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Axios Report Declares Wide Open Border ‘More Fortified Than Ever’

An Axios report has called the open southern U.S. border a conservative “myth” and declares that “the southern border is more fortified than it’s ever been.” By using the term "open border," conservatives are suggesting that anyone can get into the U.S. without much hassle. But the reality is the southern border is more fortified […]

Sacred Defense in the Middle Ages: Transylvanian Fortified Churches

One would think that a church is a place of refuge, of spiritual comfort and protection – where violence has no place to exist. Usually, this is exactly the case and throughout the world churches are great monuments of cultural and architectural achievement. But sadly, they were often victims of war. No matter how pretty, […]

Russian Forces Blow-up NATO’s Terrorists Massive Fortified Tunnel in Idlib

 ARABI SOURI APRIL 1, 2021 Russian forces used 5 tonnes of explosives to destroy a massive network of heavily fortified tunnels in the liberated parts of Idlib last Tuesday 23 March 2021. Roman Bessmertni, the head of the Engineering unit in the Russian force group in Syria explained how sophisticated the tunnel network was with chambers […]

Pirates are breaking through America’s fortified walls. Is there any secret left? القراصنة يخترقون أسوار أميركا الحصينة.. هل بقي من أسرار؟

**Please scroll down for the English Machine translation** الميادين نت 21 كانون الأول 20:03 منذر سليمان مدير مكتب الميادين في واشنطن و جعفر الجعفري  تبدو أميركا مكشوفة لمن أقدم على الاختراق الذي يوازيه في الخطورة اهتزاز الثقة بتفوق التقنية الأميركية في النطاق السيبراني. اكتشفت الولايات المتحدة أنها كانت تتعرَّض لهجمات قرصنة واسعة النطاق منذ “شهر آذار/مارس 2020 […]

Fortified Hellenistic Center And Underwater Site Found In Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, a fortified Hellenistic center has been found on the country’s Black Sea coast . A fortress has been discovered on the shore and, what’s more, a large underwater site has been located in the waters nearby the coastal fortress site. The experts believe they may have located an important fortified Hellenistic center that […]

Irwin Schiff Dies A Political Prisoner

As a tribute, Peter shared the above video of his father speaking at the Libertarian Convention 1996. Irwin was an inspiration to millions of us, myself included, his brilliant comic-style book “How an Economy Grows & Why it Doesn’t” explained economics to me in a way I never understood and changed my life forever as […]

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