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Brazil’s Fierce Drought

The Amazon rainforest is arguably the world’s premier asset. Indeed, it’s the world’s most crucial asset in a myriad of ways, nothing on Earth compares. Yet, it is infernally stressed because of inordinate drought. The bulk of the Amazon rainforest is located in Brazil, where, according to the title of an article in NASA, Earth […]

Drought Clobbers the World

According to SPEI Global Drought Monitor, no continent is spared the ravages of severe drought, except for Antarctica. This is happening at a global temperature of 1.2°C above baseline, not 1.5°C above baseline which climate scientists agree is locked in. This article explores the countrywide impact of 1.2°C above baseline for the most vulnerable as […]

Lake Oroville Hydro Power Plant Shut Down Due To drought

Lake Oroville Hydro Power Plant Shut Down Due To droughtPublished on August 10, 2021Written by One of California’s most important hydroelectric plants has ceased operations due to falling water levels, according to the Department of Water Resources (DWR). On Wednesday, Lake Oroville fell to a record low of 642-feet above mean sea level. By Thursday, the […]

Devastating Drought Ravages California, Water Use by 15% Cut Suggested

As California faces devastating drought the U.S. state’s governor Gavin Newsom has asked people and businesses to voluntarily cut their water use by 15%. The western U.S. weathers a devastating drought. Reservoirs across California, which are depended on for agriculture, drinking water and fish habitat, have dwindled to dangerously low levels and some counties have already enacted mandatory water […]

The Collapse of Chaco Canyon: Recent Study Challenges Drought Theory

In the center of America’s Four Corners Region , Chaco Canyon is an arid, desolate place, sprinkled with the occasional, lonely juniper tree, cactus, or sage bush. Hundreds of mysterious, ancient structures haunt this canyon and the entire region, meticulously aligned along the paths of the Sun, Moon, and constellation Orion. Known as Chacoan Great […]

Extreme heat, drought, fuel wildfires in western U.S.

Extreme heat, drought, fuel wildfires in western U.S.Date: June 25, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source:PHOENIX, Arizona: A number of fires are burning in Arizona, California, Colorado and Oregon, sparked by drought and excessive temperatures.Temperatures are greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit in many locations. Denver reported three days of triple-digit temperatures, while Tucson, Arizona has registered eight consecutive […]

Drought reveals more about mysterious plane crash into California lake 56 years ago

A small aeroplane found deep underwater in a California lake is being touted as having potentially just solved a decades-old mystery – but officials say they were already aware of its existence. A California company that manufactures robotic survey vessels located the wreckage in Folsom Lake while testing out equipment. The discovery sparked headlines that […]

Klamath Water Basin drought impacting farmers, concerning Native American Tribes

» Announcing Out Of Mind New Daily Newsletter on Follow It!Yesterday at 12:11 pm by PurpleSkyz » Klamath Water Basin drought impacting farmers, concerning Native American TribesYesterday at 9:12 am by PurpleSkyz » Contacting ET is ‘reckless’, say astronomersYesterday at 9:10 am by PurpleSkyz » Physicians For Informed Consent Release Safety & Efficacy Data of The Pfizer-BioNTech VaccineYesterday at 8:49 am by PurpleSkyz […]

California and Nevada Are Now 100% in Drought

California and Nevada Are Now 100% in DroughtPosted on June 5, 2021 By Robert WheelerCalifornia and Nevada are 100% in drought.Direct from After two water years of dry conditions, both California and Nevada are now 100% in drought. And with dire drought conditions, rapidly decreasing snowpack, and low reservoir levels, concern for wildfire season […]

Not Just Another Drought

Not Just Another Drought Above Photo: Ken Lund / Wikimedia Commons. The American West moves from dry to bone dry. The American West is having a drought. So, what else is new? And, that’s just the point. The American West has been in an extended drought since 2000, so far the second worst in the last […]

Crypto-miners, drought leaving Iranians in the dark

Crypto-miners, drought leaving Iranians in the dark – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – With the early arrival of the hot season across Iran, once again the issue of electricity shortage and systematic power outages has come under the spotlight. These days Iranians are left in the dark for several hours each day based on a pre-planned outage […]

Europe’s drought-induced crop losses tripled in 50 years, threatening future global food supply chain

New research has found that EU crop losses driven by heat waves and drought, as well as other extreme weather events, have tripled in 50 years, a startling figure which could upend food-chain supply dynamics around the globe. The study examined agricultural production in 28 European countries (including the UK) from 1961 to 2018 and […]

Israel turns off Jordan’s water supply amid drought and ‘personal frictions’, media reports

    Already in trouble with Jordan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu escalated tensions with his country’s closest Arab ally on Friday by unilaterally rejecting its request to increase water supply to the drought-hit kingdom. Netanyahu’s decision – reportedly influenced by a souring of his personal relationship with Jordanian King Abdullah II – went against […]

Some tropical trees are preppers: They store water for times of drought, researchers discover

(Natural News) Much like humans and animals, trees need water to survive. In harsh places where there is next to no water or moisture, some trees still manage to thrive. One study, published in Tree Physiology, aims to shed some light on how trees adapt to such environments. Scientists discovered that certain species of […]

How Western Meddling and a Dust Bowl Drought Ignited Syria’s Civil War

DOUMA, SYRIA (Opinion) —  The reported “chemical attack” at Douma, Russia has claimed, was fake news. One U.S. news agency has now confirmed from the location of the reported attack that April 7, 2018 was an uneventful day in this Syrian city and not one single person in Douma corroborated the story of a chemical […]

