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Falling Into gangsterism?

The rules are falling to pieces because powerful people refuse to abide by them or enforce them This Ukraine fiasco suggests that America is falling into gangsterism Powerful players no longer care what elected officials say or think as they conduct their private agendas.   “Whenever there is a terrorist attack, the main question immediately […]

Geological records show correlation between falling CO2 levels and mass extinction events

(NaturalNews) The geological time scale (GTS) contains certain eras where CO2 levels were historically high due to thriving plant life, and also contains periods… Source


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Engage Central Asia and keep it from falling back into Russia’s orbit

A Russian victory in Ukraine could reverse Central Asia’s pro-Western orientation by generating new pressures to return the region to Moscow’s orbit. Source

Explanation: Why nearly all liberals are falling for the Communist takeover of America

(NaturalNews) Inherently, most people are good people, who want fairness, equality, and to eliminate bias all around them. People are mostly accepting of other’s… Source

Is The World Falling Apart?

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Rite Aid pharmacy chain files for bankruptcy amid falling sales, opioid lawsuits


Remember, Disinflation Doesn’t Equal Falling Prices

Remember, Disinflation Doesn’t Equal Falling Prices While progress in the fight against inflation has been stalling in the past three months, the inflation rate has come down significantly since peaking in June 2022. However, as Statista’s Felix Richter notes, looking at the steep decline of the inflation rate since then, some people are probably thinking: […]

Like A Red Shield Dragon Falling From The Sky In Flames

‘Like A Red Shield Dragon Falling From The Sky In Flames’ Like a Red Shield dragon falling from the shy in flames- Israhell will light the night sky with her burning shame- Exposed as FAKE Hebrews, Liars, Fakes Frauds, bunch of pedophile- Slaughtering the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians in their own domiciles- A demon god’s promise […]

No Nation NEEDS to Kowtow to the Falling U.S. Anymore

Mexico Wants to Boost Trade With Russia By infostormer  – June 18, 2023 2 Mexico a country that literally borders the heart of the homosexual Jewish empire of America, is openly talking about boosting trade with Russia. RT: Mexico wants to increase exports of tequila to Russia, the country’s ambassador to Russia, Eduardo Villegas Megias, […]

Taiwan pushes back, won’t let US destroy semiconductor factories to prevent them from falling into Chinese hands

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Taiwanese government is resisting what is quickly coming into favor among a growing number of American leaders and diplomats: The destruction of the island’s highly advanced semi-conductor plants, in order to avoid having them fall into the hands of invading Chinese forces.”Taiwan’s defense minister on Monday pushed … [Read More…] Source

Biden Official: Pollution Falling During Lockdowns Helped Life Quality, Many People Enjoyed Being in Environment Instead of Being at Work

The Department of State’s Monica Medina says that during coronavirus lockdowns, “we saw pollution levels go down.” Source

Is The US-Israel Relationship Really Falling Apart?

After the mysterious leaking of Pentagon documents and months of instability for Tel Aviv, the Israel-US relationship is being called into question in a significant way. What seems to be a clash between the extremist Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Biden White House, has sparked interest in where the special relationship is headed. […]

Ukropol-Zelenskyy: The Sky is Falling—“Polish Version of Chicken Little!”

People left on the edge of society often speak truth to power, and reveal inconvenient truths. For instance, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a visit to Poland on April 5, and the Polish media did their best to censor it, at least the news of it before it was to happen. Why? Was it only […]

Elon Musk’s new satellites ‘falling out of the sky’ in massive blow for SpaceX

SpaceX owner Elon Musk’s brand new satellites are reportedly crashing out of the sky, sparking huge concerns for the billionaire entrepreneur. Elon Musk has seen some of his firm SpaceX’s Starlink satellites fall out of the sky and reenter the Earth’s atmosphere earlier this week. Source

Mysterious White Dust Falling From the Sky in West Virginia Has Been Identified

Mysterious White Dust Falling From the Sky in West Virginia Has Been IdentifiedDate: March 3, 2023Author: Nwo Report Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport When you see white dust falling from the sky, there are generally two possibilities for what it might be. The first is snow. The second is… confusing. So when mysterious white dust […]

