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A Book Not To Buy-‘PATTON-Battling With History’

I have always read. Today I have an extensive library which I figure I will not live long enough to read all I have gathered and would like to get to but my library is a gift I pass down to my prodigy. Knowing I don’t have enough days left in this life to read […]

My Cousin General George S Patton Murdered By the US, 1st Cousin To George Washington, I’m a 2nd Cousin To Georgie

George was an American. He would not betray America to Red Russian Communism so the UNITED STATES murdered him. Thanks US for murdering George Washington’s 1st cousin for standing up for America and Americans. The Ole Dog! Source



Leftist Patton Oswalt’s Marvel Series ‘MODOK’ Canceled After One Season

Patton Oswalt’s Marvel stop-motion animation series ‘MODOK’ has been canceled after a single, 10-episode season by streamer Hulu.


Everything the says is factual. If it sounds like hate speech to you just remember the truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth. The Ole Dog! SOURCE: Share this: Source

Exclusive–O’Donnell: ‘Old Blood and Guts’ Patton Learned to Command During the Great War

Most Americans think of General George S. Patton as the great commander of U.S. forces in North Africa and Europe in World War II, but fewer know that the colorful and charismatic officer also played a key role in World War I — and here he learned to command. One hundred and three years ago, […]

The Assassination of General Patton

This video concludes that Patton was not actually assassinated, but it becomes readily clear that Patton’s “anti-semitism” and desire to work with the captured Germans to defeat the Soviets ended up costing him his life. Bitchute link

Patton Assassinated to Suppress His Criticism of Post-War Policy

By Russ Winter Before his death in 1999, an OSS special agent openly talked about his role in incapacitating Gen. George S. Patton (1885-1945) via a staged automobile fender bender on Dec. 9, 1945. Using the pandemonium of the traffic collision as a distraction, agent Douglas DeWitt Bazata sniped Patton in the neck with a specially […]

VIDEO: Patton Assassination

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Gen. Patton Exposes The Allied Conspiracy To Extend WW2 & Give Eastern Europeans To Stalin, Suddenly Patton Dies Burying The Real Holocaust

Roosevelt, like Churchill & Stalin really enjoyed WW2: This is so much fun! How many Eastern European people did we end up giving you Uncle Joe? Are your Gulags full? Eisenhower will make sure our German POW extermination camps certainly are! The United States could have easily prevented the Soviet Union from marching so far west into Europe. After […]

General Patton Killed By Jews For Exposing Conspiracy Behind All Wars

General Patton Killed By Jews For Exposing Conspiracy Behind All Wars We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and […]

US General Patton saw for himself

Each individual has a duty to God, family, country, race and truth, and is accountable for their own individual statements and actions. Be loving to God, family, children and animals, be loyal to God, family, country and race. Work for betterment. Be fearless and own your actions. Those who have chosen to be the enemy […]

Motorcycle Suicide Bomber Kills Six US Troops In Afghanistan

A suicide attacker rammed a motorcycle laden with explosives into a joint NATO-Afghan patrol near Bagram air base in Afghanistan on Monday. A rocket barrage hit Kabul afterwards. It is the deadliest attack on foreign troops since August. Aljazeera reports: The soldiers were targeted as they moved through a village near Bagram Airfield, the largest […]

General Patton Discovered the Truth

George Patton was a highly decorated war hero from WWII who led the Third Army to victory in many campaigns.  After the war, General Patton was tasked with control of the larger portion of American occupied Germany, and his job was to dole out justice to the newly defeated enemy.  It was the summer of […]

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