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28 Pages: Newly Released Classified Documents Indicate Saudi Ties to 9/11

  Local Editor The long-awaited 28 pages of a 2002 congressional report on the 9/11 attacks had been released. The document indicates that prominent members of the Saudi Arabian regime were involved in planning and financing the terror attacks. The declassified documents were released by Congress on Friday and released them the same day. The […]

US House votes to block heavy water purchase from Iran in defiance of nuclear deal

The legislation was passed on Wednesday by 249-176, with support mostly coming from the Republican majority.The ‘No 2H2O from Iran Act’ literally prohibits purchase or licensing of the purchase of heavy water produced in Iran. Heavy water is an important by-product of producing nuclear weapons and energy, but it is not radioactive. In April, the US Department […]

9 Signs You’ve Become a Tool of the Entertainment Industrial Complex

Sigmund Fraud, StaffWaking Times We find ourselves at a critical time in history, on the brink of self-destruction, yet under the spell of so many lies, illusions and false realities. A survey of the actors on stage reveals the shocking truth that so many of the would-be-could-be change-makers out there are absent, […]

Cold front brings July snow to Klamath, Oregon

     An unseasonal cold snap brought snow to northern Klamath County Sunday with additional cold weather possibly arriving next weekend. Areas such as Crescent and Crater Lake National Park saw between 2 and 3 inches of snow, while other parts of the region saw temperatures dip as low as the 30s. Meteorologist Mike Petrucelli, of […]

Britain’s FTSE index hits 10-mo high despite Brexit hysteria

London’s FTSE 100 rose for a fourth straight session on Friday to reach its highest level since last summer, recovering from the initial negative impact caused by the UK’s vote to leave the EU in a referendum last week. The index was up 0.34 percent, reaching 6,527 points at 10:00am GMT. As the voting results […]

Persian treasures on display in Aquileia

(ANSA) – Rome, June 23 – Treasures from the ancient city of Persepolis are now on display at Aquileia’s archaeological museum, in a collaboration between Italy and Iran that aims to combine history with the fight against art trafficking and terrorism. The exhibition, “Lions and Bulls from Ancient Persia to Aquileia”, includes 25 objects spanning […]

Children’s clothing found loaded with endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Three major clothing lines based in Sweden and Norway are selling products that contain toxic chemicals, reported KappAhl and H&M, both Sweden-based clothing chains, and Cubus, a Norway-based company, were caught selling articles of clothing in which one out of three contained DBP or DEHP. Dibutyl phthalate, or DBP, is a commonly used plasticizer […]

NATO boosts build-up in E. Europe, confirms deployment of four multinational battalions

Poland, Baltic states talk air defenses, want more NATO fighter jets & missiles On Tuesday, NATO agreed to deploy a new 4,000-strong force in the Baltic States and Poland, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said after a meeting of the block’s ministers in Brussels. The move is seen as part of an effort aimed at protecting […]

Iran kicks off construction of 9th cross-country gas pipeline

TEHRAN, May 29 (Shana) – Iran kicked off construction of its 9th cross-country gas pipeline, senior official affiliated to the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said. Speaking to Shana, Planning Director of the National Iranian Gas Company Hassan Montazer Torbati said on Sunday that construction of 9th cross-country pipeline has been already started. Development of […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

JM Coetzee and Colum McCann headline 9th Annual Palestine Festival of Literature

The following press release was sent to us by the Palestine Festival of Literature: From May 21st to 26th, the annual Palestine Festival of Literature (PalFest) will be held in cities across historic Palestine as international literary stars – including Nobel laureate JM Coetzee, Pulitzer Prize finalist Laila Lalami and National Book Award winners Colum McCann […]

Thousands of Tons of Dead Creatures Hit Chile’s Beaches

Heaps of dead whales, salmon and sardines blamed on the El Niño freak weather phenomenon have clogged Chile’s Pacific beaches in recent months.  At the start of this year, a surge in algae in the water choked to death an estimated 40,000 tons of salmon in the Los Lagos region, where the Andes […]

Thousands of Tons of Dead Creatures Hit Chile’s Beaches

Heaps of dead whales, salmon and sardines blamed on the El Niño freak weather phenomenon have clogged Chile’s Pacific beaches in recent months.  At the start of this year, a surge in algae in the water choked to death an estimated 40,000 tons of salmon in the Los Lagos region, where the Andes […]

S Korean President says doors now open for trade with Iran

Tehran, May 3, IRNA – South Korean President Park Geun-hye said doors were now open for trade with Iran, stressing that the two countries have to nourish mutual friendship. Addressing a trade meeting between Iran and South Korean businessmen here on Tuesday, she said she was happy the meeting was held in the historical city […]

Apologists for Israel, touted in The New York Times

By Barbara Erickson TimesWrap -The writer is wondering why The New York Times features books of pro-Israeli authors while, at the same time, it ignores many worthy others wrote about Israel. The New York Times this week touts Israeli-Canadian writer Matti Friedman‘s book, a war memoir and military analysis based partly on the author’s experience in southern […]

