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Brad Salzberg – Threats Against Trudeau Liberals Skyrocket

Liberal MP Dzerowicz took the vandalism of her office as a threat and  contacted police. “Toronto will burn,” is a threat, she said. Liberal MP Pam Damoff continues to complain about being harassed by constituents. Three recent articles from Canada’s National Post speak of a rapid rise in cases of Member of Parliament intimidation, particularly […]

Liberals Outraged After Trump Vows To Introduce Death Penalty for Pedophiles

Liberals have expressed their outrage after Trump vowed to introduce the death penalty for pedophiles in America once elected President in 2024. The leftists at Huffington Post slammed Trump in an article titled, “There’s A […] The post Liberals Outraged After Trump Vows To Introduce Death Penalty for Pedophiles appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Explanation: Why nearly all liberals are falling for the Communist takeover of America

(NaturalNews) Inherently, most people are good people, who want fairness, equality, and to eliminate bias all around them. People are mostly accepting of other’s… Source

Protocols of Zion: Liberals are Shills for Communism & Satanism

Liberals are dupes, what Communists call “useful idiots.” I was one for most of my life. “Championing the oppressed” was a pathetic way to justify my life and meet women while being blinded to the real enemy. As a liberal, I believed we stood for “the public good” while conservatives were for mindless, selfish greed. In fact, socialism […]

Congressional Witness: Liberals Siding with Corporations to Keep Wages Down via Mass Immigration

Liberals are siding with corporate America over the nation’s workers in their promotion of mass immigration, a key tool in keeping wages down, Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research Steven Camarota told lawmakers this week. Source

German Liberals caught paying for Immigration Ads in India

Germany’s liberal governing party FDP is promoting Germany’s new and more generous immigration laws in India. “Getting a German work visa has never been easier,” reads the message on the placards that the FDP lets Indians ride around in bicycle taxis. The government party states that it is turning to “IT experts, coders and web […]

Liberals Voice ‘Sense Of Betrayal’ After Muslim-Ruled MI City Bans Pride Flags

Liberals who cheered when a Michigan city elected America’s first Muslim-majority city council are now voicing a “sense of betrayal” after the council voted to ban LGBT Pride flags from city property.  Source

Liberals Pledge Revamp of Forced-Labour Bill, Possible Enforcement Rules Surprise MP

OTTAWA—The Trudeau government is revamping its approach to modern−day slavery, promising new legislation that caught off guard the Liberal MP who has been steering a bill on forced labour through Parliament. “There is a limited lifespan to this Parliament,” Toronto MP John McKay said in an interview. McKay has been stickhandling Bill S−211, which would […]

Deranged Leftists & Liberals Shows Trans HATRED For Women

It’s Getting Ugly Out There The British women’s rights campaigner Posie Parker found herself surrounded by a deranged, heaving mob.  renegade  March 27, 2023 5 min read  5 Renegade Editor’s Note: This story is a couple of days old. By Brendan O’Neill via The Spectator The shameful persecution of Posie Parker in New Zealand This is what […]

Liberals Introduce Legislation to Create a Corporate Ownership Registry

The federal Liberals are moving ahead with plans to create an ownership registry after promising to increase transparency about who owns and controls corporations. Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne has tabled legislation that would create a corporate beneficial ownership registry. The prospective registry is expected to have the goal of making it easier to identify owners of corporations […]

Israel’s liberals need to support Palestinian rights if they care about democracy

Israeli demonstrations have been Zionist-only. If Israeli liberals cannot make common cause with Palestinians, they will go extinct and have only themselves to blame. They will have thrown in with a rampaging society in the name of Jewish supremacy. Source

Liberals are More Depressed than Conservatives according to Study

    According to research, liberal kids are more likely to experience depression than conservative children. Left-wing blogger Matthew Yglesias said that this trend may be a result of “bad conduct by adult progressives, many of whom now valorize melancholy affect as a sign of political devotion.” Why Are Young Liberals So Depressed? is an […]

Fundamentalist Christians Delighted Liberals Finally Agree With Them About Harry Potter

GREENVILLE, SC — After years of warning that the witchcraft in Harry Potter is an existential danger to the youth, fundamentalist Christians are delighted to hear that liberals are now warning that the Harry Potter books represent an existential danger to the youth and should be burned. “We are grateful our liberal friends have condemned […]

Rep. Steve Scalise Raises Money on Phony Threat by Liberals to ‘Expel’ Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Rep. Steve Scalise, whose name has been floated as a possible alternative to Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, is raising money from right-wing activists based on a phony threat that Trump-nominated Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is at risk of being replaced “with a Liberal activist appointed by Joe Biden!” An “urgent” […]

GOP and Liberals Defeat Wall St.’s EAGLE Act Outsourcing Bill

House GOP legislators defeated the billionaire-backed EAGLE Act outsourcing bill on Wednesday — but only with the help of a breakaway faction of liberal Democrats who rejected the bill’s preference for Indian visa workers. Source

Biden Provides List of ‘Accomplishments’ So Liberals Can Defend Him at Thanksgiving Tables

