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“My Boy Is Dead From The Vaccine, F **K YOU!” Angry Dad Tells Weak Soy Boy Trudeau

“My Boy Is Dead From The Vaccine, F **K YOU!” Angry Dad Tells Weak Soy Boy Trudeau Date: November 30, 2022Author: Nwo Report Distraught father delivers powerful message criticizing Canadian prime minister for ignoring potentially lethal dangers of experimental vaccines. Posted BY: Adan Salazar A distraught father who lost his 17-year-old son due to a […]

Trudeau Justifies Invoking Martial Law

READ HERE:   Source

Trudeau says he feels “serene and confident” over decision to freeze protesters’ bank accounts

An attempt to justify his actions. Source

Justin Trudeau Uses “Administrative Action” To Ban All Handgun Sales In Canada

This may come as a surprise, but it wasn’t until 2007 that the global urban population overtook the rural population. At that time, the two groups were split nearly 50/50, with around 3.3 billion people apiece. Today, the percentage of people living in urban areas has grown to over 55%, and is expected to reach 68% by 2050. Due to […]

Trudeau Threatens Canadians With Restrictions If 80 – 90% Of The Population Don’t Get Booster Jabs

Justin Trudeau issued a veiled threat last week, suggesting that covid restrictions could be on the way this autumn if 80-90% of Canadians don’t get their covid “booster” jabs. PM Trudeau warns “Covid is not done with us yet.” He says if 80-90% of eligible Canadians get up to date with their Covid vaccination, “we’ll […]

BREAKING: WEF puppet Trudeau says restrictions & mandates will be reimposed in Canada this fall & winter if a 90% 3x vaccine compliance target is not met

Wednesday, September 07, 2022 by: News Editors Tags: badhealth, badmedicine, big government, Canada, conspiracy, globalists, great reset, health freedom, medical extremism, medical fascism, medical martial law, Medical Tyranny, obey, pandemic, psycho, Trudeau, vaccine, vaccine wars, wef This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author <!– –> <!—-> <![CDATA[<![CDATA[<![CDATA[<![CDATA[]]]]]]]]>]]]]]]>]]]]>]]> Bypass censorship by […]

Trudeau government to try and rush through the online censorship bill

Canada’s Minister for Public Safety Marco Mendicino said that there would be a new bill targeting legal content on the internet that will be rushed through parliament this fall.

Fascist Trudeau implementing weapons armories and interrogation rooms for Canada’s Ministry of Climate Change

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Leaked plans show that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is planning to turn Canada into a massive climate change police state, complete with armed climate gangs, interrogation rooms and “biological labs.”Architectural plans obtained by the independent media show that the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change … [Read More…] Source

‘Climate Enforcement’: Trudeau Building Firearms Storage, Intelligence Suites For ‘Ministry of Climate Change’

Architectural plans for a new “Ministry of Climate Change” facility reveal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s sinister plans to weaponize the climate change agenda by following the World Economic Forum’s playbook. The Trudeau government’s plans […] The post ‘Climate Enforcement’: Trudeau Building Firearms Storage, Intelligence Suites For ‘Ministry of Climate Change’ appeared first on News […]

Trudeau Moves Ahead With WEF’s Plan To Abolish Farms by 2030

Young Global Leader Justin Trudeau has announced plans to move ahead with the WEF’s plan to abolish farms by the year 2030. Following a meeting of federal and provincial officials on Friday, the Alberta and […] The post Trudeau Moves Ahead With WEF’s Plan To Abolish Farms by 2030 appeared first on News Punch. Source

Trudeau says no gov’t should tell a woman what to do with her body the same day he defends vax mandates

READ HERE: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended Canada’s vaccine mandates while calling the overturning of Roe V. Wade “an attack on everyone’s freedoms and rights.”   Source

Trudeau Uses “If You Don’t Get Vaccinated Mine Won’t Work” Fallacy to Menace Refusers, COVID Vaccine-Injured Rally in Los Angeles

Trudeau, purportedly a college graduate, said: “It was their choice and nobody ever was going to force anyone into doing something they don’t want to do,” Trudeau said about people who aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19. “But there are consequences when you don’t,” he continued. “You cannot choose to put at risk your co-workers. You cannot […]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Roe v. Wade Overrule Is ‘Horrific’

Canadian leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday issued a statement on his official Twitter account describing the U.S. Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade as “horrific,” Canada’s National Post reported. Source

Trudeau-bashing children’s book a best-seller

“How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom” by Derek Smith has topped the Amazon Canada best-seller chart.  The picture book illustrated by Kaeda Knipe pokes fun at Trudeau’s response to the Freedom Convoy and his subsequent clampdown on the rights of Canadians.

Justin Trudeau Announces Second Coronavirus Infection; Thanks ‘My Shots’ for Protection

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday that he has contracted the Chinese coronavirus for the second time, despite being at least triple vaxxed.

