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What Powerful Force Is Preventing the United States from Defending its Borders?

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Meet the Christian Cowboys defending Israel’s heartland

“Fifteen American Christian “cowboys” with their wide-brimmed hats, denim shirts, tight Wrangler jeans, leather belts with large buckles, and well-worn boots have come to Israel to protect the Jewish residents of the biblical heartland – Judea and Samaria. “We want to live for Israel; that is our goal,” said 24-year-old Yosef Strain from Montanna, his […]

On the Frontlines: Biden administration no longer serving, protecting and defending the Constitution, American people – Brighteon.TV

(NaturalNews) The Joe Biden administration has failed to serve, protect and defend the United States Constitution and the American people.”If you follow the… Source

HUGE!!! Attorney Defending Constitutional Rights Receives Standing Ovation for Her Oral Arguments Against NY Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Tyrannical Quarantine Camp Lawsuit Appeal (VIDEO)

Attorney Defending Constitutional Rights Receives Standing Ovation for Her Oral Arguments Against NY Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Tyrannical Quarantine Camp Lawsuit Appeal (VIDEO) Source

Sheryl Crow Takes Brunt Of Backlash Defending ‘Try That In A Small Town’ Song

Singer Sheryl Crow has found herself on the end of a wave of backlash after she joined in with leftists attempting to smear country star Jason Aldean as some kind of bigoted racist over his song ‘Try That In A Small Town’. CMT pulled the video for Aldean’s song, which has since hit number one […]

Why are liberals defending the outrageous secrecy of this supposedly ‘democratic’ nation?

Ever since President Harry Truman, in 1947, turned the wartime Office of Strategic  Services (OSS)  into the Orwellian-named Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  and converted the Army’s code-breaking Signal Intelligence Service (SIS)  into the National Security Agency (NSA), this country has been in the process of becoming not even a pseudo democracy, but a National Security […]

Hewitt: Biden, Dems Have ‘Dropped’ Defending Loan Plan for Messaging on Fascism Because They Got ‘Blowback’ on Loans

On Tuesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” host Hugh Hewitt said Democrats and the Biden administration have bet on making the 2022 midterm elections about attacking the right as semi-fascist and have completely abandoned President Biden’s student loan debt cancellation program after

Dem Rep. Nominee Castelli: Elise Stefanik ‘Is a Traitor’ for Defending Trump

Former CIA Officer Democratic congressional nominee Matt Castelli said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that his opponent Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is a traitor for defending former President Donald Trump and criticizing the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Defending NSO Group an easy fit for pro-Israel Democratic lobbyist

Well-known lobbyist Steve Rabinowitz has only been able to maintain his reputation as a progressive due to Washington’s cognitive dissonance on Israel. Source

WATCH – ‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ Scales Tower in Oklahoma City: ‘Defending the Defenseless’

A man was spotted climbing the Devon Tower located in Oklahoma City on Tuesday to protest abortion.

Russia Just Defending Itself from ‘Capitalism’, Says Italian Communist Party

Members of the Italian Communist Party have expressed sympathy for Vladimir Putin, calling the invasion of Ukraine self-defence for Russia. 

Defending Pedophilia Is The Logical Conclusion Of Queer Theory

In the name of ‘dismantling’ sexual ‘power structures,’ queer theorists must make things that were once taboo (like sexualizing children) no longer taboo. Allyn Walker, a former professor at Old Dominion University who identifies as non-binary, resigned last month following criticism stemming from Walker’s views on pedophilia. Walker argued that pedophiles should be destigmatized by identifying them as “minor-attracted […]

Defending Japanese Imperialism

Three Senkaku Islands Common knowledge informs us that the surrender of Imperial Japan on August 15, 1945 brought an end to the Japanese empire and Japan’s occupation of all areas and countries that had been taken as a result of its military aggression. The Allied Cairo Declaration of 1943, for example, stated: “. . . […]

Tribes File Briefs Defending Indian Child Welfare Act

Above Photo: By Qimono. ICWA lauded by child advocates as the gold standard in child welfare. Yesterday, four tribes filed briefs (1 & 2) with the U.S. Supreme Court in Brackeen v. Haaland, **denouncing the latest attempts to overturn the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and defending the law’s constitutionality. Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr., Morongo Band […]

US President Joe Biden says defending democracy ‘challenge of our time’

Democracy faces “sustained and alarming challenges” worldwide, US president Joe Biden said at the opening of the first White House virtual summit for Democracy on Thursday. Biden urged the representatives from some 100 countries to reverse an ongoing recession of democracy that is playing out at a time of rising authoritarianism around the globe and […]

Eritrea Versus AFRICOM: Defending Sovereignty From Imperialist Aggression

The rapid expansion of AFRICOM on the African continent should be a cause for concern as African nations are quickly surrendering their sovereignty to the US. As the only country without a relationship to AFRICOM, Eritrea bears the brunt of US vilification. We must salute Eritrea’s ongoing project of national liberation. The U.S. has built […]