Howard Dean: ‘It’s Really Fun’ to Watch the Whole Republican Party Falling Apart

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean claimed Friday on MSNBC’s “All In” that he was having fun watching the “whole Republican Party” falling apart. Discussing the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against Fox News for defamation, anchor Chris Hayes said, “They don’t respect you. They have a fear and loathing in contempt for you. You […]



The masks are falling on Netanyahu’s cabinet of criminals

The longest serving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in a rush to name his new government before January 2 and first order of business will be an override bill that allows the parliament to set aside Supreme Court overturnings of laws as mere “recommendation.” That’s one way Netanyahu plans to sidestep his corruption trial. […]

Three boys die after falling into an icy lake in England, say police

Three boys who fell into an icy lake in England have died, police have confirmed. The youngsters — aged 12, 11 and eight — were rushed to hospital after being pulled from the ice-covered lake in Solihull, near Birmingham, on Sunday.  A fourth boy, aged 6, remains in a critical condition in hospital, according to […]

Male fertility down 62% worldwide and it’s still falling

New research published in the journal Human Reproduction Update points to accelerating rates of male infertility all around the world. In less than 50 years, average sperm counts have plummeted by 62 percent, we are told. And the rate at which this decrease is occurring is on the rise, meaning sperm counts are dropping progressively […]



Poll: 63% of Americans are falling behind in costs of living

(Natural News) The majority of Americans are saying they are falling behind the cost of living, according to the latest polling data. Results of the poll released by NBC News showed that 63 percent of respondents stated that their income was below the cost of living. Meanwhile, 58 percent of the respondents did not approve of President Joe Biden’s handling of the […]

Another former Putin ally dies after ‘falling down several flights of stairs’

A FORMER Putin ally and top aviation expert has died in Moscow, becoming the latest of the Russian president’s associates to meet his end in a mysterious fashion since the start of the war in Ukraine. Anatoly Gerashchenko, the former rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), died after reportedly falling down a series of flights of […]

More young athletes are falling: Teen golfer dies suddenly while at practice

(Natural News) Tyler Erickson, a senior student at Holmes County High School who excelled both athletically and academically, died suddenly Monday, Sept. 12, at Holmes County on Florida’s Panhandle while practicing for an upcoming tournament. Erickson served as state president of the National Beta Club and was a talented golfer. His school’s athletic director, Jeff Lee, said […]

America’s infrastructure is falling apart, as evidenced by water supply and power grid failures

(Natural News) America’s infrastructure is falling apart, as evidenced by the water shortage in Mississippi and the power grid failure in California. Residents of Jackson, Mississippi waited in line to obtain water for drinking, bathing, cooking and flushing toilets on Aug. 31 after its water system failed due to the Pearl River’s flooding. A news […]

Tucker Carlson: Things are falling apart every quickly

النيأ العظيم === [embedded content] Islam and Muslims مفهوم الحرية واستعمال العنف [embedded content] الاسلام والمسلمون [embedded content] Islamic jurisprudence crisis أزمة الفقه الإسلامي [embedded content] Pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith أركان الإسلام وأركان الإيمان [embedded content] More here (1 to 44) The Qur’an, Morality and Critical Reason (PDF) Source

Girl, 7, dies after being hit by falling statue at hotel in Munich

She was hit by a 200-kilogram statue in a hotel courtyard on Friday.

Falling Screen Hits 2 Dancers On Stage At Hong Kong Concert

The falling screen appeared to directly hit one dancer on the head and body before toppling onto another performer, as the audience screamed in horror. Source

Falling space junk poses the question: Will China clean up its act?

In the next few days, A 23-tonne piece of rocket will plummet to Earth at about 15,000 miles an hour in the next few days, and although much of it may burn up on re-entry, a significant amount will not – and it is bringing criticisms against China. It could land as one piece but… […]

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