Poll: Americans dissatisfied or angry with government

The majority of Americans are dissatisfied or angry with the federal government and believe that the US political system is not working, a new poll finds. “Almost 8 in 10 Americans say they’re dissatisfied or angry with the way the federal government is working,” showed an Associated Press-GfK poll on Saturday. The American citizens say […]

Panama Papers: Spy agencies widely used Mossack Fonseca to hide activities

Both “secret agents and their informants have used the company’s services,” wrote the newspaper, which earlier this month published online materials based on 11.5 million documents from the Panamanian law firm. It has been called the largest leak on corruption in journalistic history. “Agents have set up shell companies to conceal their activities,” the Munich-based newspaper […]

Incendiary Radio: The All Out Assault on Humanity Download Robert talks about how we are being attacked with vaccines, chemical cocktails, media mind control, occult constructions, the Baal earth, April massacres, and many other traitorous actions. Thanks to Whooli’s for editing out the commercials. Source Article from

Iran facilitates tax conditions for foreign investors

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran has passed laws on tax exemption for five years for foreigners making investment in Iran, said Deputy Head of Iranian Trade Development Organization Sadeq Ziyaie-Bigdeli. “helpful laws have been passed in Iran with the aim of removing obstacles for competitive production in Iran, based on which foreign investors would be exempted from […]

A closer look at Sanders’ letter to AIPAC

By Rober Fantina Days of Palestine, Ontario -Observers celebrated Sanders absence from AIPAC conference, siting it a sign of intolerance to Israeli violations against Palestinians, but here you find the reality behind it. There seems to be a great deal of excitement surrounding Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ absence from last month’s American […]

How Associated Press Cooperated with the Nazis

How Associated Press Cooperated with the Nazis March 30th, 2016 Via: The Guardian: The Associated Press news agency entered a formal cooperation with the Hitler regime in the 1930s, supplying American newspapers with material directly produced and selected by the Nazi propaganda ministry, archive […]

The Israeli military should be grateful for the New York Times

I know it’s the Times after all, and pointing it out, like we did in hundreds of other cases, might not change anything. But still one can not, and should not, skip such outrageous journalistic practices. The New York Times chose this headline “Israel Soldier Detained in Shooting of Palestinian” to cover a crime that was filmed […]

World Shocked at Revelations Ted Cruz has Sex with Women

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 25, 2016 The world was shocked and terrified today at revelations that a man with this face has sex with women. The entire world was shocked today to find out that Cruzman Sachs, an illegal Cuban immigrant best known for being a shill for the Jew bankster conspiracy, has sex with […]

Israeli occupation seals off Palestinian territories

Days of Palestine, West Bank -Israeli army completely sealed off on Wednesday morning the occupied Palestinian territories, preventing any Palestinians from leaving unless for emergencies. “Based on the directions of law makers and after security evaluation, it was decided to completely seal off the West Bank during the Purim holiday,” an army statement sent to […]

Fleeing the world’s largest prison: A journey from Gaza to Israel

Fleeing the world’s largest prison: A journey from Gaza to Israel When Shefaa was granted permission to leave Gaza for a four-day visit to Israel to meet with a group of Jewish and Palestinian women, it was nothing short of a miracle. There she could tell her story and dispel the myths about life in […]

Nano-sized particles cure final-stage breast cancer in mice – breakthrough study

“I would never want to over-promise to the thousands of patients looking for a cure but the data is astounding,” Mauro Ferrari, president of the Houston Methodist Research Institute in Texas and a co-senior author of the paper said in the press release published by the Houston Methodist leading medicine website. The study, conducted by a […]

Vietnamese president arrives in Tehran

Tehran, March 13, IRNA – Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang heading a delegation arrived in Tehran on Sunday afternoon. Upon his arrival at the airport, the Vietnamese president and his entourage were welcomed by Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mines and Commerce Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh. During his three-day stay to Iran, the Vietnamese president will confer […]

Iran expects 10mt/y rise in petchem production capacity by 2017: Official

TEHRAN, March 09 (Shana) — Iran will see its petrochemical output rise by 10 million tons per year by the end of first term of President Rouhani in 2017, a petrochemical official said. Hamid Reza Rostami, director of planning at National Petrochemical Company (NPC), told Shana that 28 projects from 55 unfinished petrochemical projects will […]

A summary of the Pew study of Israeli attitudes in one picture

Later on when all the non Jews are no longer part of the only democracy in the ME , the map will have to be revised. How about “Real Jews only” . All secular and reform Jews will need to be expelled from the only democracy in the ME. Maybe one day it will be […]

Saudis, Turks Bid to Open Lebanon Front: Report

By Finian Cunningham With a series of blatant measures, Saudi Arabia and its regional allies are evidently trying to destabilize Lebanon. The development is apiece with how Saudi Arabia and Turkey have both sought to undermine the ceasefire in Syria and to escalate that conflict to a region-wide level. A New York Times report this […]

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