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Victorian Government lies on data collection anonymity

Victorians are ruled by the Dan Andrews secretive police state style of government where there is no accountability of government actions or even transparency. It’s latest initiative is to monitor and control public movement, under whatever excuse, the flavour of the past few years has been for ‘health’ reasons, where the government is doing a […]

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp a data collection corporation!

Corporations w̶a̶n̶t̶ need you to use their apps on portable devices rather than a browser on a personal computer/laptop, as more data is ‘hoovered’ up that way. When opening up the site on a browser and reading 10 native articles, meaning not being directed elsewhere, Murdoch tries to obtain a whopping over 17,360 pieces […]

Disney Gay ‘Pride Collection’ Clothing Made in Anti-LGBTQ China

Disney’s “Pride Collection” includes apparel with “Made in China” labels, according to items obtained by Breitbart News. At least one of those items is made from 100-percent cotton, which may have been sourced from slave-labor regions in China, though it remains unclear.

Disney Giving ‘Pride Collection’ Profits to Groups Fighting Florida’s Anti-Grooming Law

The Walt Disney Co. is giving profits from its recently launched, LGBTQ+-themed “Pride Collection” apparel line to groups that are fighting Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

NYPD Sued Over Illegal Collection And Storage Of Citizens’ DNA

Technocrats love to work within a large police force because it is authoritarian and prone to concealment of miscreant policies such as maintaining a DNA database on innocent citizens. This blatantly violates state and national law plus the U.S. Constitution itself. Technocrats crave and hoard data like an addict craves and hoards heroin. Source

NS Postcards Collection – German Love Couples

I am not exactly sure why someone would send a postcard featuring a couple that they do not know, but they are still nice and sentimental. It’s just fun thinking about these Germans posing for some wholesome portraits like this. via NS Europa Share now! Source

Now in Effect: Illinois Law Prohibits Warrantless Data Collection from Household Electronic Devices

Now in Effect: Illinois Law Prohibits Warrantless Data Collection from Household Electronic Devices Date: January 2, 2022Author: Nwo Report Source: Michael MaharreySPRINGFIELD, Ill. – 1-1-2022 a new law went into effect that bans police from collecting data from household electronic devices such as Alexa and Ring without a warrant in most situations. The enactment of […]

IRS Record Tax Collection: $565,135,000,000 in First Two Months of FY 2022

The U.S. Treasury is reporting a record amount of taxes collected in the first two months of fiscal 2022 (October, November) — $565,135,000,000. The federal government also collected a record $282,094,000,000 in individual income taxes in the first two months of this fiscal year. The CNS News website reported on the record intake: The $921,526,000,000 […]

Verizon May Have Just Enrolled You in a Data-Collection Scheme–Here’s How to Get Out

Verizon customers who value their privacy should immediately opt-out of the phone carrier’s disturbing new data tracking service. As reported by Input, “Verizon Custom Experience” is a program being pitched to users as a way for the company to “personalize our communications with you, give you more relevant product and service recommendations, and develop plans, services […]

New DNSA Collection Documents CIA Covert Operations During The Eisenhower Years

This consequential period includes the joint CIA-MI6 1953 coup in Iran, the 1954 overthrow of the Jacobo Arbenz government in Guatemala, and operations against Cuba at the start of the 1960s, just to name a few. Readers and researchers will also find government documents related to covert operations during the Korean War, and in Albania, […]

‘Russia will get its share in the new global collection of land…as it happened in the era of the Third Rome’: Putin’s Jewish strategist

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin confers with his Jewish-Chehen deputy Vladislav Surkov during a meeting on the modernization of the secondary education in the Urals city of Kurgan, on February 13, 2012. After serving two consecutive presidential terms between 2000 and 2008 and a term as prime minister, Putin is seeking a third term in […]

Netflix launches a new collection of Palestinian movies

On October 14 a collection of 32 Palestinian films began streaming on Netflix, including movies by award-winning directors like Annemarie Jacir, Basil Khalil, and Elia Suleiman. “The diversification of our content sits close to my heart as Netflix works to become the home of Arabic Cinema, a place where anyone in the world can access […]

‘We want our stories to travel’: Netflix launches Palestinian film collection

Palestinian director, Ameen Nayfeh, says he felt proud after bringing to life through film his personal struggle in crossing an Israeli military checkpoint to visit his dying grandfather. But he did not expect his short film to have a wide audience, Reuter’s reports. That all changed for Nayfeh on Thursday, when Netflix launched a new […]

NS Poster Collection – Kraft durch Freude (Strength Through Joy)

