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CLOWN SHOW: Biden administration in CHAOS over migrant crisis, Axios reveals

(NaturalNews) A damning report from Axios revealed that the Biden administration – already a clown show in itself – was thrown into chaos over the ongoing… Source

Axios Report Declares Wide Open Border ‘More Fortified Than Ever’

An Axios report has called the open southern U.S. border a conservative “myth” and declares that “the southern border is more fortified than it’s ever been.” By using the term "open border," conservatives are suggesting that anyone can get into the U.S. without much hassle. But the reality is the southern border is more fortified […]

‘Gerontocracy’: Axios Raises Concerns About Joe Biden’s Age, ‘Geriatric Leadership of Government’

Axios on Monday raised concerns about President Joe Biden’s 2024 political viability due to his age and stamina.

Axios: China, Russia Use H-1B Workers for Cheap Propaganda

Malevolent groups are using the huge H-1B visa-worker program to do bad things in the United States, says a shocked report in Source

Kevin McCarthy Reaffirms Populist Promises to Establishment Axios Readers

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy used an interview with establishment outlet to reaffirm his populist promises to Breitbart News of pro-American immigration, economic, and technology policies. “On immigration: McCarthy reiterated to Axios his recent pledge to Breitbart’s Matt Boyle — that he’ll not consider any legislation offering legal status to undocumented immigrants, preemptively ruling out comprehensive immigration reform,” […]

Half Of Pandemic Unemployment Funds May Have Been Stolen: Axios

As much as half of the unemployment benefits paid by the US government over the past year may have been stolen through fraud, with the bulk ultimately ending up outside the country – likely into the hands of foreign crime syndicates in China, Nigeria, Russia and elsewhere, according to Axios‘ Felix Salmon. According to some estimates, unemployment fraud […]

Axios Criticized for Calling Leila Khaled a “Palestinian Activist”

The news outlet Axios has faced some criticism for referring to Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist Leila Khaled as a “Palestinian activist” in a recent article. The article, titled “Zoom faces its content moderation moment,” discusses the video conferencing platform’s efforts in developing guidelines for how to handle content on its […]

Axios news agency thinks Iran is the ‘centerpiece’ of China’s One Belt One Road Initiative

     Tehran will be a key player in Beijing’s multibillion-dollar One Belt, One Road initiative to resurrect the ancient Silk Road with massive international land and sea trade and transit investments. Ground transportation infrastructure flanking Iran’s east and west border as a result of Chinese investment, in addition to access points at the Persian Gulf, […]

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