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John Kerry Vows To Bankrupt the Fossil Fuel Industry on Behalf of the WEF

John Kerry has vowed to accelerate his plan to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry worldwide as part of the WEF’s Net Zero agenda. Coal plants should be made illegal “everywhere in the world” Biden’s self-described […] The post John Kerry Vows To Bankrupt the Fossil Fuel Industry on Behalf of the WEF appeared first on […]

The FBI Gestapo is Targeting Trump Supporters on Behalf of the British Empire

Exposed: The FBI Gestapo Is Now Targeting All Trump Supporters By Barbara Boyd October 06, 2023 Twitter Login to follow ShareFacebookTwitterPrintFriendly Bill Arkin, the storied national security reporter for Newsweek, published a story this week which should command your urgent attention. He documents that a secret unit of the FBI is now targeting supporters of Donald Trump […]

Hunter Biden Wanted To Lobby Sen. Bob Menendez On Behalf Of Foreign Client

Hunter Biden Wanted To Lobby Sen. Bob Menendez On Behalf Of Foreign Client Hunter Biden and pals wanted to lobby indicted Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez on behalf of a Spanish rail company after regulators scrutinized the firm, according to emails found on Hunter’s infamous laptop. According to the Daily Caller, Spanish%20rail%20company%20Construcciones%20y%20Auxiliar%20de%20Ferrocarriles%20(CAF)%20hired%20Rosemont Seneca Partners, […]

Washington Wants to Create Biological Crises Violating Int’l Laws [on Behalf of British Empire]

18 Aug, 2023 12:31 HomeRussia & FSU Washington wants to create biological crises at will – Moscow The US is grossly violating its obligations to the international community, Russia’s embassy has said Technicians wearing personal protective equipment suits stand behind a biohazard sign. ©  Arun SANKAR / AFP The US wants to harness the power of dangerous […]

Steve Bannon: ‘Elon Musk Is a WEF Stooge Working on Behalf of China’

Steve Bannon has warned that Elon Musk is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is secretly working on behalf of the globalist elites to help implement their Great Reset agenda for humanity. In an interview with Mike Adams, Bannon was asked if he agrees that America is on the brink of collapse: “I don’t think […]

Israel seizes $39m from tax revenues collected on behalf of PA

In response to the success of United Nations (UN) initiatives, on Friday Israeli occupation authorities decided to seize NIS139 million ($39 million) from tax revenues collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Israeli media reported. Last Friday, the UN General Assembly approved a resolution requesting that the International Court of Justice weigh in on […]

Is Christopher Bollyn Gatekeeping 9/11 Truth On Behalf Of The Kremlin?

Disclaimer: I do not underestimate or try to downplay Christopher Bollyn’s massive role in exposing Israel and World jewry’s role in the 9/11 attacks and The War on Terror that followed. Christopher made a huge contribution to the movement and I am going to give credit where it is due. However some of his narratives […]

O’Bama’s Legacy: Mass Murder Graves in Ukraine on Behalf of Crime Syndicate He Works For

A Part of Obama’s Legacy that Presumably Won’t Be Celebrated in his $482 Million Presidential Library. I recently witnessed the exhumation of human remains from a mass grave that contains more than 200 bodies. It was a profound and profoundly disturbing experience. Each body in this grave represents an unnecessary and unjust death, a murder, […]

House Committees Pass $20 Mill Per Day on Behalf of Israel

U.S. spending for Israel takes two forms: some of the money goes directly to Israel; some of the money goes to other items that benefit Israel. Legislation recently advanced by Congressional committees contains both types of funding. If the legislation becomes law, as is expected, a combined total of over $7 billion of Americans’ tax […]

Former PM David Cameron Lobbied UK Govt on Behalf of $1 Billion Chinese Investment Fund: Report

Former Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly lobbied then-Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond in 2017 to secure government approval for a $1 billion Chinese investment deal. Mr Cameron — who has recently been embroiled in a lobbying scandal involving government contracts secured during the Chinese coronavirus crisis for Greensill Capital — has been revealed to […]

Statement On Behalf Of The Family And Committee To Free Chip Fitzgerald

Rest in Power. Statement by The Family & Committee To Free Chip Fitzgerald about the recent death of the longest incarcerated member of the Black Panther Party. The following is a statement from the Committee to Free Chip Fitzgerald. Chip was the longest incarcerated Black Panther in U.S. History. From the age of 17, he […]