Kraft durch Freude Auch Du kannst jetzt reisen! Maria von Axster, G Werner Heudtlaß, 1934 Kraft durch Freude Now you, too, can travel! Maria von Axster G Werner Heudtlass, 1934 Volksfest Kraft durch Freude in der KdF-Stadt am Valzner Weiher, Ludwig Hohlwein 1938 Kraft durch Freude fairground next to the Valzner Weiher in the KdF […]

Researchers Solve the Origins of a Famous Collection of Viking Bones

For over 100 years human remains recovered from the famous Bjerringhøj Viking Age burial in Denmark have been missing. But now, a collection of Viking bones and textiles that were recovered from “a misplaced box” in the National Museum of Denmark has been confirmed as belonging to the Bjerringhøj burial. And these are not just […]

Postcards Collection – Hitler Youth with Gliders

Some nice postcards from the Third Reich featuring boys and young men with their gliders. via NS Europa. Share now! Source

Third Reich Post Stamp Collection – Winterhilfswerk (Winter Relief) 1940

These stamps of famous German cities were from the Winterhilfswerk, via NS Europa.

Bob Dylan sells ‘priceless’ rights to his entire song collection

NEW YORK (AP) — To many music lovers, Bob Dylan’s songbook is priceless. Well, now he’s put a price on it. The Nobel Prize-winning songwriter has sold publishing rights to his catalog of more than 600 songs, one of the greatest treasures in popular music, to the Universal Music Publishing Group, it was announced on […]

German Artwork Collection – Portraits

This gallery of portraits of German people by German painters comes to us thanks to NS Europa.

German Artwork Collection – Animals

Germany had some of the best painters in the world and many of them liked depicting animals. This collection of paintings comes to us from NS Europa.

Why is the CDC really canceling flu data collection for this coming influenza season

Target Liberty This looks extremely suspicious. The Center for Disease Control will not be collecting data on the flu this year. The CDC webpage, U.S. Influenza Surveillance System: Purpose and Methods, contains this notice: What gives? Does the CDC fear that there will be more cases of the flu rather than COVID-19? That more people will […]

Jerusalem’s Islamic art museum says it has to auction off part of its collection

Facing financial pressure, Jerusalem’s L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art will sell part of its storied collection in October through Sotheby’s London. Nearly 200 objects of Islamic art from the museum’s storage and 60 clocks and watches from its permanent collection will be sold on October 27 and 28 in order to enhance the museum’s […]

German Artwork Collection – Mythology and Religion

The National Socialists promoted artwork that celebrated the cultural and physical beauty of the European people. via NS Europa

Classical Music – Cello Collection

Some of the great classical masters had quite an affection for the music that a cello is able to produce. Here is a good collection of pieces that highlight the cello’s beauty. [embedded content]

Postcards Collection – Kreistag der NSDAP


How nice would it be to visit one of these locations and be able to send a postcard to friends and family? Ah, what a time it must have been. /* PhotoSwipe Plugin */ .psgal { margin: auto; padding-bottom:40px; -webkit-transition: all 0.4s ease; -moz-transition: all 0.4s ease; -o-transition: all 0.4s ease; transition: all 0.4s ease; […]

Shekel Collection, Goyim!

In order to continue making videos like these, I’m going to need some shekels to buy a decent screen recording/video editing software. Right now I’m using the trial version which will expire in a few weeks. It ain’t cheap, so I’ll need a few donations to keep these videos going. This is the one I’m […]

Brazilian bishop ‘stole $600,000 from church collection plates’

Police arrested Bishop of Formosa José Ronaldo Ribeiro as well as a number of other clergymen Monday after police found large quantities of cash during a raid on Ribeiro’s home. They group are accused of pilfering funds, amounting to 2 million reais ($608,000), from various sources. Ribeiro and four other priests allegedly stole […]

Black Contrails – The Wyoming Collection by Mike Decker

Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Is Black Programmable Matter Being Sprayed On Us?? Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Must Watch!Black Chemicals Being Dumped By Swiss LX40! Geoengineering Programs Going Full Bore Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Alaska Airlines AS751 Turning On Lucifer’s Black Death Spray! Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Must Watch!! Turkish Airlines Turning […]

Inside The Deadly World Of Private Garbage Collection

Private carting companies have been part of the fabric of New York since the early 1900s. The carters handled trash in commercial areas, and municipal sanitation workers picked up the trash everywhere else, residential and business alike. That changed in 1957 when the city decided that commercial trash was too much trouble. Suddenly, all businesses […]

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Faces Lawsuit Over Biometric Data Collection

By Derrick Broze The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) faces a lawsuit over the use of handheld devices used to gather biometric data during immigration raids.  Washington D.C. – On Tuesday two organizations filed suit against the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for failing to release records related to the agency’s use […]

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