“Summit for Democracy” – Enhancing Empire, Not Defending “Democracy”

The very first “Summit for Democracy” will be held in early December 2021. Organized by the United States, it will include “leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector,” all unilaterally picked by the United States who, by implication, has unilaterally declared itself arbiter of which nations are deemed “democratic” and by process of […]

Defending Australian Values From Those Who Want to Tear It Down

Commentary There’s a joke that, unlike a tub of yogurt, Australia hasn’t developed any culture after 200 years in the sun. The truth is that Australia has a distinct culture. Those who make such jokes just don’t like it. It’s part of our national character as Australians to not take ourselves too seriously, but this […]

Why Defending Nicaragua Is Important

The U.S. effort to destabilize Nicaragua is an ongoing crime against that nation’s people. Anti-imperialists must defend their right to self-determination. Since at least the start of the 21st century, if not earlier, two global trends have emerged very clearly. Firstly, increased North American and European aggression overseas has been accompanied by increased economic and political domestic […]

Tony Dungy, Mike Tirico Blasted for Defending Jon Gruden

NBC’s Mike Tirico and Tony Dungy were both on the air Sunday night as Gruden’s controversy over racial emails ten years ago took over the discussion on Sunday Night Football. As of Sunday night, only Gruden’s email to NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith, in which he said Smith had lips like “michellin tires,” was publicly known. […]

Defending the name of JESUS against the Yeshua crowd

Defending the name of JESUS against the Yeshua crowd

Judge Finds Army Sgt. Jonathan Pentland Guilty of ‘Assault’ For Defending Neighbors From Mentally Ill Criminal

By Chris Menahan Judge Diedra Hightower (pictured center) found hate hoax victim Army Sgt Jonathan Pentland guilty of third-degree assault on Monday for defending his neighbors from a mentally ill man who was accused of groping a woman and trying to snatch a baby in his neighborhood. Pentland, a drill sergeant who served his country […]

Biden agreed to Turkey defending Kabul airport, says US official

US President Joe Biden and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have agreed on Turkey’s offer to take a leading role in the defence of Afghanistan’s Kabul Airport, the US National Security Advisor has revealed. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Jake Sullivan said that the two leaders discussed the situation in Afghanistan during their meeting on the […]

Biden DOJ will keep defending Trump on E Jean Carroll defamation case

The US Justice Department argued in a court filing on Monday that it should continue defending Donald Trump in a defamation lawsuit filed by columnist E Jean Carroll who accused the former president of rape. Although Department Of Justice (DOJ) is under the Joe Biden administration now, it argued that Mr Trump was acting “within […]

Defending the Constitution: The 2nd Amendment Is Not Outdated

Commentary This is the seventh installment in a series defending the Constitution against slanders from “progressive” critics. A lawyer in Boulder, Colorado, has been buying billboard space attacking the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. One billboard reads: IMAGINE HIGHWAYS USING TRAFFIC LAWS WRITTEN IN 1791. IMAGINE RADIO, TELEVISION, AND INTERNET RUN BY […]

Teacher Fired From Elite NYC School for Defending White Students From Demonization, Though Principal Agreed

Paul Rossi was a math teacher at Grace Church School in NYC before he was fired for expressing his concern over the way White students are being demonized. Standing up against literal and overt racism will see you severely punished in the Western world, as long as the people you are defending are White. As […]

China summons UK envoy over her ‘inappropriate’ article defending foreign media criticism of Beijing

Beijing has summoned the British ambassador to China, Caroline Wilson, over an article she penned about the Chinese government’s alleged misrepresentation of the international media, the Chinese foreign ministry said on Tuesday. China has “stern” opinions about the “inappropriate” article, the statement from the head of the ministry’s Europe department said, adding that it only […]

Dr Fauci Awarded Israel’s Dan David $1m Prize For ‘Courageously Defending Science’

Dr Anthony Fauci has been awarded a prestigious $1m Israeli prize for his commitment to science. 80 year old Fauci, the US top infectious diseases expert, won the Dan David Prize for “defending science”. He was also praised for supporting and promoting Covid vaccines along with his leadership on HIV research and Aids relief. BBC […]

Defending skeptic MK, Liberman claims ‘we don’t know anything about the vaccine’

Defending an MK of his party who said publicly that he would not be getting the coronavirus inoculation, Yisrael Beytenu chair Avigdor Liberman falsely claimed on Saturday night that “we do not know anything about the vaccine” and declared that he opposed compelling people to get vaccinated. His comments, which come amid a slowdown in […]

‘Not tough enough’? Le Pen put in surprise position of DEFENDING Islam as Macron’s interior minister attacks from the right

France’s National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, oft-criticized for her party’s positions on migration and Islam, was put in the unusual position of all but defending the minority faith amid a debate with Macron’s interior minister. Gerald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior for the ruling Republique En Marche party, slammed Le Pen as having gone […]

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