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‘Judged’ by a retired out of touch fossil judiciary?

‘Mums & Dads’ taxpayers and those seeking ‘justice’ or rather a remedy within a place of business called a ‘Court’ are getting scammed by those in government, period. Over the past few years, business has been booming for the legal profession and places of business called the courts, coincidentally as a result of a high […]

Ginkgo biloba, dubbed the “living fossil,” is nature’s ultimate brain booster

(NaturalNews) Ginkgo biloba, often called the maidenhair tree, is dubbed “the living fossil.” It has survived for more than 200 million years virtually unchanged,… Source

Energy Department goes all in on clean form of on-demand energy embraced by fossil fuel industry

Advances in oil and gas drilling have cut costs for a form of clean power that could help replace fossil fuels, according to the Department of Energy. Now the agency is going all in on geothermal energy, which uses heat from deep within the Earth to produce largely pollution-free electricity. The agency projects that geothermal… […]

The EU Wants Fossil Fuel Firms To Contribute To Climate Fund

Authored by Charles Kennedy via, Oil and gas companies could be a source of additional funding for a UN climate financing to help developing economies cope with the consequences of climate change, according to a draft EU document seen by Reuters. After failing so far to establish a clear-cut framework of how much wealthy developed […]

Leftist Canadian MP wants to criminalize endorsement of fossil fuels

(NaturalNews) A member of the Canadian Parliament from the far-left New Democratic Party (NDP) is calling for any person promoting fossil fuels to be penalized… Source

Fossil fuel footprint: Corals reveal industrial pollution’s deep sea impact

New study uncovers historical pollutants from burning fossil fuels in Mediterranean corals, highlighting human influence on marine ecosystems. Source

Unmasking the carbon charade: The truth behind fossil fuel giants’ green pledges

This analysis brings to light the stark contrast between the industry’s public commitments and their actual plans, raising serious questions about the integrity of these pledges. Source

Reuters, New York Times top list of fossil fuel industry’s media enablers

New report by DeSmog and Drilled reveals extent of commercial partnerships between trusted outlets and Big Oil. Source

Record Number Of Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Attend COP28 Climate Summit

The annual summit to tackle global climate change is crawling with people with ties to planet-warming fossil fuels. Source

John Kerry Vows To Bankrupt the Fossil Fuel Industry on Behalf of the WEF

John Kerry has vowed to accelerate his plan to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry worldwide as part of the WEF’s Net Zero agenda. Coal plants should be made illegal “everywhere in the world” Biden’s self-described […] The post John Kerry Vows To Bankrupt the Fossil Fuel Industry on Behalf of the WEF appeared first on […]

‘No science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels

Exclusive: UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber says phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’ Sultan Al Jaber: ‘There is no science out there that says that the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5C.’ Photograph: Anadolu/Getty Images The president of Cop28, Sultan Al Jaber, has claimed there is […]

As planet heats, U.S. ramps up fossil fuel production, casting a shadow on COP28 climate goals

NationofChange remains a vital, ad-free source of progressive news and activism, all thanks to donations from readers like you. Support our transparent, reader-funded journalism with your generous donation. In a year predicted to be the hottest on record, the United States is paradoxically on track to achieve record-breaking levels of fossil fuel production. This surge […]

Biden’s climate catastrophe: IRA unleashes fossil fuel frenzy, jeopardizing environmental future

In a striking revelation, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)—President Joe Biden’s flagship climate legislation—is under scrutiny for potentially enabling an upsurge in fossil fuel production. This scenario poses a stark contradiction to the Act’s intent of fostering a greener future. Oil Change International (OCI), a prominent environmental advocacy group, recently unveiled an incisive analysis, revealing […]

Fossil fuel firms accelerating climate catastrophe despite urgent warnings

Images Credit: Tribune Content Agency, LLC. In a world where the urgency of addressing the climate crisis has never been clearer, an alarming trend persists: Fossil fuel companies are forging ahead with plans to expand their destructive infrastructure, potentially pushing humanity closer to climate catastrophe. An updated database released by Urgewald and numerous partner groups […]

California pension funds have billions invested in fossil fuel companies named in state’s lawsuit

The two funds are resisting pressure from legislators and activists to shed their gas and oil holdings. Source

