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MyPillow Auctioning Off Equipment After These Big-Box Retailers Canceled Mike Lindell

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says that his company is auctioning off hundreds of pieces of equipment and subleasing manufacturing space after several big-box retailers and shopping networks ditched the company’s products over Lindell’s personal views. Lindell, a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump who has gone to great lengths to dispute the results of […]

“50%” of invitees to WEF Davos have CANCELLED!!! Even Soros and Schwab canceled but then Klaus showed up to open the world’s largest meeting of ultra-rich murderers and powerful thieves.

Hal Turner Radio Show Something really major is going on concerning the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland.  I reported earlier that WEF Chief Klaus Schwab would not attend due to health reasons, and later, George Soros backed out due to a scheduling conflict.  Now I can report to all of you that upwards […]

Southwest Airlines in shambles as thousands of holiday flights canceled, prompting federal review

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The airline industry is continuing to collapse as more commercial fliers struggle to keep planes and crews in the air, as evidenced by the shambles that is Southwest Airlines.Not long ago, one of the most reliable carriers, Southwest has fallen into a nightmarish situation and, over the holidays, was forced to cancel […]

Christmas Canceled After Sam Brinton Steals Santa’s Sack

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Christmas 2023 has been canceled after Sam Brinton stole Santa Claus’ sack. Brinton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel, was seen on security footage taking the sack from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on Saturday afternoon. Source

Alaska Canceled Snow Crab Season for the First Time Ever Because All the Crabs Are Gone

For the first time in history, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has canceled snow crab season due to the dwindling numbers of crabs available. This decision follows a report released in August that showed that snow crab abundance in Alaska is on a steep decline, with stocks down 90 percent in the last […]

Vaccine Narrative Collapses: How many vaccine critics have been canceled on social media? They deserve an apology

» Scientists claim nanogenerators could produce significant electricity from sea wavesYesterday at 10:39 am by PurpleSkyz » Sky-watcher caught UFO leaving the Moon Yesterday at 10:36 am by PurpleSkyz » New Study Calls Geoengineering “Planetary Treason” as Earth’s Biosphere is Collapsing Due to Jet-Sprayed Aerosolized Coal Fly AshYesterday at 10:32 am by PurpleSkyz » People are “Robbing” Banks in Lebanon to Take […]

Batgirl Movie Canceled After $70 Million In Batmobiles Destroyed Backing Out Of Batcave

HOLLYWOOD, CA — The 2022 Batgirl movie is canceled after $70 million dollars in Batmobiles were destroyed backing out of the Batcave. The destroyed cars depleted 90 percent of the movie’s budget and forced production to end early. Source

July 4th Events Canceled, Protests Over Police Murder Of Jayland Walker

Friday marks the third day of protests over the Akron police shooting death of 25-year-old Jayland Walker, an Akron DoorDash driver who was killed by multiple shots following a police chase on Monday. Previous protests were small, a couple dozen people. But as news of Walker’s death spread across the city and national organizations like Black Lives Matter […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Canceled Man Canceled

Noah Gray and Zachary Cohen @ CNN: Accounts of Trump angrily demanding to go to Capitol on January 6 circulated in Secret Service over past year. Elliott Negin @ The Independent Media Institute: How the American Legislative Exchange Council Turns Disinformation Into Law. Zachary Petrizzo and Will Sommer @ The Daily Beast: Libertarian Conference Cancels […]

Leftist Patton Oswalt’s Marvel Series ‘MODOK’ Canceled After One Season

Patton Oswalt’s Marvel stop-motion animation series ‘MODOK’ has been canceled after a single, 10-episode season by streamer Hulu.

Cancel Culture Champion Ethan Klein Gets Canceled by Sponsors Over ‘Anti-Gay’ Jokes

Klein canceled Jordan Peterson earlier this year and pushed back against criticism by insisting cancel culture was a good thing.

Los Angeles Public Schools Canceled Their Vaccine Mandate After 30,000 Kids Were Not Complying

Los Angeles Unified Schools were planning to implement an extreme vaccine mandate for students but had to cancel it when 30,000 kids were not in compliance. In September, the school board for the second-largest school district in the United States voted to mandate that students 12 and older be vaccinated by Jan. 10. “Los Angeles […]

Airlines Insist Flights Aren’t Being Canceled, They’re Being Held Accountable

U.S.—Following news reports that another 2,800 flights had been canceled on Tuesday—after more than 6,000 were canceled on Christmas Eve and thousands more over the weekend—spokespersons for numerous airlines came forward to protest that flights are not being canceled at all. “When a flight doesn’t take off due to problematic crew shortages, that is not cancellation,” […]

NASCAR’s Brandon Brown Feared Being Canceled by Sponsors, Media Due to ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown told the media Sunday that he became afraid that cancel culture left would destroy his career after he inadvertently became a part of the birth of the popular “Let’s Go Brandon” chant. Brown told the New York Times that he initially found the “Let’s Go Brandon” kerfuffle amusing, but as the […]

EU draft pulled after Vatican complains Christmas ‘canceled’

The European Commission on Tuesday retracted internal communication guidelines that had proposed substituting the “Christmas period” with “holiday period” after an outcry by conservatives and the Vatican, which termed the document an attempt to “cancel” Europe’s Christian roots. The European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, said the draft document had been intended to highlight European […]

Canceled: Disney Shuts Down ESPN Classic, ESPN 2.0

The rumors that ESPN was quietly considering cutting ESPN are suddenly not so quiet. Disney, who owns ESPN, will cut not only ESPN Classic but also ESPN 2.0 online streaming service, according to a report from Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand. ESPN Classic is not the only sports-exclusive channel to get the ax this year. […]