Trudeau Wants to Use Facial Recognition Digital ID for Travel by Next Year

The Trudeau government has been working with major Canadian airlines to formally bring in digital ID, facial recognition, and biometric travel documents to air travel by 2023. According to an article from the Canada Gazette, the government’s outlet, “In accordance with PS’ Forward Regulatory Plan 2021–2023, the need to update the [Secure Air Travel Regulations] […]

Justin Trudeau Moves to Ban Purchase and Sale of Handguns in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has introduced a new bill to parliament that would stop the import, purchase and sale of handguns as well as prevent their transfer across Canada, in his government’s latest move to restrict firearms.

Trudeau Wants a ‘National Freeze on Handgun Ownership’, Implement Buy Back Program for Non-Existent Assault Rifles

The same man who wore blackface a few times and froze bank accounts and wanted to invoke the Emergencies Act because he hated your politics now wants your guns. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just gave Canadians a double middle finger. This is fascism. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you fascism.

Trudeau’s Canada To Begin Paying Poor People To Be Euthanized

The Canadian government has devised a devilish new solution to solve inflation, homelessness, skyrocketing crime, and food shortages – euthanasia for the poor. The Trudeau regime say they are now offering to pay to euthanise […] The post Trudeau’s Canada To Begin Paying Poor People To Be Euthanized appeared first on News Punch.

EU Parliament Calls Out Trudeau for Gross Human Rights Violations: ‘You’re a Disgrace! A Dictator!’

This week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the EU Parliament to deliver a speech on the threat to democracy the West is currently facing. The idea of such an obvious tyrant delivering a speech about democracy being under threat after ushering in one of the most insane authoritarian nightmares faced by the West in […]

German MEP Blasts Trudeau At EU Parliament “You’re A Disgrace To Democracy”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been in Belgium on a two-day official visit to attend meetings of European Union, G7 and NATO leaders about the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine However he was not made […] Source

Criminal Canadian Monopoly Dr. David Martin Exposes Why Trudeau Won’t Back Down

The Stew Peters Show BY STEW PETERS SHOWFEBRUARY 11, 2022 Catch every segment of the show at Video: MORE NEWS: The People’s Convoy | Give Thanks to the Truckers In an emergency broadcast, Dr. David Martin joined the Stew Peters Show on Friday to expose the real reason why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is refusing […]

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is tied to Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, and other global elites

Putin and Zelenskyy are on the same team.World “politics” is a Rothschild Inc. production.A soap opera for the sheep. For over a thousand years these evil beings at the top of this farm and slaughter humans for perverse pleasure and profit show have been scheming to come to this point where they control if not […]

Trudeau Jealous Another Dictator Taking All His Press Coverage

OTTOWA—A distraught Justin Trudeau was seen gulping down maple syrup between effeminately jealous tirades after learning another dictator had taken all of his press coverage by invading Ukraine. The prime minister was reportedly distraught as he turned on the TV and saw that all the news coverage was focused on Putin’s authoritarian reign instead of […]

Global Technocrats Likely Behind Trudeau’s Sudden Reversal Of Emergency Orders

First, Trudeau’s actions to freeze accounts of protestors and those who gave money to the cause, caused a massive withdrawal of cash from the banking system by everyone else. If continued, this could have flared into a massive bank run capable of taking the whole system down. Second, the ability to selectively switch people off […]


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Sorry, Your Accounts Are Frozen: Trudeau Gives Sneak Preview of Schwab’s Cashless, Mandatory Vaccine ID Planet

“Any package, pallet or container can now be equipped with a sensor, transmitter or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that allows a company to track where it is as it moves through the supply chain—how it is performing, how it is being used, and so on….In the near future, similar monitoring systems will also be […]

World Response Pummels Trudeau into Revoking Emergency Act

CN News Editors’ Note: This is what happens when you have a democracy in which all elections are determined by hand-counted paper ballots. The ruling faction cannot act with such utter impunity that it doesn’t matter how much of the electorate is dissatisfied, as in the US. Trudeau got some kind of wake-up call, maybe from […]

Justin Trudeau’s Hypocrisy

Conservative Reaction to Trudeau’s declaration of Martial Law [embedded content] The Antidote is spreading!!! [embedded content] Spread the word!   Help EFR wake up the world. Share this: Source

“Disgusting” Blackface Trudeau Keeps Up Unhinged Rant Against Anti-Mandate Convoy

Above image: Left, #Freedom2022; Right, Justin Trudeau in black face, one of of at least 3 separate instances. Defending his policies which force all Canadians, on pain of loss of livelihood, to submit to still experimental injections which pathologists are now reporting are directly responsible for high numbers of deaths and horrific injuries, Justin Trudeau has […]

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