“Fossil Fuel Treaty” activism is funded by a small group of global foundations

BY RHODA WILSON ON SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 • ( 19 COMMENTS ) A network of activists is calling for a “Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.” They want a treaty to complement the Paris Climate Agreement to accelerate a global shift from using fossil fuels. In 2021, ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, the World Economic Forum promoted the initiative as: “A new wave of activists is […]

The Great Oil Conspiracy: It has been known since the end of WWII that oil is not a fossil fuel; it is abiotic

There are two basic theories for the origin of crude oil: biotic and abiotic. The origin of petroleum or natural gas may seem like a strange debate to have but determining whether this fuel is a fossil fuel or not is important. If these fuels are truly fossil fuels, then they are limited in supply […]

Demanding an end to ‘deadly fossil fuels,’ tens of thousands take the streets in NYC

“It’s time for Biden to declare a climate emergency and phase out the fossil fuels killing people and wildlife around the world.” Source

Fossil fuel companies ask Hawaii Supreme Court to dismiss Honolulu’s climate case

Honolulu has sued Big Oil over the costs of adapting to weather extremes – including bigger fire risks. Source

The Fossil Fuel Farce

Oil scarcity is entirely artificial Surely not, who could have guessed? From Scripio Eruditus — Rockefeller Standard Oil logo (1972). Note the inclusion of the torch of enlightenment, an ubiquitous occult symbol. “The Twentieth Century — sometimes referred to as the American Century — was a veritable whirlwind of military-grade PsyOps, pernicious lies, dastardly […]

Divest, decarbonize and disassociate — inside the bold new push to get fossil fuels off campus

As pandemic restrictions fade, students are finding innovative ways to end higher ed’s many ties to the fossil fuel industry. Source

Young climate activists at Davos want fossil fuel execs to ‘cease and desist’ new oil, gas or coal extraction

“I just think it sends a message of where we’re headed right now, if we’re putting the heads of fossil fuel companies to lead climate negotiations.” Source

Fossil fuel groups ‘spent millions’ on social media ads spreading climate disinformation during COP27

The cost of living crisis and a surge in fossil fuel prices “turbocharged an ecosystem of disinformation” around the summit, study finds. Source

Amateur Fossil Hunters Find a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for Paleontology

Paleontologists affiliated with the Queensland Museum Network in Australia have unearthed both the head and body of a 100-million-year-old marine reptile known as an elasmosaur. This astonishing creature lived in the shallow sea that covered Queensland during the early Cretaceous period (145 million to 65 million years ago). This is an extraordinary and important find, […]

The Middle East and US global power: Fossil Fuel- Lifeblood of the American Empire

November 22, 2022 Source by Phillyguy Summary Among all of the events shaping post-civil war US economic development, one of the most prominent was the establishment of Standard Oil by John D. Rockefeller in 1870. Working with other US industrialists, along with domestic and international financial and banking interests, including the Rothschild’s London banking cartel, […]

How the fossil fuel industry buys goodwill

From sports to academia to the arts, fossil fuel companies are pouring money on the things we love, in an effort to “not be held accountable” for climate chaos. Source

United Nations considers trying to OUTLAW all fossil fuels on the planet, which would lead to the starvation and death of billions of people

(Natural News) The COP27 globalist gathering that recently took place in Egypt came with open calls for a global phase-out of, and eventual ban on, all fossil fuels. Were this to actually happen, billions of people would die. A tiny, failing island in the South Pacific called Tuvalu (ever heard of it?) made the proposition… […]

Biden’s chaotic, anti-fossil fuel policies are threatening global energy security

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Just three years ago, the United States was an energy independent nation, a nation that was in a secure position to incorporate more renewable energy sources into its diverse and robust energy supply.Today, the United States is a hollow shell of its former self – with pipelines and drilling operations shuttered. After […]

‘Drop fossil fuels,’ over 400 scientists tell PR firm handling UN climate talks

“It’s an almost comical conflict of interest that Big Oil’s spin doctors are also in charge of communications for the UN climate talks.” Source

Manchin unveils full text of ‘shameless handout to the fossil fuel industry’

Frontline communities and climate campaigners on Wednesday reiterated their opposition to U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin’s “dirty deal” after the West Virginia Democrat unveiled the full text of his proposal to overhaul federal permitting for energy projects. “It should come as no surprise that a corporate coal baron like Joe Manchin would push a fossil fuel […]

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