Joe Biden wants us to talk to our relatives, specifically to “chat with our Uncle”, at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow about what his administration has accomplished, as 2022 comes to an end. The Biden administration […] The post Biden Provides List of ‘Accomplishments’ So Liberals Can Defend Him at Thanksgiving Tables appeared first on News […]

Rex Murphy: The Liberals’ Stance on Ford’s Use of Notwithstanding Clause Oozes With Hypocrisy

Commentary Ontario is a peculiar place. There have been two full years of school closures—of dubious necessity—and now that the COVID regime has finally been lifted, just as children are getting settled back into regular class time, what happens? Why, there is a strike of course. The great CUPE union has called a strike for […]

Liberals Sit Around Campfire To Tell Scary Climate Change Stories

YOSEMITE, CA — During a camping retreat this week to recharge for more rioting before, during, and after the midterm elections, a group of progressives sat around a campfire and enjoyed swapping scary stories about climate change. “Then, the tropical storms combined with the raging wildfires into an inferno – and then, the floods from […]

Why are liberals defending the outrageous secrecy of this supposedly ‘democratic’ nation?

Ever since President Harry Truman, in 1947, turned the wartime Office of Strategic  Services (OSS)  into the Orwellian-named Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  and converted the Army’s code-breaking Signal Intelligence Service (SIS)  into the National Security Agency (NSA), this country has been in the process of becoming not even a pseudo democracy, but a National Security […]

Catholic League: White Liberals Are the Real ‘White Supremacists’

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said Monday that white liberals qualify as the worst of white supremacists because “they don’t believe blacks have the ability to raise themselves up by themselves.”

Brazil Homicide Rate Plunges After Relaxing Gun Laws – Liberals Outraged

Mainstream media, politicians and anti-gun activists are engaged in a concerted push to disarm American by taking away the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms for personal defense. In short, the left argues that […] The post Brazil Homicide Rate Plunges After Relaxing Gun Laws – Liberals Outraged appeared first on News Punch. Source

Liberals Want to Cancel the Word “Obesity” Because It’s “Racist”

‘Woke’ liberals at the University of Illinois Chicago’s school of public health published an article claiming the word “obesity” is “racist” and should be completely banned. Author Amanda Montgomery, RN, claims that race scientists used “fatness […] The post Liberals Want to Cancel the Word “Obesity” Because It’s “Racist” appeared first on News Punch.

Report: Liberals Spent Six Months Coming Up with ‘Ultra MAGA’ Attack Line

Liberal, Democratic Party-aligned strategists, pollsters, and think tank experts spent six months coming up with the “ultra MAGA” label that President Joe Biden has begun to deploy against Republicans ahead of a difficult midterm election.

Ted Cruz Introduces American Energy Freedom Act – Liberals Outraged

Senator Ted Cruz has introduced the Energy Freedom Act, which will make the U.S. fully energy independent – much to the horror of the Democrats. The new law would work by “accelerating federal permitting for energy projects and pipelines, mandating new onshore and offshore oil and gas lease sales, approving pending LNG export licenses, and generally speeding […]

Manhattan Prosecutors Looking For Dirt On Trump Suddenly Resign – Liberals Outraged

Two prosecutors who have spent years digging for dirt on President Donald Trump have abruptly resigned as doubts emerge regarding the feasibility of the case moving forward — and liberals, who have been following the case with high hopes, are outraged. “The two prosecutors leading the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into former President Donald Trump […]

Liberals Accuse Rittenhouse Of Trying To Avoid Punishment Through Legal Loophole Known As ‘Trial’

Liberals Accuse Rittenhouse Of Trying To Avoid Punishment Through Legal Loophole Known As ‘Trial’ KENOSHA, WI—Leftists are sounding the alarm that Kyle Rittenhouse—a notorious slayer of white communist pedophiles—may escape punishment through a little-known legal loophole known as a “trial.”  “This is very concerning,” said Chip Cordray, progressive legal expert covering the case. “Using this obscure […]

Conservatives Stop Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ After Realizing It Makes Liberals Sad

Conservatives Stop Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ After Realizing It Makes Liberals Sad U.S.—Everyone has had a great time with the cool new phrase “Let’s go, Brandon!” — a euphemism for an expletive directed at President Joe Biden — and it has popped up everywhere, from NASCAR races to t-shirts to everyday conversations. There’s one problem, […]

The Greens and Liberals could wield great power in Germany | View

With the centre strengthened and the fringes weakened, Germans decided to vote for political stability. This is good news and should not be underestimated if compared to other countries where the far-right and populist parties have gained much support in recent years. However, while putting up stop signs to radical parties on the right and […]

Video: Greenwald & Carlson Document How Bush Is Now The ‘Darling Of Liberals’

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show, Journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out how George W. Bush has gone from being roundly reviled by the left to being weirdly held up as some kind of icon as soon as the he began criticising President Trump and his supporters. “It’s worth remembering how liberals used to be overflowing with […]

CDC Introduces New Anti-Virus Hat For Concerned Liberals To Wear

ATLANTA, GA—Despite getting vaccinated, many concerned liberals want to keep wearing masks to show how concerned they are about fighting the pandemic, despite the masks being completely pointless. To help those liberals out, the CDC has introduced a new article of clothing vaccinated people can wear to let everyone know they’re vaccinated but still really […]

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