

“Free Democratic” [Zionist Occupied Gov’t] of Canada Importing Guillotines For Canadians

Sunday, November 15, 2020 by: Mike AdamsTags: Canada, communism, concentration camps, COVID, executions, guillotines, pandemic, TyrannyBypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL38KVIEWS (Natural News) The Canadian government, on its official acquisition website ( is requesting bids for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” as part of, “products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19.” The listing number is 45045-190091/A, and it is found at […]

The Canadian Military Declares War on Canadians (video)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube Dan Dicks of joins us to delve deeper into the insane story of the Canadian military fake wolves psyop. We go beyond the ludicrous story of the government using fake wolves to scare the […]

The Canadian Military Declares War on Canadians – #PropagandaWatch

scpat says: Speaking of mind games… The CDC just released a report yesterday, November 13, of mental health data findings among children under age 18 during the Covid crisis. The data show that beginning exactly when the lockdowns began in March and continuing through end of data collection in October, the proportion of mental health-related […]

Trudeau Government military propaganda organization to ‘influence’ how Canadians think

(Natural News) Leaked documents show the Canadian Forces under the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are looking at using the country’s military to create an organization to shape the “attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of audiences.” (Article by Anthony Murdoch republished from In an October Ottawa Citizen report, the newspaper said it was able to obtain documents which […]

How Pierre Trudeau Turned Canadians into Debt Slaves

  May 18, 2018 Source Article from 00

Ricardo Duchesne Resists "Ethnocide of Euro Canadians"

  May 16, 2018 Source Article from 00

Canadians question Trudeau’s eco-leadership as thousands march against pipeline (PHOTOS)

The Saturday demonstration was held at a site near a Kinder Morgan facility in Burnaby, British Columbia. Protesters held signs that read “Water is life,” while other placards questioned Trudeau’s commitment to preserving Canada’s environment. “Justin: That’s not ‘environmental leadership’ – that’s reckless!” one sign read. Another accused Trudeau of being “in bed” with Kinder […]

What Canadians can do for Palestine this February

Last June, a few days after the 50th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, over 80 academics, activists, and community leaders signed an open letter calling for Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) to stand in support of Palestinian rights. The letter outlined the many facets of Israel’s daily oppression of the […]

Iranian-Canadians going to US to vote

IRNA – An Iranian-Canadian academic from Concordia University, Montreal, said that many Iranian-Canadians are going to the US to vote in the Iranian presidential election due to lack of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Ottawa. Criticizing the fact that Iranians residing in Canada cannot take part in Iran’s presidential election in Canada because the Iranian […]

Untold Numbers of Canadians Are Streaming Live Online Without Their Knowledge

On Thursday, that students at an elementary school in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, were being broadcast on a site that streams cameras that haven’t been properly secured. But it’s not just one school. Unsecured cameras are an old-as-time blight on the internet, so much so that art projects have been made using them. And […]

Dr. Duke on Trump’s “corrupt Hillary” tweet — It’s no (((coincidence))) that her top seven donors are all Jewish!

Dr. Duke on Trump’s “corrupt Hillary” tweet — It’s no (((coincidence))) that her top seven donors are all Jewish! Today Dr. Duke addressed the tweet released over the weekend by Donald Trump that contained a graphic of Hillary against a background of money and the words “most corrupt politician ever” inside a six-pointed star. […]

Too much even for Siberia: Worst blizzard in 10yrs turns Omsk into huge snowball

From: The snow has gotten off to an incredible start in Siberia, where a record snowfall has paralyzed many areas of the city of Omsk, with thousands of drivers hopelessly stuck in hellish snowstorm traffic for hours. You might say it’s nothing special for Siberia, but those who know – […]

Selected Articles: The United States and its Allies Confront their “Enemies”

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Tim Frey (Roberts & Brokerage, Inc) and Meghan Kellison-Lords @ Hancock’s Oct 23, 5 p.m. til ?

Donna Hancock Source Article from 00

Canadians, before you vote, remember the Liberals – Veterans Today

Liberal Party of Canada logo It is a federal election year in Canada. The 2015 election is unpredictable and could be a game-changer. Here is my advice to Canadian voters. There is no point replacing Harper with a brainless twit who will continue to drive Canada in the same direction. Trudeau is no Trudeau, when […]

US Homeland Security now tracking medical records of Canadians

Jonathan BensonNatural News Sept 13, 2011 If you are a Canadian citizen trying to visit the US, but have a history of mental illness — even just a minor, non-violent incident that was recorded in official records — you could be denied entry by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), according to a recent […]

Canadians Seek to Arrest George W. Bush Oct. 20

Canada Must Arrest George W. Bush if he Enters Canada   by Gail Davidson, Lawyers Against War (LAW) Vancouver, B.C. — An upcoming planned speaking engagement in Canada by former President George W. Bush is again generating a wave of protest.   Bush is reportedly scheduled to speak on October 20th at a gathering in Surrey, […]

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