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California pension funds have billions invested in fossil fuel companies named in state’s lawsuit

The two funds are resisting pressure from legislators and activists to shed their gas and oil holdings. Source

GMC Invested in Nestlé, Fast Food, and Soft Drinks Companies

Dr Sheena Meredith, MB BS, MPhil | Disclosures | 16 March 2023 A Freedom of Information request submitted as part of an investigation by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has exposed that the General Medical Council (GMC) has substantial investments in controversial infant formula manufacturer Nestlé, as well as fast food and soft drink companies, including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, and […]

Over $700m invested in South Pars complementary plans

TEHRAN- The acting managing director of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), which is in charge of developing South Pars, Iran’s giant gas field in the Persian Gulf, put the amount of investment made in four complimentary projects in South Pars at $712 million. Mohammad-Hossein Motejalli made the remarks on Monday in a ceremony to […]

Celebrities Are Such Scumbags Because They’re Invested In The Status Quo

Have you ever wondered why a famous person whose work you’ve enjoyed has such a myopic perspective on world events? How someone can stir you at your most intimate depths with their words or their music and yet have a blinkered mainstream political worldview that is manufactured by think tanks and spinmeisters?

$142m invested in West Azarbaijan tourism

$142m invested in West Azarbaijan tourism – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Some six trillion rials ($142.8 million at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) has been invested in the tourism sector of West Azarbaijan, the provincial tourism chief has announced.  Across the province, 60 projects are currently underway, with a progress rate of […]

YouTube’s parent company, Google, is directly invested in the AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID “vaccine” (that NZ’s Medsafe has just provisionally approved by the way)

“This is why YouTube censors anything that threatens the rollout and future profits of COVID-19 gene modification therapies” Dr Mercola From Story at-a-glance YouTube’s parent company, Google, is directly invested in the AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID “vaccine.” This is why YouTube censors anything that threatens the rollout and future profits of COVID-19 gene modification therapies Silicon […]

Hunter Biden Invested Millions In Chinese Nuclear Plant Operator That Vented Dangerous Buildup Of Gasses

Hunter Biden’s private equity firm invested millions of dollars in a Chinese state-owned nuclear power plant operator whose French partner warned the White House that the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong province was in danger of an “imminent radiological threat” due to a build-up of noble gasses in the cooling system of one of […]

How Microsoft is invested in Israeli settler-colonialism

When millions took to the streets last year to protest for Black lives, corporations saw trouble. The abolitionist call within the uprising – defund the police and invest in a better world – challenges state violence and its profiteers. So, companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, which enable state surveillance and violence, boosted their […]

The controversial vaccine, which Bill Gates has heavily invested in, is being rejected by some countries over widespread concerns about side effects and efficacy

Countries like the U.S., UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others have their own regulatory process for granting emergency use approval for vaccines and other drugs, but those countries that lack the necessary regulatory framework rely on WHO to vet vaccines. WHO’s approval of the vaccines produced by AstraZeneca-SKBio (Republic of Korea) and the Serum Institute […]

Buying Jerusalem soccer club, Emiratis have just invested in Israel’s ruling class

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The Pelosi’s Invested $1 Million in CrowdStrike – Same Tech Company That Launched #Russiagate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband invested a whopping $1million in CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm that originated the debunked ‘Russian hacking’ scandal. According to newly-filed financial disclosures, Paul and Nancy Pelosi purchased CrowdStrike shares on September 3. Since then, the stock rose from £129.25 a share to $142.97. New from me: Financial disclosure forms […]

Likud minister: AG is ‘wholly invested’ in Netanyahu’s ‘political liquidation’

A top Likud minister accused Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit of seeking to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office. “He acts like he’s wholly invested in Netanyahu’s political liquidation,” Public Security Minister Amir Ohana said Tuesday in an interview with Channel 12. Ever since Mandelblit’s decision in January to indict the prime minister on graft […]

Queen Invested Millions Offshore & In Company Accused Of Exploiting The Poor

Leaked documents show that millions of pounds from Queen Elizabeth’s private estate was invested in offshore tax havens. The Duchy of Lancaster, which provides the Queen with an income, invested around £10m in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda-based funds According to a huge new leak of financial documents which was revealed on Sunday, the Queen also […]

Robert Mueller Invested In Hedge Funds Linked to Russia and George Soros

Robert Mueller Invested In Hedge Funds Linked to Russia and George Soros Offended America October 23, 2017 Robert Muellers complex financial entanglements include investments linked to George Soros and Russia. During Muellers tenure at the FBI, high profile cases of financial wrongdoing within hedge funds that he invested in were ignored by federal law enforcement. […]

The Revolution Ends: Bernie Sanders Sells Out, Endorses Hillary Clinton

Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at an event in Portsmouth New Hampshire. For many Sanders supporters getting behind an establishment politician who embodies the cronyism and corruption their revolution was built to oppose is one place they’re not willing to follow Senator Sanders. First the #ClintonContamination got Elizabeth Warren; now […]

"Nestlé Is Trying to Break Us": A Pennsylvania Town Fights Predatory Water Extraction

Donna Diehl, a 55-year-old school bus driver from Kunkeltown, Pennsylvania, a small historic town located on the edge of the Poconos, wanted to do three things this year: drive the bus, paint her bathroom and learn to crochet. Instead, Diehl, along with dozens of her neighbors, is spending her time trying to stop the […]

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