Shock Poll Finds Democrats’ “Blue Wave” Has Turned Into a Drought

Shock Poll Finds Democrats’ “Blue Wave” Has Turned Into a Drought Republicans sneak ahead for first time since April 2017 Paul Joseph Watson February 14, 2018 A shock new poll has found that the much hyped “blue wave” set to sweep away Republicans in the 2018 mid-terms has turned into a drought. For almost […]

Nestle Slammed For Siphoning Drought Water And Selling It For Profit

Nestle has come under fire after the company were caught funnelling tens of millions of gallons of water from drought-stricken California, and selling it for a profit.  In the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California, Nestle siphon millions of gallons of water, desperately needed by the State, and bottle it up at a nearby plant […]

Afghanistan Receives First Batch of Military Aid from China

nsnbc : China delivered the first batch of military aid to Afghanistan in an effort to help the country fight terrorism. The batch of Chinese military equipment was delivered by a Russian cargo plane and handed to Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar by Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing. The first batch of military equipment contained, […]

93% Of Americans Test Positive For Monsanto’s Glyphosate Poison

The University of California have warned that 93% of the American public have tested positive for Monsanto’s carcinogenic Glyphosate herbicide.  The Detox Project, using laboratories at the University of California San Francisco, found traces of the poisonous herbicide in the urine of 93% of participants. reports: From the project’s public statement on their website: Glyphosate, labeled […]

Whistleblower Nurse Warns Of Forced Flu Shots In US Hospitals

A whistleblower nurse has described her experience inside a hospital that has taken orders to unknowingly force vaccinate patients with the flu shot. In the video below she describes how The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has redefined the term “Biologics” being used in hospital consent forms to include vaccines. “Since the Affordable Care Act came […]

SpaceX Undercut ULA Rocket Launch Pricing by 40 Percent

SpaceX Undercut ULA Rocket Launch Pricing by 40 Percent April 28th, 2016 In other words, the Air Force can show they’re saving money *wink*, while funneling billions of dollars for black world R&D to the usual suspects via some other mechanism. Via: Reuters: The […]

Dutch Government Considering Only Allowing Electric Vehicle Sales Starting in 2025

Dutch Government Considering Only Allowing Electric Vehicle Sales Starting in 2025 April 3rd, 2016 I’d like to see people buying EVs, but not because that’s their only choice. I’m guessing that by 2025, electric vehicles will not only outperform gas models in every metric, […]

FDA-approved pasteurized milk to blame for rise in allergies and weakened immune function

(NaturalNews) For the past several years, as it rose in popularity, “raw” milk – that is, milk that has not undergone pasteurization – has been heavily criticized as being unclean, disease-ridden and dangerous to consume. But a growing body of research and evidence suggests that pasteurizing milk may actually be robbing us of […]

‘Happy heart syndrome’: Life’s greatest events can actually break your heart, study says

Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) involves a sudden weakening of the heart muscles, which causes the left ventricle – the chamber which pushes oxygen-rich blood through the body – to abnormally balloon out at the bottom. Although it has long been known that an unexpected, negative emotional shock – such as the death of a spouse or […]

Cop Never Fired After 2 Fits of Road Rage – On the 3rd Fit, He Shot a Lady in the Head for Honking

John Vibes | The Free Thought Project Houston, TX — It was recently revealed in court documents that a former police officer who shot a woman in the head during a road rage incident has a history marred with violence and anger issues. Kenneth Caplan, a reserve deputy constable […]

Mental health care for prisoners could prevent rearrest, but prisons aren’t designed for rehabilitation

Jennifer Reingle Gonzalez (TC) : Mental health conditions are more common among prisoners than in the general population. Estimates suggest that as many as 26 percent of state and federal prisoners suffer from at least one mental illness, compared with nine percent or less in the general population. And prisoners with untreated mental illness are more likely […]

Researchers take two big steps toward quantum computing

A green beacon laser is sent from the Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope on La Palma to Tenerife. Credit: University of Vienna. (—”Spooky action at a distance,” Einstein’s famous, dismissive characterization of quantum entanglement, has long been established as a physical phenomenon, and researchers are keen to develop practical applications for entanglement including communication, encryption, and computing. […]

Fishing main hurdle to Antarctic marine reserves: Australia

A seal swims under the ice in the Antarctic, where a bid to create a vast marine sanctuary was blocked at international talks on October 30, 2015 Access to fishing was the main stumbling block to agreement on two vast marine reserves in Antarctica, the head of the Australian delegation to international talks said Saturday. […]

Typhoon Koppu hits Philippines, kills at least 16, displaces 60,000 (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Seven people died when their boat capsized, while a boy was killed after he was hit by a fallen tree in the capital Manila. Authorities in the Philippines fear the death toll may rise as several towns and villages on Luzon Island remain isolated. More than 60,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying and landslide-prone […]

Giant 16th-Century ‘Colossus’ Sculpture In Florence, Italy Has Entire Rooms Hidden Inside

Shrouded within the park of Villa Demidoff (just north of Florence, Italy), there sits a gigantic 35-foot-tall 16th century sculpture known as Colosso dell’Appennino, or the Appennine Colossus. The brooding structure was first erected in 1580 by Italian sculptor Giambologna. Like a guardian of the pond in front of him, the giant is in an […]

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