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The Turkiye–Israel trade boom: Talk is cheap, but money talks

MAR 14, 2024 While denouncing Israel’s actions in Gaza as a ‘genocide’ and ‘inhumane,’ Erdogan is stealthily supplying Israel and its military forces with all the necessary goods to keep on ticking. Muslim-majority countries have been especially vocal amid the global condemnation directed toward Israel for its genocidal war on Gaza. For obvious reasons, Muslim […]

Cheap grain from Ukraine and Green policies are destroying Europe’s food producers

Germany, France, Romania, Poland, Lithuania… Farmers All Over Europe Take a Stand Against Crippling ‘Green’ Policies By Paul Serran Jan. 24, 2024 11:20 am214 Comments   The European continent is in turmoil, plagued by a multitude of self-inflicted maladies coming from the insane, failed globalist policies pushed by the EU: unchecked mass migration, unemployment, economic stagnation, LGBTQ […]

The Anti Parasitic Drug That is Cheap, Safe & Kills Aggressive Cancers – But Has Not Been FDA Approved.

BY PATRICIA HARRITY ON OCTOBER 7, 2023 • ( 15 COMMENTS ) Yesterday the Expose published an article which highlighted just a few of the various diseases that were found to be potentially caused by parasites, including cancers. A recent review of nine published research papers by Doctor William Makis further supports the views in the article, but Dr Makis is more qualified to […]

Your Webcam Is Making You Look Bad, But This Cheap Hack Instantly Helps

It's hard to believe that back in March 2020, I would venture to say I liked being on video calls. What kind of twisted individual was I?  Putting aside the truly apocalyptic scene at our local grocery stores with their graveyards of Dasani and frozen okra, there was a time that fateful March, when this […]

Don’t believe the renewables myth. Wind and solar are not cheap

According to Al pick up the red phone Gore, all cities on the coast are underwater and all the Polar Bears are extinct because the colder winters melted all the ice at the North and South poles According to Greta Rothschild all humanity is extinct because the five year time limit she gave humans to […]

Russian Hackers Suspected Of Using Cheap BMW Ad To Lure Embassy Workers In Ukraine

LONDON (Reuters) ― Hackers suspected of working for Russia’s foreign intelligence agency targeted dozens of diplomats at embassies in Ukraine with a fake used car advert in a bid to break into their computers, according to a cybersecurity firm report published on Wednesday. The wide-reaching espionage activity targeted diplomats working in at least 22 of […]

The Best Cheap (and Excellent) Vibrators Under $35

Trying to find a great, cheap sex toy when you’re horny is like grocery shopping when you’re hungry. If you’re not careful, anything could get in your cart, from toxic jelly dildos to too-potent stalks of ginger (they call it “figging”). Hence, why we’re here to preach the word of affordable vibrators. It is entirely […]

Biden Admin Is Bannning Cheap Light Bulbs To Help Fight Climate Change

The Biden Administration is planning to ban cheap incandescent light bulbs. They are preparing to implement a nationwide ban on the commonly used light bulbs as part of their energy efficiency and climate agenda. The […] The post Biden Admin Is Bannning Cheap Light Bulbs To Help Fight Climate Change appeared first on News Punch. […]

Aqvox defrauding audiophiles with a cheap switch

MANY corporations/companies exist for the sole purpose of defrauding people of their hard earned dollars, pesos or even rubles. Under the microscope (almost literally) is a company that trades in Germany under the internet address of The business should be shut down and under investigation of fraud. They claim that their ~800EUR* (modified) Dlink (~22EUR) […]

A Cheap Cure for Cancer that Will Probably Disappear

A Cheap Cure for Cancer that Will Probably Disappear In 2014, a team of researchers at Johns Hopkins was trying to grow tumors in laboratory mice and they failed with one group. The reason, they discovered, was because that group of mice had been de-wormed with an anti-parasitic drug, which they then learned had been […]

U.N. says ‘Food Shortages are essential to creating cheap slave labour’

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON OCTOBER 22, 2022 • ( 6 COMMENTS ) In 2008, an article touting the benefits of world hunger for creating a cheap, motivated workforce was published on the United Nations’ website. The article resurfaced recently on Twitter and went viral; it was promptly taken down by the U.N. within 24 hours. The crux of the article is that […]

U.N. Brags ‘Food Shortages Will Help Create Cheap Slave Labour’

The United Nations has bragged that the coming food shortages in the West will help create a cheap, “motivated” workforce. In a recently surfaced 2008 article, the U.N. admitted that the elite class has a distinct motivation to not end world hunger because if everyone is well-nourished, there may be no one willing to provide […]

‘Weed’em & Reap’, The End Of Cheap Food

RESILIENT LIVING: ‘Weed’em & Reap’, The End Of Cheap Food – By Charles Hugh Smith SM  Source – ‘…Let’s start with how disconnected the vast majority of us are from the production of the cheap food we take for granted. A great many people know virtually nothing about how food is grown, raised, harvested / […]

Report: Saudi Arabia Doubling Purchases of Cheap Russian Oil

The amount of Russian fuel oil imported by Saudi Arabia between April and June of this year more than doubled compared to last year, Reuters reported on Friday. Source

Fuel-Starved Sri Lanka Considers Cheap Russian Oil, More Chinese Loans

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said on Saturday that his country might increase its purchases of discounted oil from Russia, and accept more financial assistance from China, as the island nation spirals deeper into an economic crisis.