Jewish Groups Rally on Behalf of Asian Americans

Leslie Anderson, the director of the Atlanta-area Jewish Community Relations Council, said the Jewish community has worked with local Asian-American communities on a range of legislative and social justice issues. “We don’t know yet if it’s a hate crime,” she said. “Given the rise of violence against the Asian American-Pacific Islander community, it certainly fits […]

Biden’s Chief of Staff Worked on Behalf of Big Tech for Endless H-1B Visas

Democrat Joe Biden has chosen Ronald Klain to be his chief of staff should he enter the White House in January. Klain worked on behalf of Silicon Valley executives and their interests, which include providing tech corporations with an endless supply of H-1B foreign visa workers and more free trade. Klain, who was made Biden’s […]

U.S. State Department To Demand Reparations On Behalf Of Jews For Holocaust AND Jewish Communism

The U.S. State Department on Wednesday announced that it had completed the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act report to Congress on progress countries have made on the restitution or compensation to Jews for property ‘wrongfully’ seized during the Holocaust and also Communism: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered remarks on the occasion, saying […]

Kennedy Brothers Were Killed By CIA On Behalf Of Israel

Former US Senator, Robert F. Kennedy, and his older brother, former President John F. Kennedy, were assassinated by CIA agents working in collusion with Israel, according to American historian Kevin Barrett. Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian immigrant, was wrongly convicted of murdering RFK and sentenced to death in 1969. reports: RFK’s death in 1968 […]

Top Cancer Researcher Fired For Falsifying Data On Behalf Of Big Pharma

One of America’s top cancer researchers was forced to resign following an investigation that found he intentionally falsified data on cancer research on behalf of Big Pharma. Ching-Shih Chen, one of Ohio State’s senior cancer researchers, was found to have committed research fraud on at least 14 cancer research projects over the last 17 years. […]

Google Sued Over Privacy on Behalf of 5 Million iPhone Users

Google was sued by a group of U.K. consumers over claims that the company improperly collected personal data from millions of users of Apple Inc.’s iPhone. The group, called Google You Owe Us, said in a statement Thursday that it was the first case of its kind in the U.K. against a major tech […]

Netanyahu & israel lobby lead Trump to war with Iran on behalf of israel

In December 2016, Netanyahu claimed there were “at least five” ways of undoing the Iran nuclear deal, and he intended to discuss them with President Trump. Can Generals James Mattis (US Secretary of Defense) and John Hyten (Head of US Strategic Command) Prevent a Disaster? by James Petras Introduction Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and […]

The EPA intervened on Monsanto’s behalf, sabotaging another government agency’s safety review of glyphosate

(Natural News) Monsanto, the agrichemical company that produces genetically modified seeds and the herbicide Roundup, among others, has become known as the “world’s most evil corporation.” Their callous disregard for the welfare of humans and the environment certainly makes them deserving of this label. Now, imagine this scenario for a moment: The world’s most evil […]

Psychologists Agree To Historic Settlement In ACLU Case On Behalf Of Three Torture Victims

NEW YORK — In a first for a case involving CIA torture, the American Civil Liberties Union announced a settlement today in the lawsuit against the two psychologists who designed and implemented the agency’s brutal program. A jury trial was scheduled to begin on September 5, after the plaintiffs successfully overcame every attempt by the psychologists to […]

Documents Expose How Hollywood Promotes War On Behalf Of Pentagon, CIA And NSA

Vietnam is evidently another sore topic for the US military, which also removed a reference to the war from the screenplay for Hulk (2003). While the military are not credited at the end of the film, on IMDB or in the DOD’s own database of supported movies, we acquired a dossier from the US Marine Corps detailing […]

North Korea Asks West To Help Prevent Cataclysic Volcanic Eruption

North Korea have reached out to the West and asked them for help in preventing a potentially cataclysmic volcanic eruption from occurring, after one of world’s most dangerous volcano’s began rumbling again recently.  Mount Paektu, a 9,000 foot volcano on the border between China and North Korea, last erupted in 946 AD – causing one of […]

The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: “Total War” and the Ideology of Imperialism

PART ONE | PART TWO | PART THREE | PART FOUR This is the third of four articles analyzing the new US Department of Defense Law of War Manual. The Department of Defense (DOD) Law of War Manual represents the most advanced ideological expression of the striving of US imperialism to dominate and control the entire world by means of military force. By authorizing […]

Old people auctioned off like cattle in online eBay-style website in the UK

(NaturalNews) Apparently England’s health care system is strained to the point that elder care distribution goes to the lowest bidder. The UK system itself […]

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