American Airlines has canceled over 1,200 flights since Friday, blamed on staffing problems, high winds. Southwest 1,500 delays since Friday

American Airlines has canceled more than 1,000 flights since Friday, disruptions it blamed on staffing problems and high winds at its busiest hub. On Saturday, American canceled nearly 460 flights, or 17% of its mainline schedule, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware. Dallas-based Southwest Airlines cut 86 flights, or 2% of its Saturday operation. American canceled […]

9 Ways To Survive Getting Canceled

Brought to you by: So, you’ve been canceled. Sad! Seriously though—it serves you right for saying “Ew, that song is gay” on AOL Instant Messenger when you were in high school. Shame on you! Now, the mob is out to destroy your life with devastating amounts of accountability! Never fear—we at the Babylon Bee are […]

31 Miles of Trump Funded Border Wall Construction Canceled By Biden’s DHS

President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has canceled 31 miles of border wall construction that was set for Laredo, Texas. In a statement on Friday, DHS officials announced that they were terminating two border wall construction projects planned to cover the Laredo sector of Texas because they were not necessary for any reason. The […]

Dr Fauci lied to Congress by saying he didn’t know why Trump canceled a $370k grant for the Wuhan Institute of Virology when he knew it was due to fears it was the source of COVID, new book claims

Dr Anthony Fauci was accused of lying Sunday after claims he falsely denied knowing the reasons behind President Trumps’s decision to cut funding to the Chinese lab accused of releasing COVID-19.  The White House‘s chief medical advisor initially resisted Trump’s order to halt taxpayer funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology in April 2020, according to an upcoming book, […]

12 People Who Were Canceled for Using the N-Word like Hunter Biden

Revealing text messages derived from Hunter Biden’s laptop show the president’s son repeatedly using racial slurs in messages to his white attorney, but members of the radical left — members of the establishment media, particularly — have remained relatively silent despite their history of calling for the cancellation of individuals who have done the same. […]

Pride Month Canceled After It’s Revealed LGBTQ Community Culturally Appropriated Sign Of Noahic Covenant

Pride Month Canceled After It’s Revealed LGBTQ Community Culturally Appropriated Sign Of Noahic Covenant WORLD—For the first time ever, Pride Month has been prematurely canceled around the world after historians revealed that the rainbow is actually a symbol that has been culturally appropriated from ancient Judaism. “My culture is not your costume!” yelled one group of devout Jews […]

Cricket Star Canceled For Teenage Tweets

A 50-year-old mother in Scotland has been charged with a ‘transphobic hate crime’ and faces up to two years in prison after she retweeted an image of a suffragette ribbon. Yes, really. Unhinged transgender activists targeted Marion Millar after ludicrously claiming that the ribbon represented a noose. The Scottish feminist drew their ire after campaigning […]

Tulsa Race Massacre Commemoration Featuring Stacey Abrams Canceled

An Oklahoma event to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, which was set to feature a performance by John Legend and a speech by Stacey Abrams, has been canceled after organizers failed to reach costly financial demands from survivors. On Thursday, the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission announced the ‘Remember and Rise’ event scheduled […]

Jan 6th Commission Canceled After Everyone Agrees Trump Won Election Fair And Square

Jan 6th Commission Canceled After Everyone Agrees Trump Won Election Fair And Square WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congress has voted down a proposed commission to look into the events of January 6th after everyone realized that Trump actually won the election fair and square in 2020.  “Wow, I guess I never really saw it that way!” said Senator […]

Biden Panics After CNN Reveals He Canceled COVID Origins Investigation

Biden Panics After CNN Reveals He Canceled COVID Origins Investigation, Orders 90-Day Report From US Intel AgenciesDate: 26 May 2021Author: cloudhedges by Zero Hedge5/26/21 Update (1522ET): Less than 24 hours after CNN threw Biden under the bus for canceling a State Department effort launched under Trump to get to the bottom of the origins of COVID-19, the Biden administration has […]

Dozens of flights canceled as rocket fire disrupts Israeli air travel

Most foreign airlines have canceled their flights to and from Israel due to the rocket fire at the country from terrorists in the Gaza Strip, with only a handful of planes not operated by Israeli carriers now leaving or arriving. Airlines pulled out of Israel despite arrangements made last week for incoming flights to land […]

Germany’s Oktoberfest canceled once again due to Covid-19

The world’s largest beer festival, Oktoberfest, held annually in Munich, has been canceled for a second year in a row because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Bavarian authorities have announced. After not being held in 2020, the popular festival was expected to make a comeback this September. But beer lovers will have to wait another […]

‘I need to vote,’ young Palestinians brace for canceled election

Advertising for the first Palestinian presidential and legislative elections in 15 years was supposed to start on April 20 according to the Central Elections Commission, yet one week later the streets in Gaza have no posters or any semblance of the races in the atmosphere.  Palestinians are scheduled to head to the polls beginning on […]

How Stalin Canceled “Hamlet” in the Soviet Union—and What It Can Teach Us about Cancel Culture

By Jon Miltimore William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is considered by some to be the single greatest story ever written. Hamlet has it all: ghosts, sword fights, suicide, revenge, lust, murder, philosophy, faith, manipulation, and a climactic bloodbath worthy of a Tarantino film. It’s a masterpiece of both high art and sensationalism, the only play I’ve […]

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