Yemen: Cheap Demagoguery and Huge Profits for London

Situated on the distant east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen and our neighboring Ukraine share a common fate. Both countries, at the will of the West, have become embroiled in conflicts desired by Western rulers. Instigation of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi rulers against Russia by the West, above all the United States’ “empire of lies and […]

Axios: China, Russia Use H-1B Workers for Cheap Propaganda

Malevolent groups are using the huge H-1B visa-worker program to do bad things in the United States, says a shocked report in Source

When Empires Die, Life and Sex Are Both Sold Cheap

Some folks swallowed the Roman slave religion BS of one life, up or down. More people all over the world understand at least rudimentarily reincarnation, but are not real sure how it works, who they have been or where they lived in other times. A handful, a very small percentage of those alive at any […]

Chinese Scientists Say They’ve Discovered Cheap New Way to Do Nuclear Fusion

Chinese Scientists Say They’ve Discovered Cheap New Way to Do Nuclear Fusion They’re using tiny cones made of gold to do it. Image by Chinese Academy of Sciences A team of scientists in China say they’ve discovered a cost-effective method of achieving nuclear fusion that could rival much more expensive counterparts. Researchers at the Chinese Academy […]

Nestle, Mars and Hersey accused of ‘using child labour to get cheap cocoa’ in new court papers

Seven of the world’s largest cocoa companies have been accused of using child labour so they can “continue to benefit from cheap cocoa” in new legal papers. The lawsuit has been brought by eight Malian citizens who claim they were trafficked as children to the Cote D’Ivoire to work on cocoa plantations. Nestle, Cargill, Hersheys, […]

The Battle to Suppress Hydroxychloroquine as a Cheap and Effective Drug for the Treatment of Covid-19

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Poll Shows Growing Democratic Opposition to Cheap Labor Migration

A Rasmussen poll shows that Democrats are moving towards pro-American migration policies as Joe Biden prepares to implement pro-migrant, pro-business labor policies. A May 2020 question asked respondents if they favored admitting more foreign workers for blue collar jobs, just 54 percent of Democrats agreed that it is “better for businesses to raise the pay […]

Ever Cheap Rolex Datejust and Rolex Air-King

The Rolex Datejust is a true industry icon and the best-selling Rolex model of all time. First introduced in 1945, the Datejust permanently established the standard for date displays on wristwatches, and it has been a cornerstone offering within the Rolex catalog ever since. Due to its long history and continuous production operations, a considerable […]

Palestinians Reject ‘Cheap Publicity Stunt’ By Israel And The UAE

Condemnation was swift shortly after the disputed deal between Israel and the UAE was announced. Reactions to the disputed deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which is aimed at normalising relations between the two nations, from Palestinians abroad and the occupied Palestinian Territories has been scathing. “May you never experience the agony of […]

Netanyahu’s cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one — Trump

The good news from Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech on Iran’s “secret atomic archive” yesterday is that it was so cheaply theatrical that it is being widely dismissed as vaudeville. He used the word secret 15 times, and in the encore pulled back a black curtain on his evidence, proclaiming, “I just revealed something the world has […]

What If All the Cheap Stuff Goes Away?

One of the books I just finished reading is The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire. The thesis of the book is fascinating to those of us interested in the rise and fall of empires: Rome expanded for many reasons, but one that is overlooked was the good fortune of an era […]

Scientists create a cheap paper water filter that removes lead, arsenic and bacteria while being portable and disposable

(Natural News) Hands down, the most important factor in maintaining public health is access to clean water, and scientist Liangjie Dong from the University of Hawaii has come up with a revolutionary new technology that stands to bring clean water to even the poorest and most remote regions of the world – […]

Why US is Trying to Deprive Europe of Cheap Russian Natural Gas

After Donald Trump’s win, Washington has started viewing Europe not as a partner but as a competitor, Sputnik contributor Dmitry Lekukh writes, adding that the best way to pull the rug out from under the EU economy is to deprive it of cheap pipeline gas. “From an economic point of view, the ‘old’ industrialized continental Europe is now seen more as a competitor rather […]

48 Million Sickened Every Year By Cheap, Dirty Meat

48 Million Sickened Every Year By Cheap, Dirty Meat Above Photo: If you live in the U.S., you’re far more likely to get hit with salmonella or some other foodborne illness, than if you live in the U.K.  You can thank the factory farm industry for that. An investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) and […]

Scientists create cheap, non-metallic, sustainable battery from tree bark

(Natural News) Mother Nature will never cease to amaze, with its seemingly endless list of natural energy resources that are just waiting to be tapped. The many sources of natural — or as many in the mainstream media like to call it, the alternative — energy usually involves plantlife in one of its many iterations. Researchers […]

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